Department of Health, Division of Administration  



    PROJECT NUMBER:           DOH 10516100

    PROJECT NAME:                Jacksonville Central Lab

                                                    Renovations/Additions – Phased Construction

    SAMAS NO.                         64-30-1-000319-64200800-00-


    PROJECT LOCATION:       1214 and 1217 Pearl Street, Jacksonville, Florida

    The State of Florida, Department of Health, Division of Administration, Bureau of General Services, Office of Design and Construction requests qualifications from construction management firms to provide construction management services for this project. The estimated construction budget for this project is $10 million – Consisting of Multiple renovation and/or addition projects on Jacksonville Central Laboratory Complex Site subject to funding availability. Presently available construction funding is $1,600,000, which will fund the First Phases of work which are planned to be construction of a new storage building, renovation of areas of the Hanson Building, site improvements, and miscellaneous related work. The overall project may consist of multiple phases and is planned to consist of: renovations to existing buildings in the complex and possible additions or construction of new facilities. If the selected firm is assigned additional phases, the various Phases may be negotiated as separate GMP deliverables. The anticipated work period for all Phases of the project is five years, though time will be shortened or lengthened as is in the best interest of the Department. The first Phase will serve as the basis for contract. Contract negotiation, with the selected firm, for additional work Phase or Phases shall be at the sole discretion of the Department. First anticipated construction start date is August 2006. Applicant must be a licensed general contractor in the State of Florida at the time of application. Further, if a corporation, the applicant must be registered by the Department of State, Division of Corporations, to operate in the State of Florida at the time of application.


    Firms interested in being considered for this project must submit Four (4) copies of their application with a table of contents and tabbed sections in the following order:

    1.  Letter of interest detailing the firm’s qualification to meet the above referenced selection criteria.

    2.  A current Experience Questionnaire and Contractor’s Financial Statement, Form DBC5085, a copy of which may be obtained by calling (850)245-4066. The use of DOH forms are mandatory.

    3.  Résumés of proposed staff and staff organizations.

    4.  Any examples of project reporting manuals, schedules, past experience and examples of similar projects completed by the firm.

    5.  A deion of the applicant’s plan for Minority Business Enterprise and Women-Owned Business Enterprise.

    6.  References from prior clients received within the last five years.

    Response Due Date: Thursday, June 22, 2006, by 4:00 p.m., Local time

    Applications are to be sent to: Thomas L. Matthias, Project Manager, Department of Health, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin B06, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1734, (850)245-4444, ext. 3166.

    SHORTLIST SELECTION PROCESS: From the proposals received, the Department shall shortlist a minimum of three (3) firms.

    All proposal information submitted becomes the property of the Department of Health, will be placed on file, and not returned. Applications which do not comply with the instructions set forth above and/or do not include the qualification data required will be considered improper and disqualified. Selections will be made in accordance with Chapter 60-2, Florida Administrative Code, and Section 287.055, Florida Statutes.

    Phases to be implemented are dependent on the availability of funding and at sole discretion of the Department of Health.

    The qualified, responsive low bidder will be required to be registered with MyFloridaMarketPlace before a contract can be executed. However they will be exempt from the one percent fee.

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