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  • The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has posted the second draft of the Detention Services Manual for review and comment at: manualreview.html (note this is a new web page).

    This second draft of the Detention Services Manual is designed to assist detention staff in complying with juvenile laws and procedure, enhance public protection, ensure program integrity and provide for quality services to delinquent youth while in the custody of DJJ.

    It’s purpose is twofold: (1) to articulate the Department’s policy governing the operations of state operated detention facilities and (2) to provide interpretive guidelines to assist detention facilities in implementing the policy. This second draft of the manual is being posted for 20 working day review and comment period. The closure date for submission of comments on the manual is June 29, 2006. PLEASE NOTE: Comments should be directed only to the underline and strike-through portions of the manual as these changes (along with a new chapter 8) were made after the initial comment period. Comments should be sent to the person identified on the above Website.

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