Commission Meetings  

    23-21.004: Commission Meetings
    Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol. 32 No. 6, February 10, 2006 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

    Based on comments from the Joint Administrative Procedures Committee, the Commission has voted to change Rule 23-21.004 as follows:

    (1) All Commission meetings are open to the public. However, due to the nature of the various proceedings, the following procedures are followed relative to persons wishing to address the Commission. Persons requesting permission to speak concerning the setting or reviewing of an inmate’s presumptive or effective parole release date, parole supervision review, or conditional medical release  consideration date must obtain prior written approval to do so from the Chair. Those request(s) should be sent to:


    Florida Parole Commission

    2601 Blair Stone Road, Building C

    1309 Winewood Blvd., Bldg. B

    Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2450

    ATTN: Request to Appear

    Victims of the crime committed by the inmate, or a victim’s representative, shall be permitted to make an oral statement or submit a written statement regarding their views as to the granting, denying, or revoking of parole.

    (2) through (4) no change.

    Specific Authority 947.06, 947.07 FS. Law Implemented 947.06,  947.172, 947.174, 947.16, 947.173, 947.149 FS. History–New 9-10-81, Formerly 23-21.04,Amended 1-26-93, 1-5-94, 8-16-94,________.

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23-21.004. Commission Meetings