Permits Required, Publications Incorporated by Reference  



    South Florida Water Management District


    40E-2.041Permits Required

    40E-2.091Publications Incorporated by Reference


    Notice is hereby given that the following correction has been made to the proposed rule in Vol. 40, No. 101, May 23, 2014 issue of the Florida Administrative Register.

    The District corrects the rule summary to include:

    1) The provisions on reclaimed water were moved to Rule 40E-2.301, F.A.C., and the dewatering permit types were moved to Rules 40E-2.061 and 40E-2.071, F.A.C.;

    2) The water use forms were revamped and supplemental forms were developed to address specific water use types.


    The sentence structure in Rule 40E-2.041(4) is corrected as follows:

    (4) A water user seeking a noticed general permit shall obtain one permit for all withdrawals intended to serve contiguous areas. Unless obtaining multiple permits whose withdrawal quantities are monitored and reported from each withdrawal facility or point of diversion, if required by Subsection 4.1.1 of the Applicant’s Handbook, and evaluated for feasibility of using reclaimed water, if required by Subsection 2.2.4.B of the Applicant’s Handbook, two or more projects shall be aggregated and treated as a single project for permitting purposes when the District determines that the projects are physicially proximate and either:

    (a) share the same irrigation infrastructure; or,

    (b) are operated as a common enterprise.

    However, when multiple use classifications, as set forth in Rule 40E-21.651, F.A.C., are served by separate withdrawal facilities, the District is authorized to issue separate noticed general permits.


    The following corrections are made to the Applicant’s Handbook:

    Section 1.5.2.D.4. & 5.: the word “or” will be removed after D.5. and placed after D.4.

    Section 5.2.3.K.4: The District will add [source and minimum level to be added consistent with Rule 40E-22.262, F.A.C.]. This corrects the sentence structure without changing the meaning of the sentence.