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    The Florida State University, announces that Qualifications Based Design/Build Services for the design and construction improvements to Doak Campbell Stadium, will be required for the project listed below.


    PROJECT NAME AND LOCATION: Doak Campbell Stadium Improvements, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

    The project consists of the design and construction of improvements to Doak Campbell Stadium on the main campus. Improvements include: South End Zone Terrace/Club and Stadium Seating, South End Zone Ballroom Expansion/Renovation and constructing two new vertical ingress/egress towers, East/West skybox window wall and mechanical upgrades, Stadium Structural repairs and painting. A comprehensive stadium egress code/study and modeling will also be included as well as a concourse improvement study. All work is expected to be in place, completed and operational for the 2016 football season.

    The Design/Build Services contract shall be in compliance with the qualifications based Design/Build selection provisions in Section 287.055, F.S. and 6C-14.007, F.A.C., including design and pre-construction fees, construction related service costs and a guaranteed maximum price. The University will contract with a single contract entity whose Design/Build Team shall provide all services including, but not necessarily limited to professional services, budgeting, construction services, labor, materials, and equipment required to design and construct the project. Blanket professional design liability insurance will be required for this project in the amount of $1,000,000 and will be provided as a part of Basic Services.

    The proposed value of this project is approximately $65,000,000.00 with a construction value of approximately $58,000,000. The respondent must be capable of bonding at 100% of the value of the contract with a surety licensed to do business in the State of Florida with a Best rating of A, Class IX. Project development including professional services is contingent upon availability of funds.


    Teams desiring to apply for consideration shall submit a letter of interest, a completed “Design/Build Services Qualification Supplement” form (DBSQS), dated March 2009, with attachments, and additional information required as described in the DBSQS. Applications submitted in any other format will not be considered. The Design/Build Services Qualifications Supplement form dated March 2009, project information and selection criteria, may be obtained on line at For further project information, contact: Lawrence R Rubin RA, Project Manager, Facilities Design & Construction, 109 Mendenhall Maintenance Building A, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida 32306-4152, telephone (850)644-2843.

    Each applicant/team must be properly licensed and registered at the time of application to practice its profession in the State of Florida. If the applicant is a corporation, or a joint venture, it must be registered by the Department of State to do business in the State of Florida at the time of application. If the applicant is the contract entity and has a consultant to perform the design or construction services, the contract entity and consultant must have an agreement at the time of application to formally contract for consulting services. Firms applying as “Associations” without a registered joint venture agreement or a contract entity and consultant without an agreement will not be considered.

    Selection of finalists for interview will be made on the basis of qualifications of the proposed design/build team, including team qualifications, team related experience, and ability to provide service in meeting the project requirements. Florida State University strongly encourages the use of certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (“MBEs”) in the provision of design and construction-related services by providing a fair and equal opportunity to compete for, or for participation in, design and/or construction related services.

    Applications that do not comply with the above instructions may be disqualified. Submittals are part of the public record and no submittal material will be returned. The plans and specifications for The Florida State University projects are subject to reuse in accordance with the provisions of Section 287.055, F.S. as required by Section 287.133, F.S., a consultant may not submit a proposal for this project if it is on the convicted vendor list for a public entity crime committed within the past 36 months. The selected consultant must warrant that it will neither utilize the services of, nor contract with, any supplier, subcontractor, or consultant in excess of $50,000.00 in connection with this project for a period of 36 months from the date of their being placed on the convicted vendor list.

    Six (6) bound copies of the required proposal data shall be submitted. Submittals must be received in the FSU Facilities Design & Construction Office, 109 Mendenhall Maintenance Building A, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida 32306-4152, by 2:00 p.m., local time, on Wednesday, July 2, 2014. Facsimile (FAX) or electronic submittals will not be considered.

    The University reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the selection process at any time and to return or reject any or all submissions of Design/Build proposals without obligation to the respondent. The award of this contract is subject to availability of funds. If additional funding is realized, the University has the option to incorporate additional scope/funding under this contract.

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