Agency for Health Care Administration, Medicaid




    State Plan Amendment

    The Agency for Health Care Administration announces that it is requesting an amendment to the Medicaid State Plan. The amendment reflects changes regarding the Consumer Directed Care (CDC+) option for individuals enrolled in the Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury (TBI/SCI) and the Aging and Disabled Adult (A/DA) waivers. Waiver participants who were enrolled in either the TBI/SCI or A/DA waivers and who were self-directing their services through the CDC+ option are now being served through the Long Term Care (LTC) program. These recipients continue to self-direct most of their services using the Participant Directed Option (PDO) under the LTC program.

    Interested parties may contact the following staff for further information: Caryl Jefferson, Medicaid Services, located at 2727 Mahan Drive, Mail Stop 20, Tallahassee, Florida 32308-5407, by telephone at: (850)412-4220 or by e-mail at:

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