Employment Preference When Using a Numerically Based Selection Process, Reinstatement or Reemployment; Promotion Preference, Documentation of Preference Claim  



    Division of Veterans Benefits and Assistance


    55A-7.010Employment Preference When Using a Numerically Based Selection Process

    55A-7.0111Reinstatement or Reemployment; Promotion Preference

    55A-7.013Documentation of Preference Claim


    Notice is hereby given that the following correction has been made to the proposed rule in Vol. 45 No. 77, April 19, 2019 issue of the Florida Administrative Register.

    When published, the notice of proposed rule omitted the description of the information expressly relied upon when addressing the SUMMARY OF STATEMENT OF ESTIMATED REGULATORY COSTS AND LEGISLATIVE RATIFICATION.  In the summary, the Agency states that it has determined that this rule will not have an adverse impact on small business or likely increase directly or indirectly regulatory costs in excess of $200,000 in the aggregate within one year after the implementation of the rule and that a SERC has not been prepared by the agency. Furthermore, the Agency states that it has determined that the proposed rule is not expected to require legislative ratification based on the statement of estimated regulatory costs or if no SERC is required, the information expressly relied upon and described herein. 

    The proposed rule amendments will not have any adverse impact on small businesses to which the rule chapter is completely inapplicable; do not increase regulatory costs or negatively impact small counties or cities because they are for processes that are already mandated in law and regulation to provide Veterans’ Preference for certain kinds of jobs and for Preference-Eligible persons who are request Veterans’ Preference.  The proposed amendments resulted from the informal discussions between the Veterans’ Preference Coordinator and State and local government entities during training sessions, as well as discussions about Veterans’ Preference complaints and investigation, and the suggestions led to language amendments to create better efficiencies and outcomes, and reduce costs and burdens, including time and money.

    Due to this omission of description, any person who wishes to provide information regarding the statement of estimated regulatory costs, or to provide a proposal for a lower cost regulatory alternative must do so in writing within 21 days of this notice.

    In addition, the text of 55A-7.013 Documentation of Preference Claim omitted the following description at the end of the rule language: “VP-1, VP-2, and VP-3 forms, referenced and incorporated in this rule, have not changed in any way.  The links will become active once the rule is adopted and becomes effective.”

    This correction does not affect the substance of the rule as originally published. It is anticipated that the final rule amendments will be published during June 2019.

    THE PERSON TO BE CONTACTED REGARDING THE PROPOSED RULE AMENDMENTS IS: Linda Williams, Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs, 11351 Ulmerton Road, Room 311-K, Largo, Florida 33778, williamsL3@fdva.state.fl.us/ or (727)518-3202, ext. 5611.