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    E911 2020 State Grant Program

    E911 Board has approved an E911 State Grant program. The program is available to any Board of County Commissioners in the State of Florida. The purpose is to assist counties with the installation of Enhanced 911 (E911), Phase II and Next Generation 911 systems as defined by sub-subparagraph 365.172(6)(a)3b and paragraph 365.173 (2)(h), Florida Statues.

    E911 State Grant Program will operate on the following schedule:

    1. Counties submit applications: by September 8, 2020

    2. E911 Board evaluates applications: within two months of the submission date;

    3. E911 Board votes on applications at regularly scheduled meeting: within three months of the submission date;

    4. E911 Board sends notification letter to awards approved for funding to the counties: within four months of the submission date;

    5. Grant Term: Two years from the receipt of award notification letter;

    6. Grant Extension: Time extensions shall be limited to a maximum of one additional year when approved by the E911 Board for a total of three years.

    Additional information is in the E911 State County Grant Application, revised 6/19, W Form 3A, incorporated by reference in Rule 60FF1-5.003, Florida Administrative Code, E911 State.

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