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    Division of Agricultural Water Policy

    Solicitation for Agricultural Best Management Practices Research Projects

    The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Office of Agricultural Water Policy (OAWP) announces a general solicitation to obtain fiscal year 2016/2017 proposals for agricultural best management practices research projects based on the categories below. This list, in part, was developed with the assistance of the OAWP Research Coordinating Committee, after meeting on June of 2016 to deliberate and prioritize the current research needs in Florida.

    • Controlled release fertilizer literature review and preparation of Florida specific guidebook (previously advertised).
    • Identification of critical sources and flow paths, including the methods of addressing them.
    • Use of multiple cropping systems, cover crops, or alternative crops to reduce N leaching in high-recharge and excessively drained springs recharge areas.
    • New or enhanced BMPs, including nitrification inhibitors.
    • Tailwater recovery treatment for bacterial contaminants. There are ongoing concerns about using tailwater or reclaimed water on vegetables, partly because of the food safety modernization act but also because of vendor requirements for testing.
    • Biosolids used on ranches and concerns about offsite P movement or leaching.
    • Water treatment technologies and practices for on-farm or edge-of-farm application; regional water treatment technologies to be considered for research in coordination with FDEP and the WMDs.
    • ET-based and pulsed-based overhead irrigation for container nurseries.
    • Development of crop coefficients (if needed) for irrigated crops in springs recharge areas.


    Prospective contractors shall be registered in the MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) system and where required, the Sunbiz system prior to submittal. Business entities which must be on file with Sunbiz include the following: Corporations for and not for profit, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Limited Partnerships (LP) including Limited Liability Limited Partnerships (LLLP), and organizations doing business under a fictitious name (DBA). Prospective contractors may not be considered for an award if they are not associated with a land grant university, or a qualified entity registered in the MFMP and Sunbiz system. The registration address and federal employer identification (FEID) number must match that registered with the State of Florida.


    1) Qualifications of contractor (individual or team) to do the proposed project, including academic credentials, performance record, and potential for future accomplishments;

    2) Demonstrated awareness of agricultural best management practices in Florida;

    3) Institutional experience and competence in subject area;

    4) Adequacy of available or obtainable support personnel, facilities, and instrumentation;

    5) Planning and administration of the proposed project, including: time allocated for attainment of objectives and the dissemination of information over the duration of the project; and

    6) Each prospective contractor shall provide a minimum of three (3) references for similar projects completed.


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