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    The Manatee County Tax Collector seeks interested companies to bid on the following sections of their forms package and related items for mailing:

    Sections One, Two, Three and Four: You must be able to: produce multi-color forms and laser print from database tables (DBF) to be provided via FTP (preferable) or CD media; process forms with NCOA software; produce an OCR scan line and postal bar code; merge multiples, sort, do insertions and mail; provide reply and outgoing envelopes; and print a tax insert in multi-color. Initial mailing on or about October 31st, with subsequent mailings on November 30th, February 28th, April 15th, May 31st, and August 31st. Approximately 200,000 completed units. 2 week turn-around is required.

    Request Bid Package by August 8, 2006. For complete specifications, call (941)741-4864, or write to: Ken Burton, Jr., Manatee County Tax Collector, Attn.: Quality Assurance Dept., P. O. Box 25300, Bradenton, Florida 34206-5300.

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