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    Development of an Advance Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Academy




    Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

    The Division of Emergency Management (FDEM), Leon County, Tallahassee, Florida, will receive sealed proposals in the Florida Citizen Corps Program for the following services:

    RFP 2011-01:Development of an Advance Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Academy.

    The Florida Division of Emergency Management is providing you with this advance notification of funding availability and formally requests proposals from counties interested in offering an Advance Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Academy. We anticipate the official NOFA will be published in the July 22, 2011, edition of the Florida Administrative Weekly, with a proposal submission deadline of August 22, 2011.

    Determination of qualifications for the above project will be through a selection process and will be based on the proposal which is to be completed and submitted in accordance with the RFP request to provide: Development of an Advance Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Academy. All training offered under this program must support and enhance the Community Emergency Response Teams. The Advance CERT Academy must engage Florida citizens through education in disaster preparedness, fire safety, search and rescue, team organization and disaster medical operations.

    Proposal submission must be sealed and marked with the name of the proposer, and the RFP number and title “RFP 2010-01: Development of an Advance Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Academy” so as to identify the enclosed proposal. Each submittal shall include one (1) original and two (2) copies of the proposal. Proposal must be delivered to Florida Division of Emergency Management, 2555 Shumard Oak Blvd., Tallahassee, FL 32399-2100, so as to reach said office no later than 5:00 p.m., Monday; August 22, 2011, at which time they will be opened. Proposals received later than the date and time as specified will be rejected. The Division will not be responsible for the late deliveries of proposals that are incorrectly addressed, delivered in person, by mail or any other type of delivery service.

    Florida Division of Emergency Management Preference Policy will apply to the award of this RFP. All counties with an active CERT program are encouraged to participate and apply. For further information, visit:, or call Peggy Cadeaux at (850)413-9966.

    CERT Advanced Academy Training Requirements

    Facility Requirements:

    Choose and coordinate the training location carefully. It must meet the following minimum standards:

    • Four classrooms able to accommodate up to 50 participants each.
    • Audio visual support in all classrooms, to include overhead projectors, sound systems, laptop connectivity, login and password information and laser pointers.
    • If flash drives are not permitted and operators are not allowed to log on to facility computers, then qualified operators will be required on-site to support instructional needs.
    • One assembly room that will accommodate 75-100 participants for registration, graduation, networking and team building activities.
    • The training facility manager/coordinator must be on-site during all training and exercises.
    • Four dry erase boards with markers OR four flip charts with markers.
    • Dining facilities able to accommodate 100 participants. The facilities must be close to the classrooms.
    • The dining facility must be able to accept delivery of bag lunches on Sunday mornings.
    • Participant may share restrooms in lodging facilities. Example: two males sharing one room sharing a restroom with two other males in an adjoining room.
    • Master keys to all facilities being used must be available for the CERT contractor for emergency and safety assistance and in the event a participant loses a key.
    • A field location able to accommodate a full-scale land navigation exercise.

    Instructional Support:

    • All instructors must have Florida CERT Coordinator and Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) Training Unit approval.
    • Training objectives, programs of instruction, instructor/student manuals and graphic presentations must also have CERT/FDEM approval.
    • The exercise scenario, master scenario event list, injects and controller handbooks will be provided by the State CERT Coordinator.
    • The contractor’s local search and rescue will facilitate Urban SAR activities and training.
    • The American Red Cross will facilitate basic first aid and CPR training.
    • Communications will be facilitated by ESF2 or the equivalent.

    Field Exercises:

    At a minimum, all field exercises will include:

    • One evaluator (subject matter expert) per team.
    • A command post or mobile command vehicle.
    • Two roaming vehicles equipped with SLERS/800 Mhz radio per vehicle.
    • One command communications network for Ham radios.
    • One first aid unit per team.
    • One Ham radio operator per team.
    • Requisite amount of CERT kits.
    • A stretcher/litter with tie-down straps.
    • Three bottles of water per team member.

    Course Management:

    Course management records, at a minimum, will include:

    • Printed participant registrations.
    • Sign-in roster.
    • Participants’ evaluations.
    • Participant welcome package. A sample of this will be provided by the State CERT Coordinator.
    • Completion certificates will be provided by the FDEM Training Unit.
    • Team assignments must be balanced by age and gender for safety considerations during field exercises as heavy victims may require extrication.
    • State field audit teams will be included for lodging and meals with prior coordination from the CERT Coordinator.

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