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    The College of Visual and Performing Arts, University of South Florida announces that Professional Services in the discipline of Architecture will be required for the project listed below:


    PROJECT AND LOCATION: Center for Advanced Study of the Visual Arts (CASVA), Tampa, Florida


    The USF Center for Advanced Study of the Visual Arts (CASVA) is planned to consist of the planning, design and construction of a 29,700 NASF expansion to the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM), a 26,000 NASF addition for the Graphicstudio and a 28,800 NASF addition for the School of Art and Art History. Currently, the Museum is 12,000 sq. ft. and while each unit is to maintain its own identity, the facility will ensure and make permanent the physical configurations of spaces to enhance the interdisciplinarity being displayed currently by faculty, artists and students in these programs.

    The CASVA project is projected to be funded through private and state matching grant funds and while fund raising for the project has begun, it is anticipated to be more successful when visuals representing the design of the project are available to show potential donors. The selected Architect/Engineer Team will work with the CASVA Building Committee members to develop documents to support and enhance fund raising efforts for the project including a facility master plan, conceptual design and visuals, (presentation materials, renderings, etc.) in the initial phase of project development.

    Fee payment for the Architect/Engineer services will occur if and when full funding is secured for all or at least the first phase of the project to be developed since there are no funds available for project development at this time.

    The Architect/Engineer Team will be selected based on qualifications and will be expected to provide drawings and information which can be used for fund raising purposes. A contract for complete Architect/Engineer services will be negotiated with the selected firm which shall include provisions that payment shall be received for services only if and when funds are available for development of the complete project or for the complete first phase of the project to be developed. If the funds do not become available under the preceding conditions, no payment shall be made to the Architect/Engineer for services performed or expenses incurred in performing those services.

    The construction delivery method is anticipated to be Construction Management. The Construction Manager selection process shall proceed if the private funds for the project are secured and the request has been submitted to obtain the state matching grant funds.

    The construction budget is estimated to be approximately $42,213,000 including site development, LEED certification, and hurricane hardening. Project development, including professional services, is contingent upon availability of funds. If funding is realized, the University has the option to incorporate additional scope/funding under this contract.

    The selected firm shall initially provide facility master planning, conceptual design and visuals to assist with phasing strategies and support the fund raising efforts, and shall ultimately provide full Architectural Services subject to availability of funds. The University is seeking to hire a consultant team with experience with museum and art facility design. All disciplines required for the design of the facility are to be provided for this project under the contract with the selected firm, including architecture, engineering, interior design and any specialty consultants. Consultant services for design expertise unique to the Center for Advanced Study of the Visual Arts (CASVA) may be provided by specialty design consultants.

    Firm submittals should include descriptions of experience and knowledge of Sustainable Design and Hurricane Hardening. The design services by the selected team shall provide solutions meeting requirements of the program for the facility needs. The selected firm will be required to provide computer drawings according to the standards of the University of South Florida, including computer record drawings reflecting as-built conditions to facilitate the University’s space management program. Blanket professional liability insurance will be required for this project in the amount of $3,000,000 and will be provided as a part of Basic Services. It is the University’s responsibility to negotiate a fair, competitive, and reasonable compensation per Section 287.055, F.S. A fair, competitive and reasonable compensation shall be evaluated based upon the following information: (1) Compensation on similar projects; (2) other compensation reference data; and (3) after approval of the ranking, proposals requested from the short-listed firms based upon a scope of services document to be provided at the time of negotiations.

    Selection of finalists for interview will be made on the basis of professional qualifications of the proposed design team, including experience and ability to meet the project requirements and the goals and objectives of the University’s Strategic Plan; past experience; design ability; volume of work; and distance from project. The distance factor for this project will provide a maximum of one point difference in scoring for location between in-state and out-of-state applicants. As part of the University of South Florida’s Strategic Plan, USF made a commitment to foster a diverse community distinguished by a shared purpose, collaboration, open and timely communication, mutual respect, trust, and inclusiveness. The University of South Florida is an equal opportunity institution, and, as such, strongly encourages the lawful use of certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (“MBEs”) in the provision of design and construction-related services by providing a fair and equal opportunity to compete for, or for participation in, design and/or construction-related services.

    The plans and specifications for the University of South Florida projects are subject to reuse in accordance with the provisions of Section 287.055, Florida Statutes. As required by Section 287.133, Florida Statutes, a consultant may not submit a proposal for this project if it is on the convicted vendor list for a public entity crime committed within the past 36 months. The selected consultant must warrant that it will neither utilize the services of, nor contract with, any supplier, subcontractor, or consultant in excess of $25,000 in connection with this project for a period of 36 months from the date of their being placed on the convicted vendor list.


    Firms desiring to apply to provide professional services shall submit one (1) original submittal and six (6) bound copies consisting of the information as required in the “Submittal Requirements” of the Project Fact Sheet including a letter of interest, a completed “USF Professional Qualifications Supplement (PQS)” dated July 2008 for the Center for Advanced Study of the Visual Arts (CASVA) and any required or additional information within the proposal limits. Applications on any other form will not be considered. Submittals are part of the public record. All applicants must be properly registered at the time of application to practice its profession in the State of Florida. If the applicant is a corporation, it must be chartered by the Florida Department of State to operate in Florida. Applications which do not comply with the above instructions may be disqualified. Application materials will not be returned.

    The “Professional Qualifications Supplement (PQS)” for the Center for Advanced Study of the Visual Arts (CASVA), dated July 2008, and “Project Fact Sheet”, which includes project information and selection criteria, may be obtained by contacting: Kathy Bennett, Contracts Administrator, University of South Florida, Facilities Planning and Construction, via e-mail at, by mail at 4202 East Fowler Avenue, FPC110, Tampa, Florida 33620-7550, or by phone at (813)974-3098, (813)974-2625. Interested firms are invited and encouraged to attend a Pre-Submittal Meeting at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, on Thursday, August 14, 2008 at the University of South Florida, Marshall Center Room 296 (Trustee’s Terrace) to review the scope and requirements of this project. The University address is 4202 East Fowler Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33620-7550. Requests for meetings by individual firms will not be granted. No verbal communication shall take place between the applicants and the employees of the University of South Florida except as provided at the Pre-Submittal Meeting, the Pre-Interview Meeting and the request for the PQS and Fact Sheet. Requests for any project information must be in writing to the above e-mail address. The Selection Committee may waive any irregularities and may reject all proposals and stop the selection process at any time. One (1) original and six (6) copies of the requested submittal data, bound in the order listed in the “Submittal Requirements” of the Project Fact Sheet shall be addressed to:

    Walter Pestrak, Project Manager

    Facilities Planning and Construction

    University of South Florida

    4202 East Fowler Avenue, FPC 110

    Tampa, Florida 33620-7550.

    Applications that do not comply with the above instructions may be disqualified. Submittals are to be received in the University of South Florida, Facilities Planning and Construction office, FPC110 by 2:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), Friday, August 29, 2008. Facsimile (FAX) or electronic submittals are not acceptable and will not be considered.

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