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    The Florida Communities Trust (Trust) has approved funding applications submitted under the Florida Communities Trust Florida Forever Program, Series FF11 funding cycle. On August 25, 2011, applications were scored, ranked and selected for funding according to the criteria and procedures set forth in Rule Chapter 9K-7, F.A.C. In accordance with Rule 9K-7.009, F.A.C., the projects are considered to have received final approval for funding.

    Certain applications were selected for funding contingent upon funds becoming available either through other projects terminating, projects closing under budget, or interest accruals. If funding becomes available for the contingent projects, then those projects will be approved for funding in the order in which they are currently ranked. Likewise, if funding becomes available for the non-funded projects, then those projects will be approved for funding in the order in which they are currently ranked.

    Those applications approved for funding and the amounts of funding approved are listed below. The approval is subject to appeal and may change following the appeals process. If any Applicant files an appeal and the result of the appeal process changes the ranking of the funded applications, then another notice will be issued.

    The following projects were approved for funding with funds currently available:


    Project No.Project NameApplicantAmount

    11-012-FF11Tucker Ranch Heritage ParkCity of Winter Garden$840,252.00

    11-001-FF11Cypress Creek Natural Area Park vPalm Beach County$5,000,000.00

    11-044-FF11Shingle Creek ParkDixie County$1,341,000.00

    11-015-FF11Turkey Creek Walk Park, Phase IVCity of Niceville$3,450,000.00

    11-021-FF11Turkey Creek HammockAlachua County$1,500,000.00

    11-031-FF11Veteran’s Memoria Park ExpansionBrevard County$800,000.00

    11-037-FF11Peace River ParkDeSoto County$1,350,000.00

    11-020-FF11Brooker Creek Preserve Wilde LandsPinellas County$3,344,000.00

    Contingent funded projects

    Project No.Project NameApplicantAmount

    11-054-FF11Roberts Preserve (North Fork St. Lucie River)St. Lucie County$639,535.00

    11-014-FF11Kelly Park 3rd Addition – Camp Joy Property)Orange County$364,560.00

    11-047-FF11Morsani Ranch – Headwaters of the PithPasco County$1,029,200.00

    11-041-FF11Bogey Creek PreserveNorth Florida Land and Trust, Inc.$2,240,000.00

    11-006-FF11Pembroke Pines Raintree ParkCity of Pembroke Pines$1,451,400.00

    11-051-FF11Presnell Bayside ParkGulf County$4,500,000.00


    The following projects were not approved for funding with funds currently available but could receive funding in the future if funds become available:


    Project No.Project NameApplicantAmount

    11-046-FF11Lake Dan Preserve Phase TwoHillsborough County$3,490,000.00

    11-026-FF11Bay Drive Park Phase IIFlagler County$2,342,334.00

    11-052-FF11Long Beach ParkCity of Panama City Beach$4,650,000.00

    11-045-FF11Lake Eola Park ExtensionCity of Orlando$3,500,000.00

    11-007-FF11Lake May ReserveLake County$1,500,000.00

    11-050-FF11Sebastian Harbor PreserveIndian River County$5,000,000.00

    11-029-FF11Halifax Riverfront ParkCity of Daytona Beach$1,005,500.00

    11-036-FF11Rails to Trail Buffer Phase IIICity of Jacksonville$212,500.00

    11-053-FF11V Bar 2 PreserveSt. Lucie County $1,404,749.60

    11-022-FF11Chambers IslandTown of Yankeetown$1,350,000.00

    11-035-FF11Thomas Creek PreserveCity of Jacksonville$1,200.000.00

    11-038-FF11Madden’s HammockTown of Miami Lakes$4,987,500.00

    11-028-FF11Lake Chautauqua Nature Preserve Phase ICity of Clearwater$1,992,000.00

    11-005-FF11Ocean Hammock Park Phase IICity of St. Augustine Beach$5,000,000.00

    11-042-FF11Wetlands ParkCity of Fellsmere$437,500.00

    11-030-FF11Smith Bayou ParkCity of Dunedin$500,000.00

    11-040-FF11Waterfront ParkCity of Seminole$410,000.00

    11-032-FF11Intracoastal ParkCity of Sunny Isles Beach$3,760,000.00

    11-055-FF11Wooton Park Lakefront ExpansionCity of Tavares$1,500,000.00

    11-003-FF11St. George Island Marine ParkFranklin County$4,219,000.00

    11-033-FF11Shingle Creek Regional Park ConnectorOsceola County$1,500.000.00

    11-023-FF11Worthington Springs Nature ParkTown of Worthington Springs$380,000.00

    11-010-FF11Round Lake Park AdditionCity of Oviedo$330,000.00

    11-018-FF11Hallandale Beach Post Office PropertyCity of Hallandale$2,500,000.00

    11-049-FF11RivermontCity of Fort Lauderdale$1,500,000.00

    11-017-FF11Cedar Preserve at James ParkCity of South Daytona$965,000.00

    11-024-FF11Crooked River Lighthouse Park ExpansionCity of Carrabelle$250,000.00

    11-002-FF11Cane Slough Flatwoods ParkCity of Port St. Lucie$1,500,000.00

    11-008-FF11Del Bello Park AdditionTown of Redington Shores$1,411,000.00

    11-043-FF11Tamarac Reclamation ParkCity of Tamarac$686,800.00

    11-009-FF1198th Street ParkTown of Bay Harbor Island$2,433,518.75

    11-004-FF11Eastpoint Landing ParkFranklin County$781,000.00

    11-048-FF11Boca Ciega Shoreline RestorationCity of Madeira Beach$652,800.00

    11-016-FF11School Board PropertyCity of Sanford$768,750.00

    11-013-FF11SE 5th Community ParkCity of Delray Beach$1,383,000.00

    11-027-FF11Seminole Park Land AcquisitionCity of Casselberry$138,657.75

    11-019-FF11Sunset Vista ParkAdditionCity of Treasure Island$1,600,000.00

    11-056-FF11Wakulla Heritage Project Wakulla County$810,000.00

    11-011-FF11Sanders Beach Community ParkCity of Pensacola$622,500.00

    11-057-FF11Blountstown RiverfrontCity of Blountstown$1,020.000.00

    11-025-FF11Penney Farms Historical CenterTown of Penney Farms$66,000.00


    Project No.Project NameApplicant

    11-034-FF11Snow Hill Horse ParkFriends of Winter Miles$1,458,000.00


    Project No.Project NameApplicant

    11-039-FF11Cutler Bay ParkTown of Cutler Baywithdrawn


    Any person with substantial interests that are or may be determined by the approval of funds for projects by the Trust has a right to an informal administrative proceeding pursuant to Section 120.57(2), F.S., if the person does not dispute issues of material fact raised by this decision. If an informal proceeding is held, the petitioner will have the opportunity to be represented by counsel, to present to the agency written or oral evidence in opposition to the Trust action, or to present a written statement challenging the legal grounds upon which the Trust is justifying its actions.

    Alternatively, any person with substantial interests that are or may be determined by the approval of funds for projects by the Trust has a right to a formal administrative hearing pursuant to Section 120.57(1), F.S., if the person disputes any issues of material fact stated in this decision. At a formal hearing the petitioner may be represented by counsel, and will have the opportunity to present evidence and argument on all the issues involved, to conduct cross- examination and submit rebuttal evidence, to submit proposed findings of fact and orders, and to file exceptions to any order or hearing officer’s recommended order.

    If a person with a substantial interest desires either an informal proceeding or a formal hearing, the person must file with the Trust Clerk a written response or pleading entitled “Petition for Administrative Proceedings” within 21 calendar days of the publication date of this notice of final agency action. The petition must be in the form required by Rule 18-106.201, F.A.C. A petition is filed when it is received by the: Trust Clerk, 2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard, Tallahassee, FL 32399-2100. A petition must specifically request an informal proceeding or a formal hearing, it must admit or deny each material fact contained in this decision, and it must state any defenses upon which the petitioner relies. If the petitioner lacks knowledge of a particular allegation of fact, it must so state and that statement will operate as a denial.

    Any person with substantial interests that are or may be determined by the approval of funds for projects by the Trust waives the right to an informal proceeding or a formal hearing if a Petition for Administrative Proceeding is not filed with the Trust Clerk within 21 days of the date of publication of the notice of final agency action.

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