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    On September 11, 2014, the Governing Board of the South Florida Water Management District (District) issued Order No. 2014-086-DAO-WS, Final Order Approving the 2014 Lower Kissimmee Basin (LKB) Water Supply Plan. The order can be inspected or copied at the South Florida Water Management District Headquarters, 3301 Gun Club Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33406; Contacts: Jacki McGorty, District Clerk, (561)682-2087 or Chris Sweazy, Lead Hydrogeologist, Orlando Service Center, (407)858-6100, ext. 3822. Order No. 2014-086-DAO-WS is also available at the District through its website (www.sfwmd.gov).


    As required by Sections 120.569(1), and 120.60(3), Fla. Stat., the following is notice of the opportunities which may be available for administrative hearing or judicial review when the substantial interests of a party are determined by an agency. Please note that this Notice of Rights is not intended to provide legal advice. Not all the legal proceedings detailed below may be an applicable or appropriate remedy. You may wish to consult an attorney regarding your legal rights.

    Right to Request Administrative Hearing

    A person whose substantial interests are or may be affected by the South Florida Water Management District’s (SFWMD or District) action has the right to request an administrative hearing on that action pursuant to Sections 120.569 and 120.57, Fla. Stat. Persons seeking a hearing on a SFWMD decision which does or may affect their substantial interests shall file a petition for hearing with the District Clerk within 21 days of receipt of written notice of the decision, unless one of the following shorter time periods apply: 1) within 14 days of the notice of consolidated intent to grant or deny concurrently reviewed applications for environmental resource permits and use of sovereign submerged lands pursuant to Section 373.427, Fla. Stat.; or 2) within 14 days of service of an Administrative Order pursuant to Subsection 373.119(1), Fla. Stat. "Receipt of written notice of agency decision" means receipt of either written notice through mail, electronic mail, or posting that the SFWMD has or intends to take final agency action, or publication of notice that the SFWMD has or intends to take final agency action. Any person who receives written notice of a SFWMD decision and fails to file a written request for hearing within the timeframe described above waives the right to request a hearing on that decision.


    The Petition must be filed with the Office of the District Clerk of the SFWMD. Filings with the District Clerk may be made by mail, hand delivery, or email. Filings by facsimile will not be accepted after October 1, 2014. A petition for administrative hearing or other document is deemed filed upon receipt during normal business hours by the District Clerk at SFWMD headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. Any document received by the office of the District Clerk after 5:00 p.m. shall be filed as of 8:00 a.m. on the next regular business day. Additional filing instructions are as follows:

    • Filings by mail must be addressed to the Office of the District Clerk, P.O. Box 24680, West Palm Beach, Florida 33416.
    • Filings by hand delivery must be delivered to the Office of the District Clerk. Delivery of a petition to the SFWMD's security desk does not constitute filing. To ensure proper filing, it will be necessary to request the SFWMD's security officer to contact the Clerk's office. An employee of the SFWMD's Clerk's office will receive and file the petition.
    • Filings by email must be transmitted to the District Clerks Office at clerk@sfwmd.gov. The filing date for a document transmitted by electronic mail shall be the date the District Clerk receives the complete document. A party who files a document by email shall (1) represent that the original physically signed document will be retained by that party for the duration of the proceeding and of any subsequent appeal or subsequent proceeding in that cause and that the party shall produce it upon the request of other parties; and (2) be responsible for any delay, disruption, or interruption of the electronic signals and accepts the full risk that the document may not be properly filed.


    Pursuant to Rules 28-106.201 and 28-106.301, Fla. Admin. Code, initiation of an administrative hearing shall be made by written petition to the SFWMD in legible form and on 8 and 1/2 by 11 inch white paper. All petitions shall contain:

    1.Identification of the action being contested, including the permit number, application number, SFWMD file number or any other SFWMD identification number, if known.

    2.The name, address and telephone number of the petitioner and petitioner’s representative, if any.

    3.An explanation of how the petitioner’s substantial interests will be affected by the agency decision.

    4.A statement of when and how the petitioner received notice of the SFWMD’s decision.

    5.A statement of all disputed issues of material fact. If there are none, the petition must so indicate.

    6.A concise statement of the ultimate facts alleged, including the specific facts the petitioner contends warrant reversal or modification of the SFWMD’s proposed action.

    7.A statement of the specific rules or statutes the petitioner contends require reversal or modification of the SFWMD’s proposed action.

    8.If disputed issues of material fact exist, the statement must also include an explanation of how the alleged facts relate to the specific rules or statutes.

    9.A statement of the relief sought by the petitioner, stating precisely the action the petitioner wishes the SFWMD to take with respect to the SFWMD’s proposed action.

    A person may file a request for an extension of time for filing a petition. The SFWMD may, for good cause, grant the request. Requests for extension of time must be filed with the SFWMD prior to the deadline for filing a petition for hearing. Such requests for extension shall contain a certificate that the moving party has consulted with all other parties concerning the extension and that the SFWMD and any other parties agree to or oppose the extension. A timely request for extension of time shall toll the running of the time period for filing a petition until the request is acted upon.

    If the SFWMD takes action with substantially different impacts on water resources from the notice of intended agency decision, the persons who may be substantially affected shall have an additional point of entry pursuant to Rule 28-106.111, Fla. Admin. Code, unless otherwise provided by law.


    The procedures for pursuing mediation are set forth in Section 120.573, Fla. Stat., and Rules 28-106.111 and 28-106.401-.405, Fla. Admin. Code. The SFWMD is not proposing mediation for this agency action under Section 120.573, Fla. Stat., at this time.


    Pursuant to Sections 120.60(3) and 120.68, Fla. Stat., a party who is adversely affected by final SFWMD action may seek judicial review of the SFWMD's final decision by filing a notice of appeal pursuant to Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.110 in the Fourth District Court of Appeal or in the appellate district where a party resides and filing a second copy of the notice with the District Clerk within 30 days of rendering of the final SFWMD action.

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