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    Notice of Florida Building Code Binding Interpretation


    61G20-1.001Florida Building Code Adopted

    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the Binding Interpretation Panel has issued a binding interpretation pursuant to Section 553.775, Florida Statutes, submitted by H.W. Cecil, and accepted by BOAF on September 6, 2019. The following is a summary of the interpretation:

    Question 1: Does the generator in question as presented in documents, photographs and plans submitted comply with all Florida Building Code location requirements?

    Answer 1: Based on the information presented, the generator does not comply with manufacturer’s installation guidelines and location requirements described as follows: i) Clearance from the ends and front of the generator must be 3 ft. This includes shrubs, bushes and trees.  Clearance from the back of the generator must be minimum 18 in. ii) If the back of the generator meets the 18 in. clearance, this obstructs the existing A/C unit’s 3-ft clearance which must be maintained.

    Question 2: Does the Florida Building Code-Residential Volume 6th Edition (2017) Sections G2406, 2408, E3403 and E3405 require compliance with all manufacturer’s installation location requirements? 

    Answer 2: Yes.

    A copy of the Interpretation may be obtained from https://floridabuilding.org/bi/bi_bind_interp_srch.aspx, or by contacting the Codes and Standards section at (850)487-1824.

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61G20-1.001. Florida Building Code Adopted