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    Division of Community Development

    Final Order Number DEO-19-029



    ORDINANCE NO. 015-2019




    The Department of Economic Opportunity (“Department”) hereby issues its Final Order, pursuant to subsections 380.05(6) and 380.0552(9), Florida Statutes, approving land development regulations adopted by Monroe County, Florida, Ordinance No. 015-2019 (the “Ordinance”).


    1.                  The Florida Keys Area is designated by Section 380.0552, Florida Statutes, as an area of critical state concern.  Monroe County is a local government within the Florida Keys Area.

    2.                  The Ordinance was adopted by Monroe County on May 22, 2019, and rendered to the Department on July 11, 2019.

    3.                  The Ordinance provides a definition for “offshore island” under Chapter 101 of the Monroe County Land Development Code and amends Section 188-10 to provide specific criteria that applies to all structures developed, used or occupied on offshore islands.


    4.                  The Department is required to approve or reject land development regulations that are adopted by any local government in an area of critical state concern.  See §§ 380.05(6) and 380.0552(9), Fla Stat.

    5.                  “Land development regulations” include local zoning, subdivision, building, and other regulations controlling the development of land. § 380.031(8), Fla. Stat.  The regulations adopted by the Ordinance are land development regulations. 

    6.                     The Ordinance is consistent with the Monroe County Comprehensive Plan generally, as required by subsection 163.3177(1), Florida Statutes, and specifically, with Policies 101.6.1 and 101.6.2.

    7.                  All land development regulations enacted, amended, or rescinded within an area of critical state concern must be consistent with the principles for guiding development for that area.  §§ 380.05(6) and 380.0552(9), Fla Stat. The Principles for Guiding Development for the Florida Keys Area of Critical State Concern are set forth in Section 380.0552(7), Florida Statutes.

    8.                  The Ordinance is consistent with the Principles for Guiding Development as a whole, and specifically complies with the following:

    (a)          Strengthening local government capabilities for managing land use and development so that local government is able to achieve these objectives without continuing the area of critical state concern designation.

    (b)         Protecting shoreline and marine resources, including mangroves, coral reef formations, seagrass beds, wetlands, fish and wildlife, and their habitat.

    (e)          Limiting the adverse impacts of development on the quality of water throughout the Florida Keys.

    (m)        Providing adequate alternatives for the protection of public safety and welfare in the event of a natural or manmade disaster and for a postdisaster reconstruction plan.

    WHEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED that the Department finds that Monroe County Ordinance No. 015-2019 is consistent with the Monroe County Comprehensive Plan and Principles for Guiding Development for the Florida Keys Area of Critical State Concern and is hereby APPROVED.

    This Order becomes effective 21 days after publication in the Florida Administrative Register, unless a petition is timely filed as described in the Notice of Administrative Rights below.

    DONE AND ORDERED in Tallahassee, Florida.

    /s/ James Stansbury, James D. Stansbury, Chief, Bureau of Community Planning and Growth, Department of Economic Opportunity

    Notice of administrative rights

    Any person whose substantial interests are affected by this order has the opportunity for an administrative proceeding pursuant to section 120.569, Florida statutes.

    For the required contents of a petition challenging agency action, refer to subsections 28-106.104(2), 28-106.201(2), and section 28-106.301, Florida Administrative Code.

    Depending on whether or not material facts are disputed in the petition, a hearing will be conducted pursuant to either section 120.569 and subsection 120.57(1), Florida statutes, or Section 120.569 and subsection 120.57(2), Florida statutes.

    Any petition must be filed with the agency clerk of the department of economic opportunity within 21 calendar days of the final order being published in the florida administrative register. A petition is filed when it is received by: Agency Clerk, Department of Economic Opportunity, Office of the general Counsel, 107 East Madison St., MSC 110, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4128, Fax (850)921-3230.

    You waive the right to any administrative proceeding if you do not file a petition with the agency clerk within 21 calendar days of the final order being published in the florida administrative register.


    I HEREBY CERTIFY that the original of the foregoing Final Order has been filed with the undersigned designated Agency Clerk, and that true and correct copies have been furnished to the following persons by the methods indicated this 4th day of September, 2019.

    /s/ Taya Orozco

    Agency Clerk

    Department of Economic Opportunity

    107 East Madison Street, MSC 110

    Tallahassee, FL  32399-4128

    By U.S. Mail:

    The Honorable Sylvia Murphy

    Mayor, Monroe County

    102050 Overseas Highway

    Suite 234

    Key Largo, Florida 33037

    Kevin Madok, Clerk

    Monroe County

    Board of County Commissioners

    PO Box 1980

    Key West, Florida 33041


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