Pre-Qualification and Licensure of Emergency Adjusters  

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    69B-220.001: Pre-Qualification and Licensure of Emergency Adjusters
    Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol. 36 No. 26, July 2, 2010 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

    (1) through (5) No change.

    (6) (a) through (e) No change.

    (f)1. through 3. No change.

    4. If after the license licensure expires or is terminated, the Department has reason to believe there was a violation of any provision of the Florida Insurance Code or Chapter 69B, Florida Administrative Code, these rules by the former licensee while licensed, the Department is not precluded from filing administrative action against the former licensee, and from serving the charges by certified mail to the licensee., or by publication of notice of action in the legal notices section of a newspaper of general circulation in or near the city or county of permanent residence or place of business as shown on the licensee's application for emergency adjuster if certified mail service is unsuccessful.

    The remainder of the rule remains as published on July 2, 2010.

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69B-220.001. Licensure of Emergency Adjusters