Purpose, Engineering Document Classification, Retention of Engineering Documents  


    Board of Professional Engineers

    61G15-30.001: Purpose
    61G15-30.003: Engineering Document Classification
    61G15-30.009: Retention of Engineering Documents


    Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol. 34, No. 11, March 14, 2008 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

    These changes were made to address concerns expressed by the Joint Administrative Procedure Committee. The changes were approved by the Board at its June 19, 2008 meeting. After the changes are made, the rules will read as follows:

    1. When changed, Rule 61G15-30.001 shall read as follows:

    The Board has adopted these responsibility rules pursuant to Section 471.033(2), F.S., to safeguard the life, health, property and welfare of the public by promoting proper conduct in the practice of engineering and due care and regard for acceptable engineering principles and standards. The Board considers that professional engineers may avoid disciplinary actions by observing the procedures set forth herein. Failure to comply with these rules may be considered as noncompliance with subsection 61G15-19.001(4), F.A.C., unless the deviation or departure therefrom is justified by the specific circumstances of the project in question. and the sound professional judgment of the engineer. Furthermore, these rules are intended to apply as general guidelines where no contractual relationship exists between the parties addressed herein. These rules are not intended to take precedence over contractual relationships developed between the parties addressed herein, so long as those contractual relationships do not violate Chapter 471, F.S., or the stated purpose of these responsibility rules or any other rule promulgated pursuant thereto. These responsibility rules shall apply to every person holding a certificate of registration as a professional engineer, every certified engineer intern, and every holder of a certificate of authorization, as appropriate. A professional engineer’s practices, education, training, experience, qualifications, technical competence, conduct, and responsibilities in connection with his authorized engineering practice, services, and creative work are subject to regulation solely by the Board of professional engineers, and the courts, and local jurisdictions.

    2. When changed, subsection 61G15-30.003(1) shall read as follows:

    (1) Engineering Documents are prepared in the course of performing engineering services. When prepared for inclusion with an application for a general building permit, the Documents shall meet all Engineer's Responsibility Rules, set forth in Chapters 61G15-31, 61G15-32, 61G15-33, and 61G15-34, F.A.C., and be of sufficient clarity to indicate the location, nature and extent of the work proposed and show in detail that it will conform to the provisions of the Florida Building Code, adopted in Section 553.73, Florida Statutes, and applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, as determined by the AHJ. The Documents shall include:

    3. When changed, subsection 61G15-30.003(4) shall read as follows:

    (4) Engineering drawings shall be legible and clearly define and delineate the work in the project. They must also comply with Chapter 61G15-23, F.A.C., Seals.

    4. When changed, Rule 61G15-30.009 shall read as follows:

    At least one copy of all documents displaying the licensee’s signature, seal, date and all related calculations shall be retained by the licensee or the licensee’s employer for a minimum of three years from the date the documents were sealed. These documents shall be maintained in hardcopy or electronic format.