11. Department of Law Enforcement

 11D-1.001. Division Of Local Law Enforcement Assistance
 11D-2.001. Division Director
 11D-2.002. Organization Of The Division
 11D-2.003. Powers And Duties Of Division
 11D-2.005. Methamphetamine Precursor Electronic Monitoring System
 11D-5.001. Creation, Membership, Terms, Etc
 11D-5.002. Duties Of Council
 11D-6.001. Definitions
 11D-6.002. Applicability
 11D-6.003. Procedures
 11D-7.001. Juvenile Fingerprint File
 11D-7.002. Juvenile Offender Fingerprinting Procedure
 11D-8.001. Purpose - Scope
 11D-8.002. Definitions
 11D-8.003. Approval Of Breath Test Methods And Instruments
 11D-8.004. Department Inspection And Registration Of Breath Test Instruments
 11D-8.005. Periodic Department Inspections Of Breath Test Instruments
 11D-8.006. Agency Inspection Of Breath Test Instruments
 11D-8.007. Approved Breath Test Instruments - Access, Facility Requirements, Observation Period, And Operational Procedures
 11D-8.008. Breath Test Operator And Agency Inspector
 11D-8.009. Breath Test Permit - Technician: Annual Training, Revalidation, And Renewal
 11D-8.010. Qualifications For Instructors
 11D-8.011. Approval Of Blood Alcohol Test Methods
 11D-8.012. Blood Samples - Labeling And Collection
 11D-8.013. Blood Alcohol Permit - Analyst
 11D-8.014. Blood Alcohol Permit - Analyst: Renewal
 11D-8.015. Denial, Revocation, And Suspension Of Permits
 11D-8.016. Administrative Hearings
 11D-8.017. Forms
 11D-8.018. Transition Clause
 11D-8.0035. Approval Of Alcohol Reference Solution And Sources
 11D-8.0036. Approval Of Dry Gas Standards Source
 11D-8.0075. Agency Retention Of Records
 11D-9.001. Definitions
 11D-9.002. Funds Availability For Jag-Countywide And Jag Direct
 11D-9.003. Limitations On Funds Use
 11D-9.004. Eligible Purposes And Programs
 11D-9.005. Application And Award Procedures For Jag-Countywide And Jag-Direct
 11D-9.006. Forms And Instructions
 11D-10.001. Eligibility Requirements
 11D-10.002. Nomination Guidelines
 11D-10.003. Selection Committee