12. Department of Revenue

 12E-1.001. General
 12E-1.002. Services Provided
 12E-1.003. Conditions Of Eligibility
 12E-1.004. Application For Services, Application Forms And Fee
 12E-1.005. Collection And Distribution Of Payments
 12E-1.006. Request For Reconsideration
 12E-1.007. Right To Appeal
 12E-1.008. Determination Of Cooperation; Determination Of Noncooperation; Determination Of Good Cause
 12E-1.009. Enforcement Of Income Deduction In Iv-D Cases Where No Income Deduction Order Currently Exists
 12E-1.010. Immediate Income Deduction Orders
 12E-1.011. Lottery Intercept
 12E-1.012. Consumer Reporting Agencies
 12E-1.013. Release Of Information
 12E-1.014. Federal Offset Program; Passport Denial; Secretary Of The Treasury Full Collection Services
 12E-1.015. Reciprocity Requests
 12E-1.016. Child Support Guidelines
 12E-1.017. Expedited Process
 12E-1.019. Judgments By Operation Of Law
 12E-1.020. Genetic Testing
 12E-1.022. Overpayment Recovery
 12E-1.023. Suspension Of Driver License; Suspension Of Motor Vehicle Registration
 12E-1.024. Business Or Professional License Or Certification Suspension Or Application Denial
 12E-1.025. Procurement Of Legal Services
 12E-1.026. Central Depository Electronic Transmission Of Information
 12E-1.027. Written Agreements For Payment Of Past-Due Support
 12E-1.028. Garnishment By Levy
 12E-1.029. Financial Institution Data Matches
 12E-1.030. Administrative Establishment Of Child Support Obligations
 12E-1.031. Noncovered Medical Expenses
 12E-1.032. Electronic Remittance Of Support Payments
 12E-1.036. Administrative Establishment Of Paternity And Support Obligations
 12E-1.037. Notification To Withhold Support From Reemployment Assistance
 12E-1.039. Request For Services
 12E-1.040. Intergovernmental Forms
 12E-1.0051. Undistributable Collections
 12E-1.0052. Unidentifiable Payments