13. Department of General Services

 13C-1.001. General
 13C-1.002. Definitions
 13C-1.003. Communication Service Authorization (Csa)
 13C-1.04. (Csa) Representative
 13C-1.004. Agency Communication Service Authorization (Csa) Representative
 13C-1.005. Centralized Telecommunications Billing
 13C-1.006. Telecommunications Billing Information
 13C-1.007. Telecommunications Service Proposals
 13C-1.008. Florida State Government Telephone Directory
 13C-1.009. Approval Of Common Carrier Supplied Systems Or Services
 13C-1.09. Delegation To The State University System
 13C-2.002. Definitions
 13C-2.004. Technical Evaluation Of Communications Proposals
 13C-2.006. Single Agency Procurement Requirements
 13C-2.007. Special Or Unique Communications Requirements
 13C-2.008. Communications Purchase Or Lease Authorization (Cpla) Form (Com 9008)
 13C-2.009. Delegation To The State University System
 13C-2.09. Delegation To The State University System
 13C-4.001. Purpose
 13C-4.002. Definitions
 13C-4.003. Public Announcement And Qualification Procedures
 13C-4.004. Competitive Selection
 13C-4.005. Competitive Negotiation
 13C-4.006. Prohibition Against Contingent Fee
 13C-4.007. Nonexclusion Of Public
 13C-4.008. Assistance To Local Agencies
 13C-4.009. 055, Florida Statutes
 13C-5.001. Purpose
 13C-5.002. Request For Certification Of Compliance
 13C-5.003. Compliance With Published &Quot;911&Quot; Plan
 13C-6.001. Purpose
 13C-6.002. Request For Ems Systems Approval
 13C-7.01. General
 13C-7.02. Eligibility &Amp; Use Of State Communications System Definitions
 13C-7.03. Eligibility &Amp; Use Of State Communications System Legal Qualification Criteria
 13C-7.04. Cost Qualification Criteria For The State Communications System
 13C-7.05. Agreements
 13C-7.06. Review Of Eligibility Of Users
 13C-7.07. Modifications, Additions, Reductions Or Terminations To Existing Suncom And Telpak Service Initiated By A User
 13C-7.08. Additions Or Modifications To Existing Suncome Service Initiated By The Division
 13C-7.09. Actions Initiated By The Division Of Communications Resulting In Termination Or Reduction Of State Communications Sytem Services