15. Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

 15A-1.001. Applications
 15A-1.01. Of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles
 15A-1.002. Restricted Licenses
 15A-1.003. Licenses Restricted As To Use
 15A-1.004. Reciprocity
 15A-1.005. Current Licenses; Relinquishment
 15A-1.006. Identification Cards
 15A-1.007. Suspended, Disqualified, Or Revoked Licenses; Approval
 15A-1.008. Drug Addiction And Alcoholism
 15A-1.009. Mental Condition
 15A-1.010. Physical Condition
 15A-1.011. Service Fee
 15A-1.0011. Definitions
 15A-1.0012. Identification And Proof Of Date Of Birth Required For Driver License Or Identification Card
 15A-1.012. Driver License Examinations: Scoring
 15A-1.013. Minimum Visual Standards For Licensing
 15A-1.014. Driving Exam Administration
 15A-1.015. Driving Ability, Demonstration: Scoring Criteria
 15A-1.0015. Translation Of Foreign Documents
 15A-1.016. Test/Examination Failure; Disqualification: Procedure
 15A-1.017. Re-Examinations
 15A-1.018. Point Determination; Suspensions
 15A-1.019. Reinstatement; Hardship
 15A-1.020. Duplicate And Replacement Licenses
 15A-1.021. Cancellation
 15A-1.023. Appointments
 15A-1.024. Temporary Driving Permits
 15A-1.025. Motorcycle Examinations; Written Knowledge Test; Pre-Test Motorcycle Inspection; On-Cycle Skill Test And Applicant Requirements; Scoring Criteria
 15A-1.026. Express Renewal Offices
 15A-1.027. Driver Education Licensing Assistance Program (Delap)
 15A-1.028. Fraudulent Driver License Applicants
 15A-1.029. Distribution Of Organ Donor Registration Forms
 15A-1.0051. Renewal Of License; Resident Temporarily Out Of The State
 15A-1.0125. Oral Examinations
 15A-1.0195. Right Of Review
 15A-1.0291. Organ Donor Registration Form
 15A-1.0292. Funding Of An Organ Donor Program
 15A-1.0293. Donor Registry
 15A-1.0294. Donor Identification
 15A-1.0295. Donor Withdrawal
 15A-1.0296. Substance Abuse Courses Required For Licensing
 15A-1.0297. School Attendance Required For Licensed Drivers Between 15-18 Years Of Age
 15A-1.0298. Insulin Dependent Diabetics License Issuance
 15A-1.0299. Examination, Temporary Driving Permit And Driver&Apos;S License Denial
 15A-2.001. Definitions
 15A-2.002. Licenses Generally
 15A-2.02. Licenses Generally
 15A-2.03. Licenses; Requirements And Limitations
 15A-2.003. Licenses; Requirements And Limitations
 15A-2.004. Licenses; Business And Instruction Facilities
 15A-2.04. Licenses; Business And Instruction Facilities
 15A-2.005. Schools; Records Required To Be Kept
 15A-2.06. Schools; Contracts; Contents
 15A-2.006. Schools; Contracts; Contents
 15A-2.007. Motor Vehicle; Identification Certificate; Signs
 15A-2.07. Motor Vehicle; Identification Certificate; Signs
 15A-2.08. Soliciting And Advertising
 15A-2.008. Soliciting And Advertising
 15A-2.009. Instructor Certificates; Qualifications
 15A-2.09. Instructor Certificates: Qualifications
 15A-2.10. General Regulations And Policies
 15A-2.010. General Regulations And Policies
 15A-2.011. , Of License, Certificate, Or Agent Identification Card
 15A-2.0045. Program Of Instruction; Content; Conduct Of Program
 15A-2.0095. Agent Identification Cards
 15A-2.095. Agent Identification Cards
 15A-3.001. Proof Of Future Financial Repsonsibility; Upon Conviction
 15A-3.002. Application For Hearing, Procedure
 15A-3.003. Stay Of Order Of Suspension
 15A-3.004. Conduct Of Hearing
 15A-3.005. Sr-22 Filings, Original Policy
 15A-3.006. Indentification Cards
 15A-3.007. Policy Verification
 15A-3.008. Notice Of Cancellation Or Termination
 15A-3.009. Insurance Binders For The Purpose Of Vehicle Registration
 15A-3.011. Self-Insurance
 15A-3.012. Notice Of Cancellation, Renewal Or Nonrenewal And Notice Of Issuance
 15A-3.013. Reports Of Crashes, Suspension Of Licenses And Registrations
 15A-3.014. Security Deposited With The Department Of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles
 15A-3.015. Reinstatement Fees
 15A-3.016. Vehicle License Plate Seizure
 15A-4.001. Agreement For Automated Report Of Uniform Traffic Dispositions
 15A-4.01. Of Safety And Motor Vehicles
 15A-5.001. Purpose
 15A-5.01. Purpose
 15A-5.002. Report Of Deficit Or Disorder To The Department
 15A-5.02. Procedure
 15A-5.03. Seizure Disorders
 15A-5.003. Seizure Disorders
 15A-5.004. Seizures
 15A-5.04. Neurological Guidelines For Applicants With Seizures
 15A-5.05. Loss Of Consciousness
 15A-5.005. Loss Of Consciousness
 15A-5.006. Cardiovascular Deficits
 15A-5.06. (Cardiac) Cardio Vascular Impairments
 15A-5.07. Diabetes Mellitus
 15A-5.08. )
 15A-5.008. Deficits Of Memory Or Judgment
 15A-5.009. Musculoskeletal And Neuromuscular Disorders
 15A-5.09. ) Or Neuromuscular Impairments
 15A-5.10. Emotional And Mental Conditions
 15A-5.0010. Definitions
 15A-5.010. Severe Mental Disorders
 15A-5.011. Vision Standards
 15A-5.0011. Functions And Responsibilities
 15A-5.11. Vision Standards
 15A-5.012. Drug Addiction And Alcoholism
 15A-5.0021. Medical Review
 15A-5.0022. Administrative Hearing Procedures
 15A-5.0075. Diabetes Mellitus
 15A-6.001. Purpose
 15A-6.002. Definitions
 15A-6.003. Filing
 15A-6.004. Computation Of Time
 15A-6.005. Notice Of Suspension/Disqualification
 15A-6.006. Request For Review
 15A-6.007. Appearances
 15A-6.008. Recusal
 15A-6.009. Location Of Hearings
 15A-6.010. Motions
 15A-6.011. Notice Of Hearing; Prehearing Order
 15A-6.012. Subpoenas
 15A-6.013. Formal Review; Introduction Of Evidence; Order
 15A-6.014. Preservation Of Testimony
 15A-6.015. Failure To Appear
 15A-6.016. Disruption Of Hearing
 15A-6.017. Motion For Reconsideration
 15A-6.018. Informal Review
 15A-6.019. Judicial Review
 15A-6.020. Forms
 15A-7.001. Definitions
 15A-7.002. Purpose
 15A-7.003. Cdl Endorsements
 15A-7.004. Cdl Restrictions
 15A-7.005. Temporary Cdl Instructional Permit
 15A-7.006. Application; Operation In Interstate Or Foreign Commerce; Certification Required; Medical Required; Exceptions
 15A-7.007. Application; Intrastate Operation; Certification; Exceptions
 15A-7.008. Combination Vehicle Testing And Licensing
 15A-7.009. Issuance Of Commercial Driver&Apos;S License; Department; Duties
 15A-7.010. Issuance Of License; Department Notify Commercial Driver&Apos;S License Information System
 15A-7.011. Administration Of Commercial Driver&Apos;S License Knowledge Tests
 15A-7.012. Commercial Driver&Apos;S License Skills Tests
 15A-7.013. Appropriate Motor Vehicle
 15A-7.014. Commercial Driver&Apos;S License Document; Requirements; Class; Security Features
 15A-7.015. Commercial Driver&Apos;S License For Hardship Purposes Only
 15A-7.016. Persons Exempt From Requirements Of Commercial Driver&Apos;S License Program; Noncommercial DriverS License Endorsement
 15A-7.017. Hazmat Endorsement Threat Assessment Program
 15A-7.018. Military Qualifications For Waiver Of Commercial Driver License Skills Test
 15A-7.019. Third Party Testing Program
 15A-7.0025. Application
 15A-8.001. Purpose
 15A-8.002. Definitions
 15A-8.003. Driver Improvement School Requirements
 15A-8.004. Certificate Of Approval: Requirements And Limitations
 15A-8.005. Certificate Of Approval: Business And Instruction Facilities
 15A-8.006. Course Approval
 15A-8.007. Course Conduct
 15A-8.008. Assessment Fees Collection And Reporting
 15A-8.009. Student Records
 15A-8.010. School Enrollment Forms: Contents
 15A-8.011. Course Attendance Control
 15A-8.012. Instructor Certificates; Selection; Certification
 15A-8.013. Soliciting And Advertising
 15A-8.014. Annual Report
 15A-8.015. Audit Requirements
 15A-8.016. Suspension Or De-Certification Of School Approval Or Instructor Certification
 15A-8.017. Complaints
 15A-8.018. Forms
 15A-8.019. Forms
 15A-8.0061. Traffic Law And Substance Abuse Education Course
 15A-8.0081. Course Completion Certificates
 15A-8.0091. Course Completion
 15A-8.0092. Denial, Suspension Or Revocation Of Course Approval
 15A-9.001. Authority
 15A-9.002. Purpose
 15A-9.003. Definitions
 15A-9.004. When Ignition Interlock Devices Are Required
 15A-9.005. Specifications
 15A-9.006. Procedure For Ignition Interlock Device Approval
 15A-9.007. Certification
 15A-9.008. Installation And De-Installation
 15A-9.009. Servicing
 15A-9.010. Monitoring
 15A-9.011. Warning Label
 15A-9.012. Liability
 15A-9.013. Auditing Of Administrative Offices And Service Providers
 15A-9.014. Forms
 15A-9.0041. Medical Considerations
 15A-10.001. Purpose
 15A-10.002. Definitions
 15A-10.003. Reciprocity
 15A-10.004. Application For Licensure To Conduct A Driving Under The Influence Program
 15A-10.005. Licensure: Requirements And Limitations
 15A-10.006. Relinquishment Of Licensure
 15A-10.007. Review Board And Monitoring
 15A-10.008. Organizational Structure
 15A-10.009. Program Jurisdiction
 15A-10.010. Operating Policies And Procedures Manual(S)
 15A-10.011. Board Of Directors Or Governing Board Or Advisory Committee
 15A-10.012. Financial Audit
 15A-10.013. Financial Procedures And Reporting Requirements
 15A-10.014. Cost Standards And Allocations
 15A-10.015. Fee Waiver
 15A-10.016. Ancillary Fees
 15A-10.017. Personnel Policies And Procedures
 15A-10.018. Client Files
 15A-10.019. Client Transfer Procedure
 15A-10.020. Fee Revisions
 15A-10.021. Client Conduct
 15A-10.022. Personnel Certification
 15A-10.023. Education
 15A-10.024. Level I Course
 15A-10.025. Level Ii Course
 15A-10.026. Certificates Of Completion And Client Status Reporting
 15A-10.027. Client Evaluation
 15A-10.028. Treatment Referral
 15A-10.029. Special Supervision Services (Sss) And Statutory Eligibility
 15A-10.030. Sss Application And Evaluation Process
 15A-10.031. Sss Appeal Process
 15A-10.032. Sss Case Management Plan
 15A-10.033. Sss Military Leave
 15A-10.034. Sss Frequency Of Periodic Update Appointments
 15A-10.035. Sss Missed Periodic Update Appointments
 15A-10.036. Sss Violation Of Restricted Licenses
 15A-10.037. Sss Transfer Procedure
 15A-10.038. Sss Fees
 15A-10.039. Sss Referrals To Treatment
 15A-10.040. Case Monitoring Services
 15A-10.041. Denial Or Revocation Of A Dui Program License Or Personnel Certification And Probationary Status Of A Dui Program License
 15A-10.042. Complaints
 15A-10.043. Forms
 15A-10.0141. Dui Services Fees
 15A-10.0142. Revenue Limitation
 15A-10.0221. Clinical Supervision
 15A-10.0251. Level I And Level Ii Combined Course
 15A-11.001. Definitions
 15A-11.002. General Regulations
 15A-11.003. Cds License Application And Renewal
 15A-11.004. Offices And Instruction Facilities
 15A-11.005. Cds Records Retention
 15A-11.006. Driving Instruction Contracts
 15A-11.007. Cds Instruction Vehicles
 15A-11.008. Soliciting And Advertising
 15A-11.009. Cds Instructor Certificate Application And Renewal
 15A-11.010. Commercial Truck Driver Schools
 15A-11.011. Ctds Instructor Certificate Application And Renewal
 15A-11.012. Ctds Instruction Vehicles
 15A-11.013. Cancellation Or Suspension Of Cds License, Cds, Ctds Instructor&Apos;S Certificate Or Agent&Apos;S Card
 15A-11.014. Grounds For Cancellation Or Suspension Matrix
 15A-11.015. Forms
 15A-11.0095. Agent Identification Cards
 15A-12.001. Purpose
 15A-12.002. Definitions And Course Curriculum
 15A-12.003. Reciprocity
 15A-12.004. Application To Become A Sponsor
 15A-12.005. Additional Program Requirements
 15A-12.006. Regulation Of Authorized Program
 15A-12.007. Ridercoaches
 15A-12.008. Program Compliance
 15A-12.009. Forms