16K-1.01. Policy, Objectives And Implementation Date
 16K-1.02. Scope Of Jurisdiction
 16K-1.04. Appropriation Of Funds
 16K-1.05. Definitions
 16K-1.06. Permits Required
 16K-1.08. General Permit Procedure
 16K-1.09. Filing Of Citizen Objection Or Complaints
 16K-1.11. Quasi-Judicial Hearings Before The Board
 16K-1.12. Request For Hearing
 16K-1.13. Petitions For Declaratory Statements
 16K-1.15. Procedure For Adoption Of Rules
 16K-1.16. Description Of Organization
 16K-1.17. Agenda And Scheduling Of Meetings And Workshops
 16K-1.18. Procedures Under Consultants&Apos; Competitive Negotiations Act
 16K-1.061. Bond
 16K-1.90. Forms And Instructions
 16K-1.111. Parties To Proceedings
 16K-1.112. Pleadings
 16K-2.01. Program For Regulating The Use Of Water - General
 16K-2.02. Permits For Artificial Recharge
 16K-2.03. Permits Required For Use Or Withdrawal Of Water
 16K-2.09. Modification And Transfer Of Permits
 16K-2.11. Emergency Authorization For Use, Withdrawal Or Diversion Of Water
 16K-2.011. Implementation
 16K-2.12. Water Shortage Plan
 16K-2.13. Procedures Under The Water Shortage Plan
 16K-2.14. Emergency Due To Water Shortage
 16K-2.15. Procedures Under Emergency Due To Water Shortage
 16K-2.16. Existing Permits
 16K-2.025. Exemptions
 16K-2.031. General Permit For Water Use In Conjunction With Oil Well Drilling In Lee, Collier And Hendry Counties
 16K-2.032. General Permit For Water Use
 16K-2.035. Water Management District
 16K-4.01. General
 16K-4.02. Exemptions
 16K-4.03. Permits For Construction Or Alteration
 16K-4.07. Permits For Operation
 16K-4.08. Headgates, Valves And Measuring Devices
 16K-4.09. Abandonment
 16K-4.13. Emergency Authorization For Construction Of Works
 16K-4.021. General Permit For Construction, Alteration Or Operation Of Works
 16K-4.022. General Permit For Construction, Alteration Or Operation Of Works In Conjunction With Public Highway Projects
 16K-4.30. Conditions For Issuance Of Permits
 16K-4.035. Basis Of Review Of Applications For Construction Of Works
 16K-4.38. Limiting Conditions
 16K-5.01. General
 16K-5.02. Permits Required
 16K-5.03. Policy In Considering And Issuing Permits
 16K-5.04. Permit Applications And Processing
 16K-5.05. Obligations Of Permittee
 16K-5.06. Unlawful Use Of Project Works
 16K-5.07. Duration, Cancellation Of Permits
 16K-5.08. Alteration, Repair Or Removal Of Structures
 16K-5.09. Emergency Permits
 16K-5.10. Key Permits
 16K-5.11. Modifications Or Relocations Of Uses Under Permit
 16K-5.12. Transfer Of Permits
 16K-5.13. Project Limitations
 16K-5.15. Project Works,Operation By Other Governmental Agencies
 16K-6.01. Real Property Acquisition And Disposal
 16K-6.02. Cooperation With Other Governmental Entities
 16K-6.03. Relocations
 16K-6.04. Release Of Reservations, Easements And Rights Of Way
 16K-6.05. Sale Of Surplus Lands
 16K-6.06. Lease Of Lands Or Interet In Land
 16K-6.07. Sale Of Surplus Spoil Material
 16K-30.01. General
 16K-30.02. Indian Prarie Basin Boundary
 16K-30.03. Lake Istokpoga-Minimum Levels
 16K-30.04. Minimum Flows For Canals 39-A,40,41 And 41-A Into Lake Okeechobee
 16K-30.05. Minimum Canal Levels
 16K-30.06. Minimum Flows For Arbuckle And Josephine Creeks
 16K-30.07. Permit Classification
 16K-30.08. Termination Of Water Withdrawals In The Lake Istokpoga-Indian Prairie Area
 16K-30.09. Water Shortage Plan
 16K-31.01. Lucie County Agricultural Area
 16K-31.02. Lucie County Agricultural Area Boundaries
 16K-31.03. Minimum Flows In Canals 23, 24 And 25
 16K-31.04. Minimum Levels For Canals 23, 24 And 25
 16K-31.05. Permit Classification
 16K-31.06. Lucie County Agricultural Area
 16K-31.07. Water Use Restrictions In Canal 25 Between Structure 99 And Structure 50
 16K-32.03. Flood Control District
 16K-32.04. Flood Control District
 16K-32.05. Flood Control District
 16K-34.01. Policy And Purposes
 16K-34.02. Wstern Canal 9 Basin
 16K-34.03. Implementation
 16K-34.04. General Requirements
 16K-34.05. Exemptions
 16K-34.06. Criteria Applicable To Western Canal 9 Basin