1. Department of State

 1B-2.001. Central Administration Of Library Unit
 1B-2.002. Qualifications Of Head Librarian
 1B-2.003. Library Service Free
 1B-2.004. Access To Books And Services
 1B-2.005. Minimum Hours Of Service
 1B-2.006. Control Of Library Materials
 1B-2.007. Attendance At Professional Workshops And Meetings
 1B-2.008. Regular Meetings Of Local Library Board
 1B-2.009. Annual Audits
 1B-2.010. Filing Reports, Contracts, Etc
 1B-2.011. Library Grant Programs
 1B-2.012. Definitions
 1B-2.013. Eligibility For State Aid To Libraries
 1B-2.014. State Adi To Libraries Grant
 1B-2.015. Application Submission Procedures
 1B-2.016. Application Review
 1B-2.017. Criteria For The Evaluation Of Applications
 1B-2.018. Grant Award And Administration
 1B-2.019. Allowable Use Of Grant Funds
 1B-2.020. Annual Audits And Reports
 1B-2.021. Implementation
 1B-3.001. Scope
 1B-3.01. Scope
 1B-3.002. Definitions
 1B-3.02. Authority
 1B-3.03. Eligibility Requirements
 1B-3.003. Grant Requirements
 1B-3.004. Application Contents And Procedures
 1B-3.04. Application Procedure
 1B-3.05. Application Review
 1B-3.005. Application Review Process
 1B-3.006. Criteria For Evaluating And Ranking Grant Applications
 1B-3.06. Criteria For Evaluating Grant Application
 1B-3.07. Maximum Construction Grant Award
 1B-3.007. Maximum Construction Grant Award
 1B-3.008. Administration Of Library Construction Grants
 1B-3.08. Regulations For The Administration Of Library Construction Grants
 1B-3.009. Allowable Uses Of Grant Funds
 1B-3.010. Matching Funds
 1B-3.011. Additional Documents Required For Lsca-Funded Construction Grants
 1B-3.012. Audit
 1B-3.013. Operation And Use Of Facility
 1B-4.001. Scope
 1B-4.01. Scope
 1B-4.02. Definitions
 1B-4.002. Definitions
 1B-4.003. Eligibility Requirements
 1B-4.03. Eligibility Requirements
 1B-4.04. Application Procedure
 1B-4.004. Application Procedure
 1B-4.005. Criteria For Evaluation Of Proposals
 1B-4.05. Criteria For Evaluation Of Proposals
 1B-4.06. Application Review
 1B-4.006. Application Review
 1B-4.007. Regulations For The Administration Of Library Grants
 1B-4.07. Regulations For The Administration Of Library Grants
 1B-5.001. Library Cooperative Grants Program
 1B-5.002. Definitions
 1B-5.003. Eligibility
 1B-5.004. Application Submission Procedure
 1B-5.005. Application Review
 1B-5.006. Criteria For Evaluation Of Applications
 1B-5.007. Grant Award
 1B-5.008. Grant Administration
 1B-5.009. Annual Audits And Reports
 1B-5.010. Notice Of Availability
 1B-6.001. Definitions
 1B-6.002. Designation Of Depository Libraries
 1B-6.003. Public Documents Furnished To The Division
 1B-6.004. Distribution Of Public Documents
 1B-6.005. &Quot;Florida Public Documents&Quot;
 1B-6.006. Responsibilities Of Depository Libraries
 1B-6.007. Termination Of Depository Status
 1B-6.008. Services And Activities Of The Division
 1B-6.0012. Designation, Responsibilities, And Termination Of Depository Status Of Depository Libraries
 1B-6.0013. State Publications: Delivery To And Distribution By Division
 1B-11.001. Use Of Records, Donated Historical Materials, And Facilities In The Florida State Archives
 1B-11.002. Authority
 1B-11.003. Definitions
 1B-11.004. Use Of Archives
 1B-11.005. Use Of Donated Historical Materials
 1B-11.006. Use Of Florida State Archives Facilities
 1B-11.007. Information Services
 1B-11.009. Citation Of Use
 1B-24.001. General
 1B-24.002. Definitions
 1B-24.003. Records Retention Scheduling And Disposition
 1B-24.004. Developing Requests For Records Retention Schedules
 1B-24.005. Submitting Proposed Records Retention Schedules
 1B-24.006. Division Criteria For Processing Proposed Records Retention Schedules
 1B-24.007. Division Action
 1B-24.008. Revising Records Retention Schedules
 1B-24.009. General Records Schedules
 1B-24.010. Records Disposition
 1B-24.011. Division Criteria For Approval Of Records Disposition Requests
 1B-24.012. Disposition Certificate
 1B-24.013. Penalty For Violation
 1B-26.003. Electronic Recordkeeping
 1B-26.0021. Microfilm Standards
 1B-27.001. General
 1B-27.002. Applicability
 1B-27.003. Records Management Services
 1B-27.0021. Records Center
 1B-27.0022. Selecting Records For Transfer
 1B-27.0023. Documenting The Transfer
 1B-27.0024. Reference Service
 1B-27.0025. Documenting Reference Requests
 1B-27.0026. Disposal Of Records In The Center
 1B-27.0027. Reimbursable Records Storage Services
 1B-27.0028. Determination Of Eligibility
 1B-30.001. Rule Numbering And Rule Titles
 1B-30.002. Style And Form For Filing Rules; Certification Accompanying Materials
 1B-30.003. Publication Of Notices In The Florida Administrative Weekly (Faw)
 1B-30.004. Legal Citations And History Notes
 1B-30.005. Materials Incorporated By Reference
 1B-30.0015. Definitions
 1B-31.001. General
 1B-31.002. Florida Real Property Electronic Recording Standards
 1B-32.003. Maintenance Of Agency Final Orders