21. Department of Professional Regulation

 21LL-1.001. Board Of Speech-Language Pathology And Audiology
 21LL-1.002. General Description Of Agency Organization And Operations
 21LL-1.003. Composition
 21LL-1.004. Board&Apos;S Official Headquarters
 21LL-1.005. Meetings; Notice Of Meetings And Agenda
 21LL-1.006. Workshops
 21LL-1.007. Declaratory Statement
 21LL-1.008. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 21LL-1.009. Model Rules Of Procedure
 21LL-1.010. Other Board Business For Which Compensation Is Allowed
 21LL-1.011. Unexcused Absences
 21LL-2.001. Licensure To Practice Speech-Language Pathology Or Audiology
 21LL-2.002. Educational Requirements
 21LL-2.003. Provisional License; Requirements
 21LL-2.004. Professional Employment Experience
 21LL-2.005. Examination
 21LL-2.006. Licensure By Endorsement
 21LL-3.001. Collection And Payment Of Fees
 21LL-3.002. Application Fee
 21LL-3.003. Examination Fee
 21LL-3.004. Initial License Fee
 21LL-3.005. Provisional License Fee
 21LL-3.006. Endorsement Fee
 21LL-3.007. Biennial Renewal Fees
 21LL-3.008. Assistant Certification Fee
 21LL-3.009. Inactive Status Fee
 21LL-3.010. Reactivation Fees
 21LL-3.011. Duplicate License Fee
 21LL-3.012. Certification Of Public Record Fee
 21LL-3.013. Provider Application Fee
 21LL-3.014. Provider Renewal Fee
 21LL-4.001. Certification Of Assistants
 21LL-4.002. Education Requirements For Assistants
 21LL-4.003. Definition And Role Of Speech-Language Pathology And Audiology Assistants
 21LL-4.004. Supervision Of Speech-Language Pathology Assistants And Audiology Assistants
 21LL-5.001. Renewal Of Active License Or Certificate
 21LL-5.002. Inactive Status
 21LL-5.003. Renewal Of Inactive License Or Certificate
 21LL-5.004. Reactivation Of Inactive License Or Certificate
 21LL-5.005. Renewal Of Provisional License
 21LL-6.001. Continuing Education As A Condition For Renewal
 21LL-6.002. Approval Of Continuing Education Programs
 21LL-7.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 21LL-7.002. Probable Cause Determination
 21LL-7.003. Minor Violations
 21LL-7.004. Citations
 21LL-7.005. Mitigating And Aggravating Circumstances
 21LL-7.006. Scope Of Practice
 21LL-8.001. Audiometric Testing
 21LL-8.002. Certified Testing Room
 21LL-8.003. Qualifications For Independent Testing Agents
 21LL-8.004. Disclosure Required When A Significant Difference Between Air And Bone Conduction Esists
 21LL-8.005. Retention Of Records
 21LL-8.006. Regular Place Of Business Requirements
 21LL-8.007. Posting Of Prices
 21LL-8.008. Requirements Regrwding Certain Information On The Receipt