21. Department of Professional Regulation

 21Q-1.210. Board Of Optometry
 21Q-1.250. Board Of Optometry
 21Q-1.292. Board Of Optometry
 21Q-1.315. Board Of Optometry
 21Q-2.001. Purpose
 21Q-2.002. Composition
 21Q-2.03. Quorum
 21Q-2.06. General Information
 21Q-2.006. Board&Apos;S Official Headquarters
 21Q-2.007. Statutory Chapters Or Sections Affecting Board
 21Q-2.09. Meetings And Committees
 21Q-2.011. Agenda
 21Q-2.015. Declaratory Statement
 21Q-2.016. Procedures For Disposition Of Disciplinary Cases Or Other Cases In Which Substantial Interests Are Determined By The Board
 21Q-2.17. Time For Payment Of Civil Penalties
 21Q-2.017. - - - - - Time For Payment Of Civil Penalties
 21Q-2.18. Forms And Instructions
 21Q-2.019. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 21Q-2.020. - - - - Conducting Meetings, Hearings, And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 21Q-3.001. Confidential Information; Disclosure
 21Q-3.002. Responsibility To Patient
 21Q-3.003. Case Records; Transfer Of Death Of Licensed Practioners
 21Q-3.03. Case Records, Transfer
 21Q-3.004. Minimum Equipment Requirements
 21Q-3.005. Entrance Sign
 21Q-3.05. Names, Designations, And Office Signs
 21Q-3.06. Licenses
 21Q-3.006. - - - - Licensees And Signs In Office
 21Q-3.007. - - - Minimum Procedures For Vision Analysis
 21Q-3.07. Minimum Procedures For Vision Analysis
 21Q-3.08. Unlicensed Practice Of Optometry Prohibited
 21Q-3.008. Unlicensed Practice Of Optometry Prohibited
 21Q-3.009. False, Fraudulent, Deceptive And Misleading Advertising Prohibited; Policy; Definition; Affirmative Disclosure
 21Q-3.09. Advertising
 21Q-3.10. Administrative Code
 21Q-3.010. Standard Of Practice For Licensed Optometrists
 21Q-3.11. Criteria For Selection Of Investigators
 21Q-3.12. Prescriptions
 21Q-3.012. Prescriptions
 21Q-3.013. Emergency Access
 21Q-3.13. Practice Of Optometry In Or On The Premises Of Commercial Or Mercantile Establishment
 21Q-3.015. Performance Of Delegated Tasks By Non-Licensed Peronnel
 21Q-3.016. Control Of Service Hours
 21Q-3.017. Prohibition Of Optometric Non-Competition Clauses
 21Q-3.018. Continuing Responsibility To Patients
 21Q-4.001. Examination Requirements
 21Q-4.01. Examination Requirements
 21Q-4.002. Reexamination
 21Q-4.02. Reexamination
 21Q-4.003. Examination Review Procedure
 21Q-4.004. Manner Of Application
 21Q-4.05. Criteria For Selection Of Examiners
 21Q-4.005. Criteria For Selection Of Examiners
 21Q-4.06. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 21Q-4.07. Application For 1983 Optometry Examination
 21Q-4.008. Notification And Evidence Of Licensure
 21Q-4.010. Examination For Foreign Language Speaking Florida Resident
 21Q-5.01. Hours Requirement
 21Q-5.001. Hours Requirement
 21Q-5.002. Criteria For Approval
 21Q-5.03. Continuing Education Requirements For Inactive Status
 21Q-5.003. - - - Continuing Education Requirements For Inactive Status
 21Q-5.004. Requirement For Instruction On Hiv/Aids
 21Q-6.001. Fees
 21Q-6.01. Fees
 21Q-6.002. - - - Examination Review Fee
 21Q-7.001. - - - Purpose Of Probation Guidelines
 21Q-7.002. Standards For Selection Of Monitors
 21Q-7.003. Guidelines For The Monitoring Practitioner
 21Q-7.004. Final Order Requiring Compensation Of Monitors
 21Q-7.005. - - - - Terms Of Probation
 21Q-7.006. Description Of Supervision
 21Q-7.007. Costs Of Probation
 21Q-7.008. Oversight
 21Q-10.001. - - - - Application For Certification
 21Q-10.002. Administration And Prescription Of Topical Pharmaceutical Agents
 21Q-10.005. Use Of Specific Drugs
 21Q-10.0015. Certified Optometrist Examination
 21Q-11.001. Board Of Optometry - - - Obtaining Inactive Status, Voluntary; Involuntary
 21Q-11.002. Bienial Renweal Of Inactive Status
 21Q-11.003. Reactivation Of Inactive Status
 21Q-15.001. Purpose
 21Q-15.002. Definitions
 21Q-15.003. Range Of Penalties For Administrative Violations
 21Q-15.004. Range Of Penalties For Patient Care Violations
 21Q-15.005. Designation Of Administrative Violations; Major; Minor
 21Q-15.006. Designation Of Patient Care Violations; Major; Minor
 21Q-15.007. Aggravating And Mitigating Factors
 21Q-15.008. - - - Notice Of Noncompliance
 21Q-15.009. Citations
 21Q-16.001. Definitions
 21Q-16.002. Branch Office License
 21Q-16.003. Requirements And Restrictions For Mobile Branch Offices
 21Q-16.004. Requirements And Restrictions For Fixed Branch Offices
 21Q-16.005. Exceptions To Branch Office License Requirements
 21Q-18.002. Formulary Of Topical Ocular Pharmaceutical Agents