22I-1.01. Application Of Rules
 22I-1.02. Definitions
 22I-1.03. Citation
 22I-2.01. Pleadings
 22I-2.02. Petitions
 22I-2.03. Of Administration
 22I-2.04. Who May File A Petition
 22I-2.05. Place For Filing And Hearing
 22I-2.12. Discovery
 22I-2.13. Intervention
 22I-2.14. Joinder Of Parties
 22I-2.15. Witness Subpoenas
 22I-2.17. Pre-Hearing Conference
 22I-2.19. Disobeyance Of Lawful Order
 22I-2.22. Effect Of Entry Of Default
 22I-2.23. Uncontested Proceedings
 22I-2.24. Evidence
 22I-2.25. Official Recognition Of Facts
 22I-2.27. Continuances
 22I-2.28. Recording The Proceedings
 22I-2.29. Notice Of Hearing
 22I-2.30. Recommended Orders
 22I-2.32. Administrative Determinations Of Proposed And Existing Rules
 22I-2.33. Filing Of Petitions For Administrative Determination Of A Rule
 22I-3.01. Requests For Hearing Officers
 22I-3.02. Publication
 22I-3.03. Assistance
 22I-3.04. Appearance At The Hearing
 22I-3.05. Registration
 22I-3.06. Hearing Officer To Preside
 22I-3.07. Report Of Hearing Officer
 22I-3.08. Effect Of Laws And Other Rules
 22I-4.01. Consolidation
 22I-4.02. Reassignment Of Cases
 22I-5.01. General Description Of The Functions Of The Division Of Administrative Hearings
 22I-5.02. Organization Of The Division Of Administrative Hearings
 22I-5.03. General Description Of The Functions Of The Office Of The Clerk
 22I-5.04. General Information
 22I-5.004. General Information
 22I-5.05. Statutory Provisions And Rules
 22I-5.06. Inspection And Copying Of Division Files; Publication Of Division Orders
 22I-5.07. Public Access To Division Proceedings
 22I-5.08. Hearing Officer Vacancies
 22I-5.009. Contract Hearing Officers
 22I-6.01. Applicability
 22I-6.002. Computation Of Time
 22I-6.02. Computation Of Time
 22I-6.003. Filing
 22I-6.03. Filing
 22I-6.04. Initial Pleadings
 22I-6.05. Notice Of Related Cases
 22I-6.06. Bid Protest Proceedings
 22I-6.006. Bid Protest Proceedings
 22I-6.07. Appearances
 22I-6.08. Who May Appear; Criteria For Other Qualified Representatives
 22I-6.09. Standards Of Conduct For Administrative Proceedings
 22I-6.10. Intervention
 22I-6.11. Consolidation
 22I-6.011. Consolidation
 22I-6.12. Joinder Of Parties
 22I-6.13. Disqualification
 22I-6.14. Venue
 22I-6.014. Venue
 22I-6.015. Prehearing Procedure
 22I-6.15. Prehearing Conferences
 22I-6.16. Motions
 22I-6.016. Motions
 22I-6.017. Continuances
 22I-6.17. Continuances
 22I-6.18. Motions To Expedite
 22I-6.19. Motions To Compel Discovery
 22I-6.20. Official Recognition
 22I-6.21. Subpoenas
 22I-6.021. Subpoenas
 22I-6.22. Notice Of Hearing
 22I-6.23. Recordation
 22I-6.24. Conduct Of Proceedings
 22I-6.25. Witnesses
 22I-6.26. Evidence
 22I-6.27. Exhibits
 22I-6.027. Exhibits
 22I-6.28. Challenges To Proposed Rules
 22I-6.29. Discovery In Rule Challenges
 22I-6.30. Summary Final Order
 22I-6.31. Proposed Recommended Orders
 22I-6.32. Corrected Orders
 22I-6.032. Corrected Orders
 22I-6.33. Motion To Relinquish Jurisdiction; Consent Order, Settlement Or Stipulation
 22I-6.34. Failure To Prosecute
 22I-6.034. Failure To Prosecute
 22I-6.035. Small Business Parties&Apos; Attorney&Apos;S Fees &Amp; Costs
 22I-6.35. Small Business Parties&Apos; Attorney&Apos;S Fees And Costs
 22I-6.036. Withdrawal Of Request For Hearing
 22I-6.037. Dismissal Of Administrative Complaint
 22I-7.001. Applicability
 22I-7.002. Computation Of Time
 22I-7.003. Representation By Attorney
 22I-7.004. Filing And Service
 22I-7.005. Initiation Of Arbitration Proceedings
 22I-7.006. Motions And Stipulation To Terminate Assessment Arbitration
 22I-7.007. Assessment Arbitration Panels
 22I-7.008. - - - Ex Parte Communications
 22I-7.009. Disqualification Of Arbitrators
 22I-7.010. Consolidation
 22I-7.011. Discovery
 22I-7.012. Subpoenas
 22I-7.013. - - - Case Management
 22I-7.014. - - - Exhibits
 22I-7.015. - - - Evidence
 22I-7.016. Recordation
 22I-7.017. - - - Venue
 22I-7.018. - - Notice Of Assessment Arbitration
 22I-7.019. - - Continuances
 22I-7.020. - - Informal Assessment Arbitration
 22I-7.021. - - Mandatory Disclosure Before Assessment Arbitration
 22I-7.022. Mandatory Filings For Assessment Arbitration
 22I-7.023. Attorney&Apos;S Fees
 22I-7.024. Arbitration Award
 22I-7.025. - - Assessment Misarbitration
 22I-7.026. Initiation Of Allocation Arbitration Proceedings
 22I-7.027. Motions And Stipulations To Terminate Allocation Arbitration
 22I-7.028. Allocation Arbitration Panels
 22I-7.029. - - Notice Of Allocation Arbitration
 22I-7.030. Informal Allocation Arbitration
 22I-7.031. Mandatory Filings For Allocation Arbitration
 22I-7.032. Allocation Of Financial Responsibility
 22I-7.033. Allocation Misarbitration
 22I-7.034. Arbitrators&Apos; Fees And Costs
 22I-7.035. Sanctions
 22I-8.001. Definitions
 22I-8.002. Purpose And Scope
 22I-8.003. Procurement Goals
 22I-8.004. Procedures