27. Executive Office of the Governor

 27F-1.01. Definitions
 27F-1.02. Comprehensive Development Proposal Approval And Certification Of Regulations
 27F-1.10. Purpose
 27F-1.11. Applicability
 27F-1.12. Public Participation
 27F-1.13. Notices, Agenda, Conduct Of Proceedings
 27F-1.14. Weekly List
 27F-1.15. Guidelines And Standards
 27F-1.16. Binding Letters Of Interpretation
 27F-1.17. Application Procedure
 27F-1.20. General Requirement
 27F-1.21. Notice Of Public Hearing
 27F-1.22. Regional Report And Recommendations
 27F-1.23. Local Development Orders
 27F-1.24. Alternative Review Procedure
 27F-1.27. Ninety Day Notice Reqruiement
 27F-1.30. Areas Of Critical State Concern
 27F-1.31. Forms
 27F-2.013. Application Of Presumptive Thresholds
 27F-2.014. Application Of Banded Thresholds
 27F-2.015. Airports
 27F-2.016. Attractions And Recreation Facilities
 27F-2.017. Hospitals
 27F-2.018. Industrial Plants And Industrial Parks
 27F-2.019. Mining Operations
 27F-2.020. Office Development
 27F-2.021. Petroleum Storage Facilities
 27F-2.022. Port Facilities
 27F-2.023. Residential Developments
 27F-2.024. Schools
 27F-2.025. Retail, Service, And Wholesale
 27F-2.026. Hotel Or Motel Development
 27F-2.027. Recreational Vehicle Development
 27F-2.028. Multi-Use Development
 27F-3.001. Boundary
 27F-7.16. Purpose And Effect
 27F-7.17. Comprehensive Plan
 27F-8.01. (Formerly 22f-8)
 27F-8.02. Boundary
 27F-8.03. Principles For Guiding Development
 27F-8.04. Administration
 27F-9.03. Local Comprehensive Plan
 27F-9.15. Protection Of Waste Treatment Sites
 27F-9.17. Ordinances Incorporated By Reference
 27F-12.015. Resignation Of City Of Key West
 27F-15.01. Purpose
 27F-15.02. Boundary
 27F-15.03. Principles For Guiulding Development
 27F-15.04. Administration
 27F-16.01. Purpose And Effect
 27F-16.02. Comprehensive Plan
 27F-16.03. Land Development Regulations
 27F-17.01. Purpose
 27F-17.02. Boundary
 27F-17.03. Principles For Guiding Development - Environmentally Sensitive Resources
 27F-17.04. Principles For Guiding Develop- Ment - Potable Water And Wastewater Treatment
 27F-17.05. Principles For Guiding Develop- Ment - Capital Improvements Programming
 27F-17.06. Principles For Guiding Develop- Ment - Transportation
 27F-17.07. Administration
 27F-18.001. Purpose
 27F-18.002. Definitions
 27F-18.003. Determination Of Aggregrability
 27F-18.004. Rebuttal Of Presumptions
 27F-18.005. Criteria For Determining Existence Of A Unifed Plan Of Development
 27F-18.006. Application Of Guidelines And Standards
 27F-18.007. Effect On Vested Rights
 27F-18.008. Effect On Approved Developments Of Regional Impact
 27F-18.009. Effective Period