29. Regional Planning Councils

 9I-16.010. Appeals
 29I-1.01. Name And Scope
 29I-1.001. Name And Scope
 29I-1.002. Purpose
 29I-1.02. Purpose
 29I-1.03. Staff Functions; General Description
 29I-1.003. Staff Functions; General Description
 29I-1.004. Council Membership And Appointments, Term Of Service, Vacancies, Removal From Office
 29I-1.04. Council Membership And Appointments, Term Of Service, Vacancies, Removal From Office
 29I-1.05. Officers, Term Duties Committees
 29I-1.005. Officers, Term, Duties, Committees
 29I-1.006. Conduct Of Meetings
 29I-1.06. Conduct Of Meetings
 29I-1.07. Budget And Finances
 29I-1.007. Budget And Finances
 29I-1.008. Responsibilities And Authority
 29I-1.08. Responsibilities And Authority
 29I-1.09. Amendments
 29I-1.009. Amendments
 29I-1.10. Information Requests
 29I-1.010. Information Requests
 29I-2.001. Council Goal
 29I-2.002. Economic Goal
 29I-2.02. Economic Goals
 29I-2.03. Environmental Protection Goal
 29I-2.003. Environmental Protection Goal
 29I-2.004. Housing Goal
 29I-2.05. Land Development Goal
 29I-2.005. Land Development Goal
 29I-2.006. Transportation Goal
 29I-2.06. Transportation Goal
 29I-2.07. Disaster Preparedness
 29I-2.007. Disaster Preparedness
 29I-2.008. Support Services
 29I-2.009. Intergovernmental Coordination
 29I-2.010. Water Resources
 29I-2.011. Energy Conservation Goal
 29I-3.01. Purpose
 29I-3.1. Regional Planning Council
 29I-3.02. Project Component Areas
 29I-3.03. Governor&Apos;S Criminal Justice Advisory Committee For Region Nine
 29I-3.04. Juvenile Justice And Delinquency Prevention Task Force
 29I-3.05. Annual Action Plan
 29I-3.06. Administrative Review Of Committee Recommendations
 29I-3.07. Appeal Of Council Allocation
 29I-4.001. Dri Review Process
 29I-4.01. Dri Review Process
 29I-4.02. Graphic Representation
 29I-4.03. Procedure For Filing An Ada
 29I-4.003. Procedures For Filing An Ada
 29I-4.004. Dri-Ada Form
 29I-4.04. Dri-Ada Form
 29I-4.05. Dri-Ada Submission
 29I-4.005. Dri-Ada Submission
 29I-4.006. Request For Dri Review
 29I-4.007. Dri Review Fee
 29I-4.07. Dri Review Fee
 29I-4.08. Dri Appeal Procedure
 29I-4.009. Conceptual Agency Review
 29I-4.010. Downtown Development Authorities
 29I-4.011. Areawide Development Of Regional Impact
 29I-4.012. Florida&Apos;S Quality Developments Program
 29I-4.013. Review Of Amendments To Development Orders
 29I-4.0081. Master Development Approval Alternative Review Procedure
 29I-5.01. General
 29I-5.02. Classification Of Projects
 29I-5.03. Review Criteria
 29I-5.003. Review Criteria
 29I-5.04. Review Procedures
 29I-6.001. Regional Comprehensive Policy Plan
 29I-6.002. Strategic Regional Policy Plan
 29I-7.001. Purpose
 29I-7.002. Definitions
 29I-7.003. Participation
 29I-7.004. Costs
 29I-7.005. Time Frames
 29I-7.006. Administrative Protocols
 29I-7.007. Public Notice, Records, And Confidentiality
 29I-7.008. Pre-Initiation Meeting
 29I-7.009. Situation Assessment
 29I-7.010. Initiation Of The Process By Jurisdictions
 29I-7.011. Requests To Initiate Submitted By Others
 29I-7.012. Settlement Meetings
 29I-7.013. Mediation
 29I-7.014. Advisory Decision-Making
 29I-7.015. Form Of Agreements
 29I-7.016. Other Dispute Resolution Processes