2A-1.001. Purpose
 2A-1.002. Agency Organization And Operations
 2A-1.003. Confidentiality Of Claims
 2A-1.004. General Information
 2A-2.0001. Definitions
 2A-2.001. Definitions
 2A-2.002. Victim Compensation Claims
 2A-2.003. Eligibility
 2A-2.004. Types Of Awards
 2A-2.005. Award Distribution
 2A-2.006. Notice Of Claim Action
 2A-2.007. Reconsideration
 2A-2.008. Appeals
 2A-2.009. Types And Limitations Of Benefits
 2A-2.010. Payments
 2A-2.011. Emergency Award
 2A-2.012. Subrogation
 2A-2.013. Property Claims
 2A-2.014. Domestic Violence Relocation Assistance
 2A-2.015. Sexual Battery Relocation Assistance
 2A-2.016. Human Trafficking Relocation Assistance
 2A-2.017. Forms
 2A-2.018. Emergency Responder Death Benefits
 2A-3.001. Definitions
 2A-3.002. Applicant And Payment Procedures
 2A-3.003. Payments
 2A-4.001. Purpose
 2A-4.002. Definitions
 2A-4.003. Registration Of Districts
 2A-4.004. Allocation Of Planning Grants
 2A-4.005. Application Procedures: Threshold Criteria And Rejection Criteria
 2A-4.006. Application Procedures: Selection Criteria And Scoring And Ranking Guidelines
 2A-4.007. Disbursements
 2A-4.008. Plan Review
 2A-4.009. Comprehensive Plan
 2A-4.010. Capital Improvement Funding Within Enterprise Zones
 2A-4.011. Appeals
 2A-4.012. Purpose
 2A-5.001. Purpose
 2A-5.002. Definitions
 2A-5.003. General Provisions
 2A-5.004. Application For Preemption Exemption
 2A-5.005. Minimum Safety Standards For Convenience Businesses
 2A-5.006. Application Procedure And Criteria For Silent Alarm Exemption
 2A-5.007. Options For Tier Ii Convenience Businesses
 2A-5.008. Notice Of Exemption From Required Options For Tier Ii Convenience Businesses
 2A-5.009. Training Of Employees
 2A-5.010. Procedure For Employee Curriculum Approval
 2A-5.011. Enforcement
 2A-5.012. Local Agreements
 2A-6.001. Purpose And Scope
 2A-6.002. Abbreviations And Definitions
 2A-6.003. Victim Assistance Programs
 2A-6.004. The Grant Review Committee
 2A-6.005. Notice Of Availability
 2A-6.006. Submission Of Proposals
 2A-6.007. Protest
 2A-6.008. Procedure For Applicants To Follow Upon Receipt Of Notice That The Division Has Made A Decision On The Proposal Submitted By The Applicant
 2A-6.009. Eligibility Requirements
 2A-6.010. Criteria For Evaluating And Funding Eligible Proposals
 2A-6.015. Proposal Submitted By Programs Operated By Governmental Agencies And Units Of State And Local Government
 2A-7.001. Definitions
 2A-7.002. Application And Certification Process
 2A-7.003. Responsibility Of State And Local Agencies And Governmental Entities
 2A-7.004. Certification Renewal
 2A-7.005. Certification Withdrawal, Invalidation, Expiration, And Cancellation
 2A-7.006. Information Release To Law Enforcement Agency
 2A-7.007. Agency Use Of Designated Address And Agency Exemption Request
 2A-7.008. Service Of Process
 2A-7.009. Maintaining Protected Records Voter Information
 2A-7.0021. Eligibility
 2A-7.0022. Application Process
 2A-7.0023. Participant Responsibilities
 2A-7.0024. Applicant Assistant Duties And Responsibilities
 2A-8.001. Scope
 2A-8.002. Definitions
 2A-8.003. Ability To Pay Benefits
 2A-8.004. Designation Of Beneficiary Or Beneficiaries
 2A-8.005. Adjustments To Reflect Consumer Price Index
 2A-9.001. Definitions
 2A-9.002. Grant Eligibility
 2A-9.003. Grant Application
 2A-9.004. Funding Requirements
 2A-9.005. General Requirements
 2A-9.006. Programmatic And Reimbursement Requirements
 2A-9.007. Unused Funds
 2A-9.008. Crime Watch Programs