30. Regional Transportation Authorities

 30B-1.003. Composition
 30B-1.03. Membership, Officers And Duties
 30B-1.004. Officers Of The Authority
 30B-1.005. Management
 30B-1.015. Composition
 30B-1.0015. Purpose
 30B-1.021. Main Office
 30B-1.023. Applicable Laws And Regulations
 30B-1.025. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 30B-1.026. Authority Clerk
 30B-1.027. Final Order Index
 30B-1.033. Public Meetings Access
 30B-1.034. Financial Matters
 30B-1.035. Conflicts In Rules
 30B-2.001. Scheduling Of Meetings And Workshops
 30B-2.002. Notice Of Meeting Or Workshop
 30B-2.003. Agenda Of Meetings And Workshops
 30B-2.004. Emergency Meetings
 30B-3.001. General
 30B-3.002. Model Rules
 30B-7.001. Scope And Purpose
 30B-7.002. General
 30B-7.003. Authority Adopts The Provisions Of The Florida Consultants&Apos; Competitive Negotiation Act
 30B-7.004. Procurement Of Contractual Services
 30B-7.005. Adoption Of Fdot Procedures For Bidding Procedures
 30B-7.006. Records Maintenance
 30B-7.007. Competitive Bidding Procedures Adopted By Reference (Member Local Governments; Fdot Requirements)
 30B-7.008. Buy American Compliance
 30B-7.009. Small Minority, And Women&Apos;S Business Policies
 30B-7.010. Disposition Of Surplus Property
 30B-7.011. Bid Protest Procedures
 30B-7.012. Purchase Or Lease
 30B-7.013. Integrity Of Public Contracting
 30B-7.014. Debarment
 30B-9.001. Farebox Recovery
 30B-9.002. Fare Structure
 30B-9.003. Public Hearings Regarding Fare Changes
 30B-9.004. Fares
 30B-9.005. Fares For Intergovernmental Services
 30B-9.006. Special Services
 30B-10.001. Application For Employment
 30B-10.002. Alcohol And Drug Abuse Policy
 30B-11.001. Disciplinary Standards Policy
 30B-11.002. Grievance Procedures Policy
 30B-11.003. Discrimination And Sexual Harassment Complaints
 30B-11.004. Gratuities, Outside Employment And Provileged Information
 30B-12.001. Application Procedures
 30B-13.001. Scope And Purpose
 30B-13.002. Job Qualifications And Descriptions
 30B-14.001. Definition
 30B-14.002. Purpose
 30B-14.003. Smoking Areas
 30B-14.004. Actions By Authority Officials And Employees
 30B-14.005. Specific Areas
 30B-15.001. Overtime Policy
 30B-15.002. Selection Standards
 30B-15.003. Affirmative Action In Equal Employment Opportunity
 30B-15.004. Upward Mobility Program
 30B-16.001. Purpose
 30B-16.002. Compliance Required
 30B-16.003. Preparation Test Required
 30B-16.004. Vehicle Declared Out Of Service
 30B-16.005. Preventive Maintenance Inspection
 30B-19.001. Scope And Purpose
 30B-19.002. Prohibited Situations
 30B-20.001. Competitive Contracting For Public Transit Services
 30B-21.001. Purpose
 30B-21.002. Composition
 30B-21.003. Executive Director
 30B-21.004. Management
 30B-21.005. Accountability
 30B-22.001. Authority
 30B-22.002. Purpose
 30B-22.003. Orange-Seminole-Osceola Transportation Authority
 30B-22.004. Final Order Indexed
 30B-22.005. Listing Of Final Orders
 30B-22.006. Numbering Of Final Orders
 30B-22.007. System For Indexing Final Orders
 30B-22.008. Maintenance Of Records
 30B-22.009. Plan
 30B-22.010. Format For Final Order