33C-1.001. Scope And Purpose
 33C-1.002. Definitions
 33C-1.003. Organization Of The Correctional Education School Authority
 33C-1.005. Rules: Adoption And Authority
 33C-1.006. Officers; Election, Duties
 33C-1.007. Authorized Officers Headquarters
 33C-1.008. Meetings
 33C-1.009. Meetings, Hearings And Workshops By Means Of Telephone Conference Calls And Other Communications Media Technology
 33C-1.010. Agenda
 33C-1.011. Appearances Before The Board
 33C-1.012. Committees
 33C-1.013. Board Minutes
 33C-1.014. Liaison
 33C-1.015. Director
 33C-1.018. Inter-Agency Support
 33C-1.019. Liability Of The Board Of Correctional Education
 33C-1.020. Seal
 33C-1.021. Conflict Of Interest Policy
 33C-1.023. Organizational Chart
 33C-2.101. Scope And Purpose
 33C-2.102. Definitions
 33C-2.103. Rules Adoption By Reference
 33C-2.104. Equal Employment Opportunity Statement
 33C-2.201. Scope And Purpose
 33C-2.202. Statement Of Policy
 33C-2.203. Position Classifications And Specification
 33C-2.204. Position Descriptions
 33C-2.205. Assignment Of Supervisor, Coordinator, Or Leadworker Duties
 33C-2.206. Types Of Appointments
 33C-2.207. Determining Salary Upon Appointment
 33C-2.208. Increases To Base Rate Of Pay
 33C-2.209. Salary Additives
 33C-2.210. Reduction In Pay
 33C-2.211. Downward Salary Range Adjustments
 33C-2.212. Pay For Less Than Full-Time Employment
 33C-2.213. Computation Of Hourly Rates Of Pay
 33C-2.214. Overlap In Position
 33C-2.215. Pay For Overtime Work
 33C-2.216. Processing Of Pay Changes
 33C-2.217. Effective Date Of Salary Changes
 33C-2.218. Payroll Correction Due To Clerical Errors
 33C-2.219. Guaranteed Salary Provisions
 33C-2.220. Administrative And Professional Employees Pay Plan
 33C-2.221. Classified Employees Pay Plan
 33C-2.222. Instructional Employees Pay Plan
 33C-2.301. Procedures For Employing Cesa Staff
 33C-2.302. General Employment Practices
 33C-2.303. Nepotism
 33C-2.304. Supplemental Or Dual Employment
 33C-2.305. Continuous Service
 33C-2.306. Creditable Service
 33C-2.307. Holidays And Other Authorized Activities
 33C-2.308. Use Of Leave
 33C-2.309. Appointments, Transfers, Reassignments, Promotion And Demotion Appointments
 33C-2.310. Reduction In Personnel
 33C-2.311. Recall
 33C-2.312. In-Service Training
 33C-2.313. Appeals To The Board Of Correctional Education
 33C-2.314. Employee Discipline
 33C-2.315. Suspension; Dismissal
 33C-2.316. Predetermination Procedures; Notice, Form, Delivery
 33C-2.317. Resignations
 33C-2.318. Abandonment Of Position
 33C-2.319. Political Activities
 33C-2.320. Grievance Procedure
 33C-2.321. Overtime Compensation
 33C-2.401. Applicability Of Part Iv
 33C-2.403. Attendance And Leave
 33C-2.404. Employee Performance Appraisals
 33C-2.405. Managerial Employees
 33C-2.406. Managerial Performance Appraisals
 33C-2.407. Transition Provision
 33C-2.408. Reappointments To Previously Held Positions/Classes
 33C-2.501. Certification Requirements
 33C-2.502. Beginning Teacher Program
 33C-2.503. Substitute/Part-Time Teachers
 33C-2.504. Instructor Evaluation
 33C-2.505. Permanent Status For Instructional Employees
 33C-2.506. Layoff
 33C-2.507. Leave
 33C-2.508. Hours Of Work
 33C-2.509. Instructional Calendar
 33C-2.510. Transition Provisions
 33C-2.601. Applicability
 33C-2.602. Leave
 33C-2.603. Employee Performance Appraisals
 33C-2.604. Transition Provisions
 33C-2.701. Statement Of Policy
 33C-2.702. Employee Records
 33C-2.703. Attendance And Leave Records
 33C-2.704. Transition Provisions