38. Department of Labor and Employment Security

 38I-10.001. Purpose
 38I-10.002. Definitions
 38I-10.003. Workplace Safety And Health Standards
 38I-10.004. Safety And Health Consultations
 38I-10.005. Notice Of Availability Of Safety And Health Consultation Services
 38I-10.006. Scheduling Of Safety And Health Consultations
 38I-10.007. Safety And Health Consultation Reports
 38I-10.008. Program Submission And Approval
 38I-10.009. Qualifications Of Safety And Health Consultants
 38I-10.010. Contract Safety Services
 38I-10.011. Annual Report - Safety And Health Program Consultations
 38I-10.012. Employer Comprehensive Safety And Health Program
 38I-10.013. Criteria For Identifying Employers With A High Frequency Or Severity Of Injuries
 38I-10.014. Civil Penalties
 38I-15.001. Purpose And Scope
 38I-15.002. Definitions
 38I-15.003. Identification Of High Frequency Employer Groups
 38I-15.004. Notification Of High Frequency Employer Groups To Carriers
 38I-15.005. Employer Group Programs
 38I-15.006. Development Of Employer Group Programs
 38I-15.007. Distribution Of Employer Group Programs
 38I-15.008. Updates To Employer Group Programs
 38I-15.009. Employer-Inplemented Programs; Responsibilities Of Employers And Employees
 38I-15.010. Carrier Inspections Of Employers; Reports
 38I-15.011. Notice Of Carrier Requirements
 38I-15.012. Carrier Consultations
 38I-15.013. Notice Of Availability Of Carrier Consultations
 38I-15.014. Annual Report
 38I-15.015. Contract Safety And Health Services
 38I-15.016. Employer Loss Experience Reports; Carriers And Carrier Organizations
 38I-15.017. Employer Evaluation By The Division; Notice Of Violation
 38I-15.018. Right Of Entry
 38I-15.019. Carrier Compliance
 38I-15.098. Administrative Action; Carriers
 38I-15.099. Penalties
 38I-17.001. Purpose And Scope
 38I-17.002. Definitions
 38I-17.003. Essential Requirements For A Safety Program
 38I-17.004. A Typical Written Safety Program
 38I-17.005. Client Employer Training Requirements Of Help Supply Services Company Employees
 38I-17.006. Disputes Regarding Employer Eligibility
 38I-17.007. A Typical Written Safety Program
 38I-17.008. Notice Of Availability Of Premium Credit
 38I-17.009. Right Of Entry
 38I-17.097. Carrier Compliance
 38I-17.098. Fraudulent Acts And Statements
 38I-17.100. Effective Date
 38I-17.200. Effective Date
 38I-20.001. Purpose And Scope
 38I-20.002. Definitions
 38I-20.003. General Industry Safety And Health Standards
 38I-20.004. Construction Industry Safety And Health Standands
 38I-20.005. Occupational Safety And Health Standards For Agriculture
 38I-20.007. Marine Terminals
 38I-20.008. Reference To Director, Division Of Safety
 38I-20.009. Purpose And Scope
 38I-20.010. Definitions
 38I-20.011. General Requirements
 38I-20.012. Oxygen Deficient Atmospheres
 38I-20.013. Explosive Or Flammable Atmospheres
 38I-20.014. Poisonous Or Toxic Atmospheres
 38I-20.015. Scope
 38I-20.016. Applicable Requirements
 38I-20.017. Construction Of Hoistway And Hoistway Enclosures
 38I-20.018. Guides, Rackgears, Brackets, Supports And Fastenings
 38I-20.019. Car Buffers
 38I-20.020. Counterweights
 38I-20.021. Car Frames And Platforms
 38I-20.022. Car Enclosures
 38I-20.023. Car Gates, Doors And Electric Contacts
 38I-20.024. Car Safeties And Governors
 38I-20.025. Capacity And Loadiing
 38I-20.026. Driving Machines, Sheaves,Drums And Rackgears
 38I-20.027. Terminal Stopping Devices
 38I-20.028. Operating Devices And Control Equipment
 38I-20.029. Hoisting And Counterwieghts Ropes And Rope Connections
 38I-20.030. Application For Certification Tests, Certificate Inspection And Maintenance
 38I-20.031. Hoisting Speeds
 38I-20.032. Use Of Hoist For Carrying Materials
 38I-20.033. Temporary Use Of Permanent Elevators
 38I-20.034. Penalties
 38I-20.035. Hazardous Atmospheres In Confined Spaces
 38I-20.036. Construction And Operation Of Personnel Hoists
 38I-20.037. Occupational Safety And Health Standards For Shipyard Employment
 38I-20.038. Occupational Safety And Health Regulations For Longshoring
 38I-20.097. Division Investigations Of Employers; Notice Of Violation
 38I-20.098. Right Of Entry
 38I-20.099. Penalties; Enforcement
 38I-20.100. Effective Date
 38I-30.001. Purpose
 38I-30.006. Material Safety Data Sheets
 38I-30.007. Proof Of Diligent Efforts
 38I-30.008. Employee Refusal To Work
 38I-30.009. Referral To The Secretary Of Denials To Release Trade Secret Information To Health Professionals
 38I-30.010. Penalties
 38I-30.011. Employee Education And Training
 38I-40.001. Purpose
 38I-40.002. Definitions
 38I-40.005. Review And Approval Of Current Operation And Maintenance Plans Implemented Prior To January 1, 1989
 38I-40.006. Collection Of Information Concerning Completed Asbestos Abatement Work
 38I-40.007. Standardization Of Asbestos Management Activities
 38I-40.008. Completion Of Asbestos Surveys
 38I-40.009. Preparation And Implementation Of Asbestos Operation And Maintenance Plans
 38I-40.013. Regional Asbestos Program Managers
 38I-40.014. Training Requirements
 38I-40.015. Safety And Health Requirements
 38I-40.017. Asbestos Surveyor Certification Renewal
 38I-40.018. Revocation Or Suspension Of Asbestos Surveyor Certificate
 38I-40.019. Unsatisfactory Survey Performance By A Certified Surveyor
 38I-50.001. Purpose And Scope
 38I-50.002. Definitions
 38I-50.003. Notice Of Death Reports
 38I-50.004. Record Of Death
 38I-60.001. Purpose And Scope
 38I-60.002. Definitions
 38I-60.003. Preemption By Federal Law
 38I-60.004. Right Of Entry
 38I-60.005. Division Investigation
 38I-60.006. Imminent Danger
 38I-60.007. General Obligations Of Employers
 38I-60.008. Poster
 38I-60.009. Employee Rights And Responsibilities
 38I-60.010. Employer Responsibilities
 38I-60.011. Personal Protective Equipment
 38I-60.012. Poster
 38I-60.090. Recordkeeping Responsibilities Of Public Sector Employers
 38I-60.095. Notice Of Violation
 38I-60.096. Safety Training
 38I-60.098. Fraudulent Acts And Statements; Penalty
 38I-60.099. Penalties
 38I-60.100. Request For Formal Or Informal Proceeding
 38I-74.001. Purpose And Scope
 38I-74.002. Definitions
 38I-74.003. Employer Requirements
 38I-74.004. Duties And Functions Of The Safety Committee And Workplace Safety Coordinator
 38I-74.005. Committees That Meet Or Exceed Act Requirements
 38I-74.006. Employer Evaluation By The Division
 38I-74.099. Penalties