38. Department of Labor and Employment Security

 38J-1.001. Delivery From Third Parties
 38J-1.002. Definitions
 38J-1.003. Right To Make Informed Choice
 38J-1.004. Division Services - General
 38J-1.005. Additional Requirements For Providing Certain Service
 38J-1.006. Division Decisions And Appeal Procedures
 38J-1.007. Case Closure Due To Individual&Apos;S Actions
 38J-1.008. Destruction Of Records
 38J-1.009. Forms And Documents
 38J-1.010. Forms Referenced In These Rules
 38J-2.001. Referral To The Division
 38J-2.002. Application For Services
 38J-2.003. Assignment To A District And Counselor
 38J-2.004. Transfer Of Individual To Another District Or Unit
 38J-2.005. Providers Of Services
 38J-2.006. Authorization Of Services
 38J-2.007. Financial Need
 38J-2.008. Comparable Services And Benefits
 38J-2.009. Use Of Medical, Dental, And Psychological Consultants
 38J-2.010. Representatives, Parents And Guardians
 38J-3.001. Purpose
 38J-3.002. Initial Interview
 38J-3.003. Preliminary Assessment
 38J-3.004. Comprehensive Assessment
 38J-3.005. Determinations Made By The Social Security Administration
 38J-3.006. Eligibility Determinations
 38J-4.001. Certification Of Eligibility For Extended Evaluation
 38J-4.002. Extended Evaluation Plans (&Quot;Eep&Quot;)
 38J-4.003. Required Reviews Of Progress
 38J-4.004. Termination Of Extended Evaluation
 38J-5.001. Independent Living Program
 38J-6.001. Requirements Of The Rehabilitation Act
 38J-6.002. Determination Of Severity Of Disability
 38J-6.003. Order Of Selection
 38J-6.004. The Order Of Selection For Services
 38J-6.005. Placement In A Category Of Selection Not Open For Services
 38J-7.001. General Requirements Of Iwrp
 38J-7.002. Required Reviews Of The Iwrp
 38J-7.003. Coordination With Education Agencies
 38J-7.004. Amendments To The Iwrp
 38J-8.001. Rehabilitation Services - General
 38J-8.002. Assessment For Determining Eligibility And Vocational Rehabilitation Needs
 38J-8.003. Counseling And Guidance
 38J-8.004. Physical And Mental Restoration
 38J-8.005. Vocational And Other Training Services
 38J-8.006. Maintenance
 38J-8.007. Transportation
 38J-8.008. Occupational Tools, Equipment And Supplies
 38J-8.009. Occupational Licenses
 38J-8.010. Small Business Enterprise
 38J-8.011. Interpreter Services, Telecommunications And Other Technological Aids
 38J-8.012. Supported Employment Services
 38J-8.013. Other Goods And Services
 38J-8.014. Transitional Services
 38J-8.015. Personal Assistance Services
 38J-8.016. Services To Family Members
 38J-8.017. Rehabilitation Technology
 38J-8.018. Placement And Follow-Up Services
 38J-8.019. Post-Employment Services
 38J-9.001. General Information
 38J-9.002. Rehabilitation
 38J-9.003. Other Considerations When Closing An Individual&Apos;S Case As Rehabilitated
 38J-9.004. Ineligibility Determination
 38J-9.005. Closure Without Eligibility Determination
 38J-9.006. Closure For Other Reasons
 38J-10.001. Standards For Persons Providing Service
 38J-10.002. Standards For Community Rehabilitation Programs
 38J-10.003. Standards For Hospitals Providing Services
 38J-10.004. Compensation For Vr Services
 38J-10.005. Tdd Standards For Public Safety And Health Care Providers