38. Department of Labor and Employment Security

 38K-1.001. Scope And Purpose
 38K-1.002. Definitions
 38K-1.003. Establishment Of Vending Facilities
 38K-1.004. Issuance Of License
 38K-1.005. Vending Facility Training Program
 38K-1.006. Access To Vending Facility Program And Financial Information
 38K-1.007. Set-Aside Funds
 38K-1.008. Transfer And Promotion Of Vendors
 38K-1.009. The State Committee Of Vendors
 38K-1.010. Operator License Agreement
 38K-1.011. Duties And Responsibilities Of The Division Of Blind Services
 38K-1.013. Incorporation By Reference
 38K-1.017. Definitions
 38K-1.018. Organization
 38K-1.019. State Registry Of Blind Persons
 38K-1.020. Advisory Council For The Blind
 38K-1.022. Retention Of Title To Equipment
 38K-1.031. Scope And Purpose
 38K-1.032. Definitions
 38K-1.034. Referrals And Applicants
 38K-1.038. Standards And Fees For Vocational Rehabilitation Services
 38K-1.0041. Conditions For Removal From A Facility; Suspension Or Revocation Of License
 38K-1.0042. Emergency Removal Of A Vendor From A Vending Facility
 38K-1.0043. Grievance Procedure
 38K-1.0044. Announcement Of Facility Vacancies
 38K-1.0045. Application And Selection
 38K-1.050. Transportation
 38K-1.051. Exit Review Panel
 38K-1.062. Definitions
 38K-1.063. Description Of Services Provided By The Medical And Social Services Program
 38K-1.064. Referrals And Applicants To The Medical And Social Services Program
 38K-1.065. Eligibility Determination For The Medical And Social Services Program
 38K-1.066. Economic Need Policy For The Medical And Social Services Program
 38K-1.067. The Individualized Plan For Medical And Social Rehabilitation
 38K-1.068. Standards And Fees For Medical And Social Services Program