49. Regional Utility Authorities

 49B-1.007. Agency Description
 49B-1.008. Registered Office, Office Hours And Copies Of Documents
 49B-1.011. Delegation Of Authority By The Board Of Directors
 49B-1.013. Designation Of Agency Clerk And Official Reporter
 49B-1.014. General
 49B-1.015. Notice Of Meeting Or Workshop
 49B-1.016. Agenda Of Meetings Or Workshops
 49B-1.017. Emergency Meeting
 49B-1.018. Voting
 49B-1.019. General
 49B-1.020. Commencement Of Proceedings
 49B-1.021. Notice Of Proceeding And The Proposed Rules
 49B-1.022. Content Of Notice
 49B-1.023. Petitions To Initiate Rulemaking Proceedings
 49B-1.024. Agency Action On Petitions To Initiate Rulemaking Proceedings
 49B-1.025. Rulemaking Materials
 49B-1.026. Rulemaking Proceeding - No Hearing
 49B-1.027. Rulemaking Proceeding - Hearing
 49B-1.028. Incorporation By Reference
 49B-1.029. Emergency Rule Adoption
 49B-1.030. General
 49B-1.031. Purpose And Use Of Declaratory Statement
 49B-1.032. Agency Disposition
 49B-1.033. General
 49B-1.034. Presiding Officer
 49B-1.035. Computation Of Time
 49B-1.036. Parties
 49B-1.037. Appearances
 49B-1.038. Consolidation
 49B-1.039. Joinder Of Parties
 49B-1.040. Disqualification
 49B-1.041. Service Of Papers
 49B-1.042. Agency Investigations
 49B-1.043. Point Of Entry Into Proceedings
 49B-1.044. Initiation Of Formal Proceedings
 49B-1.045. Amendment Of Petitions
 49B-1.046. Answer
 49B-1.047. Motions
 49B-1.048. Motions In Opposition To Petition
 49B-1.049. Prehearing Conference
 49B-1.050. Intervention
 49B-1.051. Discovery
 49B-1.052. Notice Of Hearing
 49B-1.053. Continuances
 49B-1.054. Dismissal And Default
 49B-1.055. Subpoenas
 49B-1.056. Witness Fees
 49B-1.057. Witnesses
 49B-1.058. Evidence
 49B-1.059. Recordation
 49B-1.060. Post-Hearing Memoranda
 49B-1.061. Recommended Order
 49B-1.062. Motions For Rehearing Or Reconsideration
 49B-1.063. Exceptions To Recommended Order
 49B-1.064. Final Orders
 49B-1.065. Informal Proceedings
 49B-1.066. Submission Of Evidence
 49B-1.067. Final Order
 49B-1.068. Informal Dispute Resolution
 49B-1.069. 57, Fs
 49B-1.0131. Public Information And Inspection And Copying Of Records
 49B-2.001. Scope And Purpose
 49B-2.002. Definitions
 49B-2.003. Classification Plan
 49B-2.004. Pay Plan
 49B-2.005. Salary Changes
 49B-2.006. Overtime
 49B-2.007. Compensatory Time
 49B-2.008. Dual Employment
 49B-2.009. Hours&Apos; Work
 49B-2.010. Holidays
 49B-2.011. Annual Leave
 49B-2.012. Leave Other Than Annual And Sick Leave
 49B-2.013. Sick Leave
 49B-2.014. Grievances
 49B-2.015. Employee Records
 49B-2.016. Attendance And Leave Records
 49B-2.017. Probationary Period
 49B-2.018. Evaluation File
 49B-2.019. Equal Employment Opportunity
 49B-2.020. Scope And Purpose
 49B-2.021. Statement Of Policy
 49B-2.022. Administration Of Plan
 49B-2.023. Class Specifications
 49B-2.024. Statement Of Policy
 49B-2.025. Salary Advancement
 49B-2.026. Merit Salary Advancement
 49B-2.027. Promotion
 49B-2.028. Upward Pay Adjustment
 49B-2.029. Statement Of Policy
 49B-2.030. Procedure
 49B-2.031. Statement Of Policies
 49B-2.032. Complaint Processing
 49B-2.033. Statement Of Policies
 49B-2.034. Disciplinary Action
 49B-2.035. Standards Of Conduct
 49B-2.036. Discharge
 49B-2.037. Hearings
 49B-2.038. Personnel Rule Manual Incorporated By Reference
 49B-3.001. Procedures For Contracting For Professional Services
 49B-3.002. Procedures For Resolving Contract Bid Disputes
 49B-3.003. Purchasing Policy And Procedures Manual Incorporated By Reference
 49B-3.004. Procedures For The Award Of Design-Build Contracts
 49B-3.005. Well Mitigation Policy