55. Department of Veterans' Affairs

 55A-1.001. Purpose
 55A-1.002. Eligibility
 55A-1.003. Procedure
 55A-1.004. Unlawful Display Or Use
 55A-3.001. Purpose
 55A-3.002. Application
 55A-3.003. Temporary Status
 55A-3.004. Veteran Service Officer Qualifications
 55A-3.005. County And City Veteran Service Officer Training Courses
 55A-3.006. Continuing Certification
 55A-3.007. Failure To Attend Training Refresher Course
 55A-3.008. Form Of Certification
 55A-3.009. Accreditation To United States Department Of Veterans&Apos; Affairs
 55A-5.001. Purpose
 55A-5.002. Definitions
 55A-5.003. Adoption Of Federal Standards
 55A-5.004. State Approval Of Educational Courses
 55A-5.005. State Approval Of Training On The Job
 55A-5.006. State Approval Of Apprenticeship Program
 55A-5.007. Training Agreement
 55A-5.008. Supervisory Inspection Review
 55A-5.009. Application Forms For Educational Institutions
 55A-5.010. Application Forms For Training On The Job Programs
 55A-5.011. Application Forms For Apprenticeship Programs
 55A-5.012. Form For Training Agreement
 55A-7.001. Purpose
 55A-7.002. Statement Of Legislative Intent
 55A-7.003. Definitions
 55A-7.004. Covered Employers
 55A-7.005. Covered Positions
 55A-7.007. General Eligibility For Appointment And Retention Preference
 55A-7.008. Persons Eligible For Appointment And Retention Preference
 55A-7.009. Announcements, Applications And Due Process
 55A-7.010. Employment Preference When Using A Numerically Based Selection Process
 55A-7.011. Employment Preference When Numerically Based Selection Process Is Not Used
 55A-7.012. Procedures For Commencement And Expiration Of Preference
 55A-7.013. Documentation Of Preference Claim
 55A-7.014. Notice And Documentation By Employer
 55A-7.015. Preference In Retention
 55A-7.016. Enforcement Of Preference
 55A-7.017. Administrative Review
 55A-7.0111. Reinstatement Or Reemployment; Promotion Preference