58. Department of Elder Affairs

 58A-1.001. Definitions
 58A-1.002. Department Duties Under The Older Americans Act
 58A-1.003. Department Assistance To The Advisory Council
 58A-1.004. Responsibilities Of The Department Of Elder Affairs As The State Unit On Aging
 58A-1.005. Designation Of Area Agencies On Aging
 58A-1.006. The Area Agency On Aging&Apos;S Area Plan
 58A-1.007. Area Agency On Aging Functions And Responsibilities
 58A-1.008. Service Providers Under The Area Plan
 58A-1.009. Confidentiality And Disclosure Of Information
 58A-1.010. Program Forms
 58A-1.0051. Procedures For Rescinding Designation Of An Area Agency On Aging
 58A-2.001. Purpose
 58A-2.002. Definitions
 58A-2.003. License Requirements
 58A-2.004. Licensure Procedure
 58A-2.005. Administration Of The Hospice
 58A-2.006. Administrative Officer
 58A-2.007. Administrative Policies And Practices
 58A-2.009. Coordinated Care Program
 58A-2.010. Quality Assurance And Utilization Review (Quar)/Quality Assessment And Performance Improvement (Qapi) Committee And Plan
 58A-2.012. Program Reporting Requirements
 58A-2.013. Ratio Of Inpatient To Home-Care Services
 58A-2.014. Medical Direction
 58A-2.015. Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling Services
 58A-2.016. Counseling And Social Services
 58A-2.017. Volunteer Services
 58A-2.018. Bereavement Services
 58A-2.019. Nutritional Services
 58A-2.024. Physical Plant Requirements (Inpatient Unit)
 58A-2.025. Physical Plant Requirements (Inpatient Facility And Unit)
 58A-2.026. Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
 58A-2.027. Hospice Employee Training Requirements
 58A-2.028. Hospice Training Provider And Curriculum Approval
 58A-2.0141. Nursing Services
 58A-2.0232. Advance Directives
 58A-2.0236. Residential Units
 58A-4.001. Nursing Home Employee Training Requirements
 58A-4.002. Nursing Home Training Provider And Curriculum Approval
 58A-5.013. Purpose
 58A-5.014. Licensing And Change Of Ownership
 58A-5.015. License Renewal And Conditional Licenses
 58A-5.016. License Requirements
 58A-5.019. Staffing Standards
 58A-5.020. Food Service Standards
 58A-5.021. Fiscal Standards
 58A-5.022. Facility Maintenance And Housekeeping Standards
 58A-5.023. Physical Plant Standards
 58A-5.024. Records
 58A-5.025. Resident Contracts
 58A-5.026. Emergency Management
 58A-5.028. Subsidy
 58A-5.029. Limited Mental Health
 58A-5.030. Extended Congregate Care Services
 58A-5.031. Limited Nursing Services
 58A-5.033. Administrative Enforcement
 58A-5.035. Waivers
 58A-5.036. Emergency Environmental Control For Assisted Living Facilities
 58A-5.0131. Definitions
 58A-5.0161. Inspection Responsibilities
 58A-5.0181. Admission Procedures, Appropriateness Of Placement And Continued Residency Criteria
 58A-5.0182. Resident Care Standards
 58A-5.0183. Reports Of Abuse, Neglect And Exploitation In Facilities
 58A-5.0184. Marketing; Rebates Prohibited
 58A-5.0185. Medication Practices
 58A-5.0186. Do Not Resuscitate Orders (Dnros)
 58A-5.0191. Staff Training Requirements And Competency Test
 58A-5.0194. Alzheimer&Apos;S Disease Or Related Disorders Training Provider And Curriculum Approval
 58A-5.0221. Water Supply
 58A-5.0222. Sewage
 58A-5.0223. Garbage And Rubbish
 58A-5.0241. Adverse Incident Report
 58A-5.0242. Liability Claim Report
 58A-6.001. Purpose
 58A-6.002. Definitions
 58A-6.003. Licensure Application Procedures
 58A-6.004. Unlicensed Centers
 58A-6.005. Closing Of A Center
 58A-6.006. Governing Authority, Administration And Staffing
 58A-6.007. Participant Care Standards
 58A-6.008. Program Requirements
 58A-6.009. Basic Services
 58A-6.010. Supportive And Optional Services
 58A-6.011. Participant And Program Data, Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
 58A-6.012. Fiscal Standards
 58A-6.013. Physical Plant, Sanitary Conditions, Housekeeping Standards And Maintenance
 58A-6.014. Administrative Enforcement
 58A-6.015. Adult Day Care Center Staff Training Requirements
 58A-6.016. Adult Day Care Center Training Provider And Curriculum Approval
 58A-6.0051. Change Of Owner Or Operator; Marketing
 58A-6.0151. Specialized Alzheimer&Apos;S Services Adult Day Care Center Staff Training Requirements
 58A-8.001. Alzheimer&Apos;S Disease And Related Disorders (Adrd) Training Requirements
 58A-8.002. Adrd Training Provider And Curriculum Approval
 58A-14.001. Purpose
 58A-14.002. Definitions
 58A-14.003. License Application, Renewal And Conditional Licenses
 58A-14.004. License Requirements
 58A-14.005. License Denial Or Revocation
 58A-14.006. Existing Adult Family-Care Homes
 58A-14.007. Standards And Practices For Care And Services
 58A-14.008. Staff Qualifications, Responsibilities And Training
 58A-14.009. Physical Site Standards
 58A-14.010. Administrative Enforcement
 58A-14.0061. Admission Criteria And Procedures, Appropriateness Of Placement, And Continued Residency Requirements
 58A-14.0062. Residency Agreement
 58A-14.0085. Records
 58A-14.0091. Fire Safety Standards And Emergency Procedures