59. Agency for Health Care Administration

 59AA-10.001. Purpose
 59AA-10.002. Composition
 59AA-10.003. Quorum
 59AA-10.004. General Description Of Agency Organization And Operations
 59AA-10.005. Board&Apos;S Official Headquarters
 59AA-10.006. Meetings And Compensation
 59AA-10.007. Workshops
 59AA-10.008. Declaratory Statements
 59AA-10.009. Statutory Chapters Or Sections Affecting Board Business And Psychologists Licensed By The Board
 59AA-10.010. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 59AA-10.011. Model Rules Of Procedure
 59AA-10.012. Designation Of Official Reporter
 59AA-10.013. Conducting Meetings And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 59AA-10.015. Delegation Of Functions
 59AA-11.001. Examination
 59AA-11.002. Licensure By Endorsement
 59AA-11.003. Licensure By Examination: Certification For Examination
 59AA-11.004. Licensure By Examination: Certification For Licensure Upon Passing The Examination
 59AA-11.005. Licensure By Examination: Supervised Post-Doctoral Experience Requirements Required For Licensure
 59AA-11.007. Rule Governing Time Limits And Conditions For The Maintenance Of An Active Application File
 59AA-11.008. Reapplication By Persons Whose Licenses Have Been Revoked By The Board
 59AA-11.010. Limited Licensure
 59AA-11.0035. Licensure By Examination: Proof Satisfactory To The Board For The Purpose Of Determining Eligibility For Examination
 59AA-12.002. Application And Examination Fee For Licensure By Examination; Review Fee
 59AA-12.003. Reexamination Fee
 59AA-12.004. Application Fee For Licensure By Endorsement
 59AA-12.005. Biennial Active Renewal Fee
 59AA-12.006. Reactivation Fee
 59AA-12.007. Biennial Inactive Renewal Fee
 59AA-12.008. Application Fee For Inactive Status
 59AA-12.009. Continuing Education Provider Fees
 59AA-12.010. Fee For Duplicate License
 59AA-12.011. Fee To Enforce Prohibition Against Unlicensed Activity
 59AA-12.0041. Initial Fee For Licensure
 59AA-12.0085. Delinquency Fee
 59AA-13.001. Renewal Of Active Licenses
 59AA-13.002. Renewal Of Inactive Licenses
 59AA-13.003. Continuing Psychological Education Credit
 59AA-13.004. Board Approval Of Continuing Psychological Education Providers
 59AA-13.005. Obligations Of Continuing Psychological Education Providers
 59AA-13.006. Definitions
 59AA-13.008. Duration Of Provider Status
 59AA-13.011. Continuing Education For Reactivation Of Inactive License
 59AA-14.001. Intent
 59AA-14.002. Augmentation
 59AA-14.003. Required Documentation For Certification Of Augmentation
 59AA-15.001. Application For Inactive Status
 59AA-15.002. Use Of Title With Inactive License
 59AA-15.003. Reactivation Of Inactive Licenses
 59AA-15.004. Renewal Of Inactive Licenses
 59AA-15.005. Expiration Of Inactive Licenses
 59AA-16.001. Probable Cause Panel
 59AA-16.002. Reconsideration Of Findings Of Probable Cause
 59AA-16.004. Qualifications Of Investigators Assigned To Board By Agency
 59AA-17.001. Return Of Certificates And Licenses
 59AA-17.002. Disciplinary Guidelines
 59AA-17.004. Citations
 59AA-17.005. Probation
 59AA-17.006. Disciplinary Supervision Of Practice
 59AA-17.0035. Minor Misconduct; Notices Of Noncompliance
 59AA-18.001. Practice Of Psychology
 59AA-18.004. Use Of Test Instruments
 59AA-18.005. Consent For Treatment Of Minors
 59AA-18.006. Prohibition Against Treating Psychologists Performing Forensic Evaluations Of Minors For The Purpose Of Addressing Custody, Residence Or Visitation
 59AA-18.007. Requirements For Forensic Psychological Evaluations Of Minors For The Purpose Of Addressing Custody, Residence Or Visitation Disputes
 59AA-18.008. Evaluation And Treatment Of Adults Who Lack Ability To Give Informed Consent
 59AA-19.001. Intent
 59AA-19.005. Releasing Psychological Records
 59AA-19.006. Confidentiality