59. Agency for Health Care Administration

 59E-2.001. Mission And Goals
 59E-2.002. The Agency Head
 59E-2.003. Agency Organization And Committee Structure
 59E-2.004. Board&Apos;S Official Headquarters
 59E-2.005. Meeting Attendance; Notice Of Meetings
 59E-2.006. Workshops
 59E-2.007. Declaratory Statement
 59E-2.010. Official Reporter
 59E-2.012. Agency Clerk
 59E-2.013. Model Rules Of Procedure
 59E-2.014. Model Rules Of Procedure
 59E-2.015. Filing Requirements; Facsimile Transmission
 59E-2.017. Extensions For Filing
 59E-2.021. Public Inspection And Copying Of Board Records
 59E-2.0021. Board Officers; Election And Duties
 59E-2.022. Patient Records
 59E-2.0051. Meeting Agenda
 59E-2.0053. Meetings Conducted By Communications Media Technology
 59E-2.0055. Consideration Of Board Policy
 59E-3.101. Model Rules Of Procedure
 59E-3.103. Request For Hearing
 59E-3.105. Formal Hearings
 59E-3.107. Informal Hearings
 59E-3.109. Settlement Agreements
 59E-4.001. Purpose
 59E-4.002. Definitions
 59E-4.003. Resident Data Reporting Requirements
 59E-4.004. Financial Reporting Requirements
 59E-4.005. Special Information Requests
 59E-4.009. Change Of Ownership
 59E-4.011. Collection Of Data On Nursing Home Charges
 59E-5.101. Definitions
 59E-5.102. Florida Hospital Uniform Reporting System
 59E-5.103. Reporting Requirements
 59E-5.201. Prior Year Report Requirements
 59E-5.202. Prior Year Report Revisions, Ownership Change And Fiscal Year End (Fye) Change
 59E-5.203. Prior Year Report Revisions
 59E-5.204. Prior Year Report Review
 59E-5.205. Notice Of Violation Or Deemed Not Filed And Response
 59E-5.206. Instructions And Specifications For Using Compass To Prepare And Transmit Hospital Prior Year Reports In Accordance With The Florida
 59E-5.301. Budget Report And Interim Report Requirements
 59E-5.302. Requirements Relating To Change Of Ownership Or Change In Fiscal Year End
 59E-5.303. Revisions Of Budgets Or Amended Budgets
 59E-5.304. Notice Of Violation And Response In The Review Of Budgets And Budget Amendments
 59E-5.305. Determination Of Base Graa For Review Of Detailed And Amended Budget Reports And Budget Letters
 59E-5.306. Determination Of Maximum Allowable Rate Of Increase (Mari)
 59E-5.307. Review Of Budget Letters; Graa Banked Points
 59E-5.308. Amended Budget Report Review
 59E-5.309. Justification Of Cost Credits
 59E-5.310. Analysis Of Hospital Operating Costs And Efficiencies
 59E-5.311. Analysis Of The Hospital&Apos;S Ability To Earn A Reasonable Rate Of Return
 59E-5.312. Determination Of Gross Revenue Per Adjusted Admission
 59E-5.313. Determination Of Prudent Management
 59E-5.314. Evaluation Of Changes In Severity And Intensity Of Illness
 59E-5.315. Staff Findings And Recommendations
 59E-5.316. Effective Date Of Budgets/Amendments Approved After The Beginning Of A Hospital&Apos;S Fiscal Year
 59E-5.317. Corrected Budget Reports
 59E-5.318. Amended And Corrected Budget Letters
 59E-5.401. Prior Year Report Comparisons; Earning Gross Revenue Percentage Points, Earning Net Revenue Percentage Points, And Penalties
 59E-5.402. Fine For Exceeding Approved Gross Revenue Per Adjusted Admission
 59E-5.501. Purpose Of Grouping
 59E-5.502. Formation Of Specialty Groups
 59E-5.503. Formation Of Short-Term Acute Care Hospital Groups
 59E-5.504. Formation Of Short-Term Psychiatric Hospital Groups
 59E-5.505. Identification And Procedure For Calculating Variable Weights
 59E-5.506. Group Assignments
 59E-5.507. Grouping Resource Data
 59E-5.603. Medical Education Tertiary Care Disbursement
 59E-5.605. Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund Assessments
 59E-5.607. Consumer Complaints
 59E-7.001. Submission Of Hospital Patient Discharge Data
 59E-7.002. Schedule For Submission Of Patient Discharge Data And Extensions
 59E-7.003. Reporting Instructions
 59E-7.004. Certification Procedures
 59E-7.005. Discharge Data Tape/Diskette Format/Data Elements And Codes
 59E-7.006. Discharge Data Tape/Diskette Format/Record Layout
 59E-7.007. Data Standards
 59E-7.008. Hospital Patient Data Release
 59E-7.009. General Provisions
 59E-7.011. Definitions
 59E-7.012. Inpatient Data Reporting Instructions
 59E-7.013. Penalties For Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data Reporting Discrepancies
 59E-7.014. Inpatient Data Format - Data Elements, Codes And Standards
 59E-7.015. Public Records
 59E-7.016. General Provisions
 59E-7.020. Inpatient Data Reporting
 59E-7.021. Definitions
 59E-7.022. Inpatient Data Reporting And Audit Procedures
 59E-7.023. Schedule For Submission Of Inpatient Data
 59E-7.024. Reporting Instructions
 59E-7.025. Certification, Audits And Resubmission Procedures
 59E-7.026. Penalties For Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data Reporting Discrepancies
 59E-7.027. Header Record
 59E-7.028. Inpatient Data Elements, Codes And Standards
 59E-7.029. Patient Data Release
 59E-7.030. General Provisions
 59E-7.101. Reports Of Information By Health Insurers Required
 59E-7.201. Submission Of Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital Patient Data
 59E-7.202. Schedule For Submission Of Patient Data And Extensions
 59E-7.203. Reporting Instructions
 59E-7.204. Certification Procedures
 59E-7.205. Patient Data Format - Data Elements And Codes
 59E-7.206. Patient Data Format - Record Layout
 59E-7.207. Data Standards
 59E-7.208. Notice Of Potential Future Additional Data Requirements
 59E-8.001. Determination Of Fees
 59E-8.002. Price List
 59E-9.010. Claims Data Collection