59. Agency for Health Care Administration

 59Q-1.001. The Seal
 59Q-1.010. Purpose
 59Q-1.011. Board Composition
 59Q-1.012. Quorum
 59Q-1.013. General Description Of Agency Organization And Operations
 59Q-1.014. Board&Apos;S Official Headquarters
 59Q-1.015. Meetings, Notice Of Meetings, Board Business For Which Compensation Is Allowed And Agenda
 59Q-1.016. Workshops
 59Q-1.017. Declaratory Statements
 59Q-1.018. Statutory Chapters Or Sections Affecting Board
 59Q-1.019. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 59Q-1.020. Model Rules Of Procedure
 59Q-1.026. Decisions Affecting Substantial Interests
 59Q-1.0151. Conducting Meetings, Hearings And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 59Q-2.013. Examination Grading System And Examination Requirements For Dental Examination
 59Q-2.014. Licensure Requirements For Applicants From Accredited Schools Or Colleges
 59Q-2.019. Manual Skills Examination
 59Q-2.0126. Conduct At Examination Site
 59Q-2.0135. Dental Hygiene Examination
 59Q-2.0144. Licensure Requirements For Dental Hygiene Applicants Form Unaccredited Dental Schools Or Colleges
 59Q-2.0145. Licensure Requirements For Applicants From Non-Accredited Schools Or Colleges After Completing The Manual Skills Exam
 59Q-2.0146. Licensure Requirements For Applicants From Non-Accredited Schools Or Colleges
 59Q-2.0147. Application And Requirements For The Manual Skills Examination
 59Q-4.004. Advertising Specialty Services
 59Q-7.003. Permit Requirements For Dental Interns, Residents And Institutional Dentists
 59Q-7.005. Teaching Permits
 59Q-8.004. Board Approved Dental And Dental Hygiene Schools
 59Q-10.002. Licenses Of Members Of Armed Forces In Good Standing
 59Q-10.005. Inactive Status And Renewal Of Inactive Status
 59Q-10.006. Obtaining Inactive Status, Voluntary; Involuntary
 59Q-10.007. Requirements For Reactivation Of An Inactive License
 59Q-10.008. Biennial Renewal Of Inactive Status
 59Q-10.009. Reactivation Of An Inactive License
 59Q-10.010. Delinquent Status License
 59Q-12.013. Continuing Education Requirements
 59Q-12.016. Subject Area Requirements
 59Q-12.019. Courses Required For Initial Licensure, Renewal Or Reactivation
 59Q-13.003. Qualifications Of Investigators
 59Q-13.004. Return Of Certificate, Permit, Or License
 59Q-14.001. Definitions
 59Q-14.002. Prohibitions
 59Q-14.003. Training, Education, Certification, And Requirements For Issuance Of Permits
 59Q-14.004. Additional Requirements
 59Q-14.005. Application For Permit
 59Q-14.006. Reporting Adverse Occurrences
 59Q-14.007. Inspection Of Facilities
 59Q-14.008. Requirements For General Anesthesia Or Deep Sedation
 59Q-14.009. Parenteral Conscious Sedation
 59Q-14.010. Pediatric Conscious Sedation
 59Q-15.006. Licensure And Renewal Fees
 59Q-15.008. Fee For Renewal Of Inactive License
 59Q-15.009. Fee For Reactivation Of Inactive License
 59Q-15.010. Fee For Inactive Status
 59Q-15.011. Delinquency Fee
 59Q-15.012. Change Of Status Processing Fee
 59Q-15.021. One-Time (1991) Fee
 59Q-16.001. Definitions Of Remediable Tasks And Supervision Levels
 59Q-16.002. Required Training
 59Q-16.005. Remediable Tasks Delegable To Dental Assistants
 59Q-16.006. Remediable Tasks Delegable To A Dental Hygienist
 59Q-16.007. Levels Of Supervision For Dental Hygienists
 59Q-16.008. Emergency Remediable Tasks
 59Q-16.009. Display Of Certificates
 59Q-17.010. Unlicensed Practice Of Dentistry
 59Q-17.012. Use Of Sargenti Materials
 59Q-17.013. Dental Practice Management Services
 59Q-25.005. Monitoring Of Licensees Infected With The Hepatitis B Virus