59. Agency for Health Care Administration

 59S-1.001. Abbreviations And Definitions
 59S-1.006. Board&Apos;S Official Headquarters
 59S-1.012. Certification Of Public Records
 59S-2.008. Clinical Training
 59S-2.011. The Education Committee
 59S-3.001. Definitions
 59S-3.002. Qualifications For Examination
 59S-3.003. Practice Of Nursing By Applicant For Licensure By Examination
 59S-3.008. Licensure By Endorsement
 59S-3.012. The Credentials Committee
 59S-3.013. Renewal Of Licenses
 59S-3.014. Nurses Absent Due To Spouse&Apos;S Military Service
 59S-3.0015. Application For Licensure
 59S-4.001. Definitions
 59S-4.002. Requirements For Certification
 59S-4.003. Program Guidelines
 59S-4.004. Requirements For Documentation
 59S-4.005. Filing Of The Application
 59S-4.007. The Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Committee
 59S-4.0025. Provisional Certification
 59S-5.001. Definitions
 59S-5.002. Continuing Education Requirement
 59S-5.003. Standards For Continuing Education
 59S-5.004. Procedure For Approval Of Attendance At Continuing Education Courses
 59S-5.005. Procedure Relating To The Provider
 59S-5.006. Procedure Relating To The Faculty/Authors
 59S-5.008. Requirement For Instruction On Human Immunodeficiency Virus And Acquired Immune Dificiency Syndrome
 59S-5.009. Continuing Education On Hiv/Aids
 59S-5.010. Continuing Education Of Domestic Violence
 59S-6.001. Obtaining Inactive Status; Delinquent Status: Voluntary; Involuntary
 59S-6.003. Reactivation Of Inactive Or Delinquent License
 59S-7.001. Fees
 59S-7.003. Unlicensed Activity Fee Fund
 59S-7.004. Budget Committee
 59S-8.001. The Probable Cause Panel
 59S-8.002. Qualifications Of Investigators
 59S-8.004. Minor Violations
 59S-8.005. Disciplinary Proceedings
 59S-8.006. Disciplinary Guidelines; Range Of Penalties; Aggravating And Mitigating Circumstances
 59S-8.010. Random Blood And Urine Testing
 59S-8.012. Mediation
 59S-8.013. Statements Of Material Disputed Facts
 59S-8.014. Continuous Sobriety
 59S-8.0045. Minor Violations
 59S-9.001. The Intervention Project For Nurses Committee
 59S-12.005. Competency And Knowledge Requirements Necessary To Qualify The Lpn To Administer Iv Therapy
 59S-14.001. Definitions
 59S-14.002. Delegation Of Tasks Or Activities
 59S-14.003. Delegation Of Tasks Prohibited