59. Agency for Health Care Administration

 59T-10.001. Purpose
 59T-10.002. Composition
 59T-10.003. Quorum
 59T-10.004. General Description Of Agency Organization And Operations
 59T-10.005. Board Official Headquarters
 59T-10.006. Meetings; Notice Of Meetings; Agenda, Unexcused Absences
 59T-10.007. Workshops
 59T-10.008. Declaratory Statement
 59T-10.009. Statutory Chapters Or Sections Affecting Board
 59T-10.010. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 59T-10.011. Rules Of Procedure
 59T-10.012. Board Business
 59T-10.013. Approved Forms
 59T-10.015. Conducting Meetings, Hearings And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 59T-11.001. Application For Examination
 59T-11.002. Examination For Licensure
 59T-11.003. Reexamination
 59T-11.004. Examination Review Procedures
 59T-11.007. College Training In Health Administration
 59T-11.010. Licensure By Endorsement
 59T-11.011. Provisional License
 59T-11.012. Notification Of Change Of Address Or Employing Facility
 59T-11.0061. Definitions
 59T-11.0071. Approved Programs In Health Administration
 59T-11.0072. Core Of Knowledge Areas
 59T-11.0091. Management Experience
 59T-12.003. Reexamination Fee
 59T-12.009. Initial Licensure Fee
 59T-12.014. Fee For Certification Of A Public Record
 59T-12.015. Unauthorized Practice Fee
 59T-12.016. Delinquency Fee
 59T-12.0021. Payment For Duplicating Licenses, Certificates, And Permits
 59T-12.0071. Provisional License Application Fee
 59T-12.0105. Change Of Status Fee
 59T-13.003. Continuing Education Requirements For Reactivation
 59T-13.006. Obtaining Inactive Status
 59T-13.007. Biennial Renewal Of Inactive License
 59T-13.008. Reactivation Of Inactive License
 59T-13.009. Licenses Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces
 59T-13.100. Active Status And Renewal Of License
 59T-13.200. Inactive Status And Renewal Of Inactive License
 59T-13.300. Reactivation Of Inactive License
 59T-13.400. Renewal Of Delinquent License
 59T-14.001. Complaints
 59T-14.002. Probable Cause Determination
 59T-14.005. Minor Violations
 59T-14.006. Citations
 59T-15.001. Continuing Education For Licensure Renewal
 59T-15.004. Continuing Education Committee
 59T-15.005. Continuing Education For Preceptors
 59T-15.0015. Course Required For Initial Licensure, Renewal, Or Reactivation
 59T-16.001. General Information
 59T-16.002. Preceptor
 59T-16.007. Out-Of State Administrator-In-Training Programs
 59T-16.0025. Preceptor Training Seminar
 59T-17.001. General Information
 59T-17.002. Preceptor