59. Agency for Health Care Administration

 59X-25.100. Purpose
 59X-25.110. Composition
 59X-25.120. Quorum
 59X-25.140. Agency Head
 59X-25.210. Rulemaking
 59X-25.220. Declaratory Statement
 59X-25.230. Guidelines For Disposition Of Disciplinary Cases Or Other Cases In Which Substantial Interests Are Determined By The Agency
 59X-25.300. Notice
 59X-25.310. Agenda
 59X-26.101. Fees And License Renewal Application
 59X-26.102. Inactive License Renewal
 59X-26.103. Continuing Education Credits
 59X-26.105. Consultant Pharmacists Initial Registration Fee And Renewal Fee
 59X-26.106. Nuclear Pharmacists Initial Registration Fee And Renewal Fee
 59X-26.107. Inactive License Renewal
 59X-26.200. Examination Requirements
 59X-26.203. Manner Of Application
 59X-26.204. Security And Monitoring Of The Examination
 59X-26.205. Requirements For Foreign Pharmacy Graduates To Be Admitted To The Pharmacist Licensure Examination
 59X-26.300. Consultant Pharmacist Registration
 59X-26.500. Examination Fees
 59X-26.2035. Examination Fees
 59X-27.100. Display Of Wall Certificate And Renewal Certificates
 59X-27.103. Oral Prescriptions And Copies
 59X-27.105. Transfer Of Prescriptions
 59X-27.220. Medicinal Drugs Which May Be Ordered By Pharmacists
 59X-27.400. Practice Of Pharmacy
 59X-27.410. Pharmacy Technician 1:1 Ratio
 59X-27.1042. Rebates, Prohibited; Violations Defined
 59X-28.107. Pharmacy Equipment
 59X-28.113. Permits; Single; Single Entity; Single Location
 59X-28.140. Record Maintenance Systems For Community, Special-Limited Community, Special-Closed Systems, Special-Parenteral/Enteral, And Nuclear Permits
 59X-28.150. Proposed Rule Challenge
 59X-28.301. Destruction Of Controlled Substances - Class I Institutional Pharmacies ? Nursing Homes
 59X-28.302. Destruction Of Controlled Substances Â?? Class Ii Institutional Pharmacies Â?? Hospitals
 59X-28.303. Destruction Of Controlled Substances Â?? All Permittees (Excluding Nursing Homes)
 59X-28.304. Destruction Of Controlled Substances Â?? Other Pharmacy Permittees
 59X-28.305. Methods Of Destruction
 59X-28.404. Regulation Of Daily Operating Hours
 59X-28.602. Class Ii Institutional Dispensing
 59X-28.604. Class Ii Institutional Pharmacy Department Security
 59X-28.702. Modified Class Ii Institutional Pharmacies
 59X-28.800. Special Pharmacies
 59X-28.820. Special Parenteral/Enteral Compounding
 59X-28.850. Special Pharmacy - Esrd
 59X-28.860. Special Parenteral/Enteral Extended Scope
 59X-28.901. Nuclear Pharmacy-General Requirements
 59X-28.902. Nuclear Pharmacy-Minimum Requirements
 59X-28.903. Training Qualifications
 59X-30.001. Disciplinary Guidelines; Range Of Penalties; Aggravating And Mitigating Circumstances
 59X-30.004. Time Limitation For Payment Of Administrative Fine
 59X-30.0035. Mediation