59. Agency for Health Care Administration

 59Z-10.001. Purpose
 59Z-10.002. Composition
 59Z-10.003. Quorum
 59Z-10.004. General Description Of Agency Organization And Operations
 59Z-10.005. Board&Apos;S Official Headquarters
 59Z-10.006. Board Business
 59Z-10.007. Workshops
 59Z-10.008. Declaratory Statement
 59Z-10.009. Statutory Chapters Or Sections Affecting Board
 59Z-10.010. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 59Z-10.011. Model Rules Of Procedure
 59Z-10.012. Qualifications Of Investigators Assigned To Board By Agency
 59Z-10.013. Conducting Meetings, Hearings, And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 59Z-10.014. Authority To Sign Final Orders Of The Board And Orders Or Notices Of Intent To Deny Applications
 59Z-11.001. Application For Examination
 59Z-11.002. Examination For Licensure
 59Z-11.003. Reexamination
 59Z-11.004. Examination Inspection And Review Procedure
 59Z-11.005. Examination Security And Monitoring Procedures
 59Z-11.006. Additional Educational Requirements Necessary For Reexamination
 59Z-11.007. Limited Licensure
 59Z-12.001. Collection And Payment Of Fees
 59Z-12.002. Examination Fee For Licensure
 59Z-12.003. Reexamination Fee
 59Z-12.004. Active Licenses: Biennial Renewal Fee And Delinquency Fee
 59Z-12.005. Initial Licensure Fee
 59Z-12.006. Inactive Licenses: Fees For Application, Reactivation And Renewal; Delinquency Fee Of Inactive Licenses; Processing And Delinquency Fees
 59Z-12.007. Fee To Enforce Prohibition Against Unlicensed Activity
 59Z-12.008. Registration Fee For Dispensing Practitioners
 59Z-12.010. One-Time Fee
 59Z-12.0011. Application Fees For Initial Licensure And Providership Of Continuing Education
 59Z-13.001. Licenses Of Members Of Armed Forces In Good Standing
 59Z-13.002. Exemption Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces From Licensure Renewal Provisions
 59Z-13.003. Inactive And Delinquent License Status
 59Z-13.004. Biennial Renewal Of Inactive Status
 59Z-13.005. Reactivation Of Inactive License
 59Z-13.006. Procedure Of Application For Inactive Status Of Licensure
 59Z-13.007. Procedure For Renewal Of Inactive Status Of Licensure
 59Z-13.008. Procedure For Reactivation Of Inactive Status To Active Status
 59Z-14.001. Complaints And Probable Cause Panel
 59Z-14.002. Penalties
 59Z-14.003. Aggravating And Mitigating Circumstances
 59Z-14.004. Advertising
 59Z-14.005. Solicitation
 59Z-14.007. False, Misleading And Deceptive Representations In The Practice
 59Z-14.008. Post Suspension Or Revocation Activity
 59Z-14.009. Minor Violations
 59Z-14.010. Citations
 59Z-14.011. Mediation
 59Z-14.0021. Disciplinary Supervision Of Practice
 59Z-14.0051. Duty To Self-Report
 59Z-14.0071. Prescriptions
 59Z-14.0072. Financial Responsibility
 59Z-16.001. Purpose And Intent
 59Z-16.002. Board Approval Of Residency Programs
 59Z-16.003. Residency Programs Â?? Apa Approval
 59Z-16.004. Residency Program Â?? Licenses
 59Z-16.005. Content Of Residency Program Â?? Reports
 59Z-16.006. Registration Requirements Of Podiatric Residents
 59Z-17.001. Continuing Education Required For License Renewal
 59Z-17.002. Board Approval Of Continuing Education Programs
 59Z-17.003. Continuing Education Programs Not Requiring Pre-Approval From The Board
 59Z-17.004. Continuing Education For Faculty And Seminar Speakers
 59Z-18.001. Definitions
 59Z-18.002. Certification
 59Z-18.003. Description Of Responsibilities
 59Z-18.004. Podiatric Technicians Certified To Podiatrist
 59Z-18.005. Policies And Procedures
 59Z-18.006. License To Practice Without Supervision
 59Z-20.001. Biennial Renewal Of Active License
 59Z-22.001. Applications For Assistance Program
 59Z-22.002. Documentation Of Eligibility
 59Z-22.003. Board Evalutation; Minimum Curriculum; Assistance
 59Z-22.004. Examination In Spanish
 59Z-22.005. Administration Of Spanish Examinations