5. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

 5C-1.001. Definitions
 5C-1.002. Scope Of Inspection
 5C-1.003. Application For Inspection, Official Numbers And Withdrawal Of Inspection
 5C-1.004. Official Numbers And Inauguration And Withdrawal Of Inspection
 5C-1.005. Facilities For Inspection
 5C-1.006. Existing Establishments; Construction And Sanitation Requirements
 5C-1.007. New Or Remodeling Establishments; Construction And Sanitation Requirements
 5C-1.008. Inspection And Preparation Of Products
 5C-1.009. Foreign Cold Storage Meat Inspection
 5C-1.010. Domestic Rabbits, Inspection
 5C-1.011. Identifying Meat
 5C-1.013. Ante-Mortem Inspection
 5C-1.014. Post-Mortem Inspection
 5C-1.015. Disposal Of Diseased Carcasses
 5C-1.016. Tanking And Denaturing Condemned Carcasses
 5C-1.017. Tank Rooms And Tanks
 5C-1.018. Rendering
 5C-1.019. United States Federal Meat Inspection Regulations Adopted
 5C-1.0051. Schedule Of Operations
 5C-1.0052. Water Supply For Cleaning
 5C-1.0053. Application Of Pesticides
 5C-1.0054. Vehicles Transporting Animal Products
 5C-1.0055. Interference With Department Employees
 5C-1.0056. Permission For Release Of Stop-Sale Product
 5C-3.001. Definitions
 5C-3.01. Definitions
 5C-3.002. General Requirements And Limitations
 5C-3.02. Requirements And Limitations Generally
 5C-3.03. Horses, Mules And Asses
 5C-3.003. Equine
 5C-3.004. Cattle Or Bison
 5C-3.04. Cattle
 5C-3.05. Goats
 5C-3.005. Goats Or Sheep
 5C-3.006. Sheep
 5C-3.06. Sheep
 5C-3.07. Swine
 5C-3.007. Swine
 5C-3.008. Poultry
 5C-3.08. Poultry
 5C-3.09. Dogs
 5C-3.009. Dogs Or Cats
 5C-3.10. Violation Of Rules
 5C-3.010. Violation Of Rules
 5C-3.011. Cervids (Farmed Or Captive)
 5C-3.012. Domestic Fowl, Poultry, Poultry Products And Ratites
 5C-3.013. Penalties For Violation
 5C-3.014. Elephants
 5C-3.0091. Domestic Cats
 5C-4.001. General Requirements And Limitations
 5C-4.01. Of Agriculture And Consumer Services
 5C-4.02. Cattle
 5C-4.002. Cattle Or Bison
 5C-4.003. Swine
 5C-4.004. Poultry, Domestic Fowl And Ratites
 5C-4.04. Poultry
 5C-4.05. Admission Of Animals For Exhibition
 5C-4.005. Goats Or Sheep
 5C-4.006. Violation Of Rules
 5C-4.007. Sheep
 5C-4.008. Horses
 5C-4.009. Other Species
 5C-4.010. Penalties For Violations
 5C-4.0015. Definitions
 5C-4.0016. Applications, Cards, Forms, Other Official Documents Required And Fees
 5C-4.0017. General Requirements, Exemptions And Limitations
 5C-5.001. Definitions
 5C-5.01. Of Agriculture And Consumer Services
 5C-5.002. Diseased Animals
 5C-5.003. Facilities
 5C-5.004. Dealer Registration And Record Keeping
 5C-5.04. Of Agriculture And Consumer Services
 5C-5.005. Department Employees Authorized To Enter Markets
 5C-5.006. Disinfection Of Markets
 5C-5.007. Disinfection Of Vehicles
 5C-5.008. Violation Of Rules
 5C-5.08. Of Agriculture And Consumer Services
 5C-5.021. Of Agriculture And Consumer Services
 5C-5.0021. Identification And Test Of Cattle Sold For Slaughter
 5C-6.01. General Requirements, Bovine Brucellosis
 5C-6.001. Purpose - Cattle And Bison Brucellosis
 5C-6.02. Certified Brucellosis- Free Herd Plan
 5C-6.002. Certified Brucellosis-Free Herd Plan
 5C-6.03. Classification Of Areas
 5C-6.003. Classification Of Areas
 5C-6.04. Certified Brucellosis Free Area
 5C-6.05. Feedlots For Cattle
 5C-6.005. Quarantined Feedlots And Quarantined Pastures
 5C-6.006. Purpose And Requirements - Swine Brucellosis
 5C-6.06. General Requirements, Swine Brucellosis
 5C-6.07. Handling Of Infected Swine Herds
 5C-6.007. Handling Of Infected Swine Herds
 5C-6.008. Validated Brucellosis - Free Herds
 5C-6.08. Validated Brucellosis-Free Herds
 5C-6.09. Validated Brucellosis-Free Areas
 5C-6.009. Validated Brucellosis - Free Areas
 5C-6.10. Feedlots For Swine
 5C-6.0011. Laboratory Testing Procedures And Interpretation
 5C-6.0012. Interpretation Of Official Tests
 5C-6.0013. Identification Of Tested Cattle And Bison
 5C-6.0014. Calf Vaccination
 5C-6.0015. Reactors And Suspects
 5C-6.0016. Suspects
 5C-6.0017. Movement Of Animals From Infected Herds
 5C-6.0018. Report Of Testing, Vaccinating, Tagging And Branding
 5C-6.0019. Herd And Premise Management
 5C-6.021. Whole Herd Vaccination Plan
 5C-6.0021. Whole Herd Vaccination Plan
 5C-6.031. Class Free Status Area
 5C-6.0031. Class Free Area
 5C-6.0032. Class A Area
 5C-6.032. Class A Status Area
 5C-6.033. Class B Status Area
 5C-6.0033. Class B Area
 5C-6.0034. Class C Area
 5C-6.034. Class C Status Area
 5C-6.041. Movements Into And Within Noncertified Areas
 5C-6.051. Quarantined Pastures
 5C-6.0051. Quarantined Pastures
 5C-6.00191. Market Cattle Identification, Testing, And Traceback
 5C-6.00192. Herds And Herd Status
 5C-6.00193. Dealer Registration And Record Keeping
 5C-6.00194. Deadline Exceptions
 5C-7.001. Test Required
 5C-7.002. Official Test
 5C-7.003. Veterinarian Reports
 5C-7.004. Infected Herd; Quarantine, Epidemiological Survey
 5C-7.005. Isolation
 5C-7.006. Branding
 5C-7.007. Disinfection
 5C-7.008. Indemnity
 5C-7.009. Slaughtering
 5C-7.010. Dairies; Milk
 5C-7.011. Establishment Of Accredited Tuberculosis Free Herd Certificate
 5C-7.012. Maintenance Of Accredited Tuberculosis Free Herd Certificate
 5C-7.013. Modified Accredited Area Plan
 5C-7.014. Accredited Area Plan
 5C-7.015. Penalty
 5C-7.016. Definitions
 5C-7.017. Test Required
 5C-7.018. Veterinarian&Apos;S Reports
 5C-7.019. Test Requirements And Official Tests
 5C-7.020. Infected Herds; Quarantine, Retests, Epidemiological Survey, And Slaughter
 5C-7.021. Slaughtering
 5C-7.022. Indemnity
 5C-7.023. Accredited Tuberculosis - Free Herds
 5C-7.024. Modified Accredited State
 5C-7.025. Accredited Tuberculosis - Free State
 5C-8.001. Definitions
 5C-8.002. Movements From Quarantined Areas
 5C-8.003. Treatment Of Livestock Or Other Animals
 5C-8.004. Animals Subject To Re-Inspection
 5C-8.005. Importation Of Livestock; Requirements
 5C-8.006. Same; Alternative To Certificate
 5C-8.007. Certificate And Treatment Required; Exception
 5C-8.008. Methods Of Treatment
 5C-9.001. Definitions
 5C-9.002. Quarantine
 5C-9.003. Systematic Tick Eradication Area
 5C-9.004. Movements From Systematic Tick Eradication Area
 5C-9.005. Movements From Free Area To Quarantined Area
 5C-9.006. Hides; Importation
 5C-9.007. Violation Of Rules
 5C-10.001. Spore Vaccine; Dispostion
 5C-10.002. Use Of Vaccine; Quarantine
 5C-10.003. Reports Of Violation
 5C-10.004. Quarantining Certain Animals
 5C-10.005. Slaughtering Certain Animals
 5C-10.006. Hogs, Slaughtering
 5C-10.007. Reports Of Vaccination
 5C-10.008. Use Of Spore Vaccine
 5C-11.001. Definitions
 5C-11.01. Definitions
 5C-11.002. Distribution Of Hog Cholera Inoculants
 5C-11.004. Method Of Treatment; Dosage
 5C-11.005. Identification Of Treated Swine
 5C-11.006. Report Of Vaccination
 5C-11.007. Administrators&Apos; Responsibilities
 5C-11.008. Reporting Hog Cholera Outbreaks
 5C-11.009. Quarantine Of Infected Herds
 5C-11.010. Disinfection Of Infected Premises
 5C-11.011. Disposal Of Carcasses
 5C-11.012. Indemnity
 5C-11.013. Movement Of Swine
 5C-11.13. Movement Of Swine
 5C-11.014. Disinfection Of Public Stockyards And Livestock Markets
 5C-11.015. Feeding Garbage; Application For Permit; Fees
 5C-11.016. Same; Raw Garbage Fed Swine, Quarantine
 5C-11.017. Feeding Garbage; Procedures, Equipment, Records, Quarantine And Pretreating Requirements
 5C-11.018. ; Cleaning
 5C-11.019. Same; Records
 5C-11.020. Same; Violations, Hearings, Suspensions
 5C-11.021. Penalties For Violations
 5C-11.0131. Facility Requirements
 5C-11.131. Facility Requirements
 5C-11.132. Sales Facility Entry Examinations
 5C-11.0132. Sales Facility Entry Examinations
 5C-12.001. Licensee
 5C-12.002. Restrictions On Certain Products
 5C-13.001. Services And Billings
 5C-13.01. Services Provided
 5C-13.02. Specimen Requirements
 5C-13.002. Specimen Requirements
 5C-13.003. Research
 5C-13.04. Schedule Of Fees
 5C-13.004. Schedule Of Fees
 5C-13.0035. Definitions
 5C-14.001. Dangerous Transmissible Disease (Equine Piroplasmosis)
 5C-14.002. Definitions
 5C-14.003. Report Of Disease
 5C-14.004. Quarantine
 5C-14.006. Quarantined Premises
 5C-14.007. Movements From Quarantined Premises
 5C-14.008. Violation Of Rules
 5C-15.01. Definitions
 5C-15.02. Classification Of Sales
 5C-15.03. Application, Financial Responsibility, Fees And License
 5C-15.04. List Of Entries And Pedigrees
 5C-15.05. Certification Of Soundness
 5C-15.06. Transportation And Sales Facilities
 5C-16.001. Definitions
 5C-16.002. Definitions
 5C-16.003. Supervision
 5C-16.004. Hatcheries, General Provisions
 5C-16.005. Poultry And Turkey Flocks, General Provisions
 5C-16.006. Dealers, General Provision
 5C-16.007. Pullorum Disease-Fowl Typhoid
 5C-16.008. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean Flocks
 5C-16.009. Pullorum-Typhoid Infected Flocks
 5C-16.010. Provisions For Participating Flocks
 5C-16.011. Exhibition Poultry And Turkeys
 5C-16.012. Typhimurium
 5C-16.013. Typhimurium Blood Test
 5C-16.014. Typhimurium Controlled Flocks
 5C-16.015. Gallisepticum
 5C-16.016. Gallisepticum Blood Test
 5C-16.017. Gallisepticum Infected Flocks
 5C-16.018. Gallisepticum Tested Flocks
 5C-16.019. Gallisepticum Clean Flocks
 5C-16.020. Santiary Disposal Of Dead Birds And Hatchery Residue
 5C-16.021. Intrastate Movement Of Domestic Fowl
 5C-17.001. Definitions
 5C-17.002. Scope Of Inspection
 5C-17.003. Application For Inspection, Official Numbers And Withdrawal Of Inspection
 5C-17.004. Rejection Of Application For Inspection
 5C-17.005. Grant Of Inspection
 5C-17.006. Official Plant Numbers
 5C-17.007. Inauguration, Suspension, And Withdrawal Of Inspection
 5C-17.008. Sanitary Requirements
 5C-17.009. Maintenance Of Sanitation
 5C-17.010. Personnel, Sanitary Requirements
 5C-17.011. Equipment And Utensils
 5C-17.012. Operating Procedures
 5C-17.013. Temperatures And Cooling And Freezing Procedures
 5C-17.014. Use Of Compounds
 5C-17.015. Antemortem Inspection
 5C-17.016. Postmortem Inspection
 5C-17.017. Disposal Of Condemned Carcasses And Parts
 5C-17.018. Reinspection Of Poultry Products
 5C-17.019. Ingredients
 5C-17.020. Retention Tags
 5C-17.021. Labeling
 5C-17.022. Poultry Products Not Intended For Human Food
 5C-17.24. Poultry Inspection For Wholesomeness
 5C-17.024. United States Federal Poultry Inspection Regulations Adopted
 5C-17.0081. Schedule Of Operations
 5C-17.0082. Water Supply For Cleaning
 5C-17.0083. Application Of Pesticides
 5C-17.0084. Vehicles Transporting Poultry Products
 5C-17.0085. Interference With Department Employees
 5C-17.0086. Permission For Release Of Stop-Sale Product
 5C-18.001. Definitions
 5C-18.002. Dangerous Transmissible Disease
 5C-18.003. Official Test
 5C-18.004. Report Of Test
 5C-18.005. Report Of Disease
 5C-18.006. Identification Of Reactors
 5C-18.007. Quarantine
 5C-18.008. Movement Into Quarantined Facilities
 5C-18.009. Unaffected Horses On Quarantined Premise
 5C-18.010. Test Required For Movement, Assembly, Change Of Ownership, And For Breeding Stallions And Mares
 5C-18.011. Procedures For Assembly Points, Approved Quarantine Assembly Points, Approved Quarantine Premises, And Horse Slaughter Sales
 5C-18.012. Violation Of Rules
 5C-18.013. Penalties For Violations
 5C-19.001. Renewal Of Certificate Of Mark Or Brand
 5C-19.01. Fee Schedule For Renewal Of Mark Or Brand
 5C-20.001. Definitions
 5C-20.01. Definitions
 5C-20.02. Declaration
 5C-20.002. Declaration; Requirement To Report
 5C-20.003. Reporting
 5C-20.004. Requirement To Report Suspicious Disease Incidents
 5C-21.001. Purposes
 5C-21.002. Definitions
 5C-21.003. Dangerous Transmissible Disease (Pseudorabies)
 5C-21.004. Reporting Pseudorabies Outbreaks
 5C-21.005. Classification Or Status Of Herds (Or Premises)
 5C-21.006. Quarantined Herds
 5C-21.007. Vaccination
 5C-21.008. Documents
 5C-21.009. Cleaning And Disinfecting
 5C-21.010. General Requirements And Limitations
 5C-21.011. Vaccination, Approval And Procedures
 5C-21.012. Procedures For Control And Eradication Of Pseudorabies
 5C-21.013. Pseudorabies Quarantine, Release Procedures And Disposition Of Swine
 5C-21.014. Herd Programs, Classification
 5C-21.015. Feral Swine Transitional Swine, Movement And Test Requirements
 5C-21.016. Fees For Services
 5C-21.017. Penalty For Violation
 5C-21.018. Commercial Production Swine Herd Requirements
 5C-22.001. Introduction And Purpose
 5C-22.002. Definitions
 5C-22.003. Procedures, General
 5C-22.004. Approval Of Quarantine Facilities
 5C-22.005. Quarantine And Release From Quarantine For Contagious Equine Metritis
 5C-22.006. Inspection, Treatment And Testing Requirements For Imported Stallions
 5C-22.007. Inspection, Treatment And Testing Requirements For Imported Mares
 5C-22.008. Release From Quarantine
 5C-22.009. Disposition Of Horses Which Fail To Qualify For Release From Quarantine
 5C-22.010. Laboratory Tests And Cultures
 5C-22.011. Fees For Services Of The Department
 5C-22.012. Penalties For Violations
 5C-23.001. Definitions
 5C-23.002. Application For Permit; Fees
 5C-23.003. Transporting Or Hauling Animal Carcasses Or Refuse; Procedures; Records; Equipment; Quarantine
 5C-23.004. Vehicle And Container Requirements
 5C-24.001. Definitions
 5C-24.002. General Requirements
 5C-24.003. Official Certificate Of Veterinary Inspection (Ocvi)
 5C-25.001. Definitions
 5C-25.002. Humane Killing Of Livestock
 5C-25.003. Development Of A Training Program
 5C-25.004. Penalties For Violation
 5C-26.001. Definitions
 5C-26.002. 7 (2002)
 5C-26.003. General Requirements For Importation
 5C-26.004. General Requirements For Intrastate Movement
 5C-26.005. Testing Requirements And Exceptions
 5C-26.006. Cervidae Herd Health Plan
 5C-26.007. Quarantine And Disposition Of Chronic Wasting Disease (Cwd) Positive, Exposed, Or Suspect Herds
 5C-26.008. Exceptions
 5C-26.009. Dangerous Transmissible Disease
 5C-27.001. Dogs Or Cats - Intrastate Transfer Of Ownership
 5C-28.001. Dogs And Cats - Intrastate Transfer Of Ownership
 5C-29.001. Definitions
 5C-29.002. General Requirements For Movement Of Sheep And Goats
 5C-29.003. Recordkeeping Requirements For Identification Of Sheep And Goats
 5C-29.004. Scrapie Free Flock/Herd Certification Programs
 5C-29.005. Scrapie Monitoring And Surveillance
 5C-29.006. Scrapie Flock/Herd Clean-Up Plans
 5C-29.007. Florida Scrapie Certification Board
 5C-29.008. Materials
 5C-30.001. Definitions
 5C-30.002. Procedures For Inspection Of Animals To Be Imported Into Or Moved Within The State
 5C-30.003. Penalties
 5C-30.004. Incorporated Materials
 5C-31.001. Definitions
 5C-31.002. Application Of Official Individual Identification
 5C-31.003. Approved Tagging Site Requirements
 5C-31.004. Usda Approved Livestock Facilities
 5C-31.005. Required Identification For Intrastate Movement
 5C-31.006. Documents Incorporated By Reference
 5C-31.007. Penalties