5F-1.01. General Code
 5F-1.02. Scales
 5F-1.03. Weights
 5F-1.04. Liquid-Measuring Devicves
 5F-1.05. Vehicle-Tank Meters
 5F-1.06. Liquid Measures
 5F-1.07. Vehicle Tanks Used As Measures
 5F-1.08. Farm Milk Tanks
 5F-1.09. Measure-Containers
 5F-1.10. Lubricating Oil Bottoes
 5F-1.11. Graduates
 5F-1.12. Linear Measures
 5F-1.13. Fabric-Measuring Devices
 5F-1.14. Cordage-Measuring Devices
 5F-1.15. Taximeters
 5F-1.16. Odometers
 5F-1.17. Dry Measures
 5F-1.18. Berry Baskets And Boxes
 5F-1.19. Packaged Goods
 5F-1.20. Liquefied Petroleum Gas Liquid-Measuring Devices
 5F-1.030. Purpose
 5F-1.040. Fees
 5F-1.050. Payment Of Fees
 5F-1.060. Weights And Measures
 5F-1.070. Proof Of Exempt Status
 5F-2.01. Standards
 5F-2.001. Standards
 5F-2.002. 2, And Alternative Fuels
 5F-2.02. Standards
 5F-2.03. Alcohol Fuels - Labeling
 5F-2.003. Registration And Identification
 5F-2.004. Illegal Samples
 5F-2.005. Inaccurate Measuring Devices
 5F-2.05. Inaccurate Measuring Devices
 5F-2.006. Inspection Identification Stickers
 5F-2.007. Breaking Of Seals By Authorized Meter Mechanic For Necessary Meter Or Indicator Adjustment And Replacing Same With His Seal And Notifying Division Of Standards
 5F-2.008. Type Approval
 5F-2.009. Duty Of Station Operators Regarding Fill Pipes
 5F-2.09. Duty Of Station Operator Regarding Fill Pipes
 5F-2.14. Gasoline And Oil Inspection
 5F-2.014. Adoption Of The General Code And The Codes Of Liquid-Measuring Devices, Liquefied Petroleum Gas And Anhydrous Ammonia Liquid-Measuring Devices, Hydrocarbon Gas Vapor-Measuring
 5F-2.015. Motor Fuel Sold By The Litre At Retail Outlets
 5F-2.15. Gasoline And Oil Inspection
 5F-2.016. Guidelines For Imposing Administrative Penalties
 5F-2.017. Gasoline Silver Corrosion Standard
 5F-3.001. Adoption Of Uniform Packaging And Labeling Regulation
 5F-3.002. Application
 5F-3.003. Definitions
 5F-3.004. Identity
 5F-3.005. Declaration Of Identity: Nonconsumer Package
 5F-3.006. Declaration Of Responsibility: Consumer And Nonconsumer Packages
 5F-3.007. Declaration Of Quantity: Consumer Packages
 5F-3.008. Declaration Of Quantity: Nonconsumer Packages
 5F-3.009. Prominence And Placement: Consumer Packages
 5F-3.010. Prominence And Placement: Nonconsumer Packages
 5F-3.011. Requirements: Specific Consumer Commodities, Packages, Containers
 5F-3.012. Exemptions
 5F-3.013. Variations To Be Allowed
 5F-3.014. Retail Sale Price Representations
 5F-3.015. Revocation Of Conflicting Regulations
 5F-3.016. Package Testing Procedures
 5F-4.001. Purpose
 5F-4.002. Policy
 5F-4.003. Definitions
 5F-4.004. Reciprocity
 5F-4.005. Voluntary Registration
 5F-4.006. Certificate Of Registration
 5F-4.007. Privileges Of A Voluntary Registrant
 5F-4.008. Placed In Service Report
 5F-4.009. Standards And Testing Equipment
 5F-4.010. Revocation Of Certificate Of Registration
 5F-4.011. Publication Of Lists Of Registered Servicemen And Registered Service Agencies
 5F-5.001. Adoption Of Specifications, Tolerances, And Other Technical Requirements For Commercial Weighing And Measuring Devices
 5F-5.01. Devices
 5F-5.002. Weighing Or Measuring Device Permits; Requirements And Fees
 5F-6.001. Performance Specifications And Standards For Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid
 5F-6.002. Registration
 5F-6.003. Guidelines For Imposing Administrative Penalties
 5F-7.001. Purpose
 5F-7.01. Registration
 5F-7.02. Effective Date
 5F-7.002. Polyethylene Products
 5F-7.003. Mulch
 5F-7.03. Definitions
 5F-7.004. Peat And Peat Moss
 5F-7.005. Adoption Of Uniform Method Of Sale Regulation
 5F-8.001. Definitions
 5F-8.002. Application For Annual Permit, Usaid Number
 5F-8.003. Qualified Inspectors
 5F-8.004. Nondestructive Testing Of Amusement Rides
 5F-8.005. Request For Inspections, Reinspections
 5F-8.006. Issuance Of Permits
 5F-8.007. Frequency Of Inspections
 5F-8.008. Operation Of Temporary Amusement Devices And Attractions; Notice Of Planned Schedule; Setup Inspection; Certificate To Operate
 5F-8.009. Inspections By Owner Or Manager
 5F-8.010. Other Inspections
 5F-8.011. Reinspection
 5F-8.0011. Standards Adopted
 5F-8.0012. Bureau Of Fair Rides Inspection Forms
 5F-8.012. Fees
 5F-8.013. Application Of Rules To Exempt Permanent Facilities And Amusement Rides Utilizing Bungy Cords
 5F-8.014. Training Of Managers, Attendants And Maintenance Persons
 5F-8.015. Regulation Of Go-Kart Tracks And Similar Vehicles
 5F-8.016. Regulation Of Water Parks
 5F-8.023. Exempt Equipment; Equipment Not Covered
 5F-8.024. Exempt Nonmotorized Or Human Powered Amusement Rides
 5F-8.025. Regulation Of Bungy Operations
 5F-8.050. Games
 5F-8.0051. Inspection Standards
 5F-8.0125. Fencing And Gate Standards
 5F-8.0127. Enforcement Actions And Administrative Penalties
 5F-8.0128. Resolution Of Violations, Settlement, And Additional Enforcement Remedies
 5F-8.0141. Prohibited Conduct
 5F-8.0142. Reporting Of Accidents And Mechanical, Structural Or Electrical Defects
 5F-10.001. Standards
 5F-10.002. Penalties And Fine Schedule For Violations
 5F-10.003. Guidelines For Imposing Administrative Penalties
 5F-10.0015. Registration
 5F-11.001. Definitions
 5F-11.002. Standards Of National Fire Protection Association Adopted
 5F-11.003. Incorporation Of Publications By Reference
 5F-11.004. Bureau Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Inspection Forms
 5F-11.006. General Safety Provisions
 5F-11.012. Installer Licenses
 5F-11.013. Minimum Storage As Relates To Liquefied Petroleum Gas
 5F-11.022. Marking Of Containers: Posting Of Owner Contact Information At Dealer Locations
 5F-11.023. Manufacturer&Apos;S Data Sheets Covering Asme Tanks
 5F-11.024. Piping, Tubing Or Regulators
 5F-11.026. Unsafe Container Or System
 5F-11.027. Approval Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Containers
 5F-11.028. Installation Of Containers On Roofs Of Buildings
 5F-11.029. Inspection Of Dot Cylinders
 5F-11.031. Name To Be Displayed On Vehicles
 5F-11.035. Standards For School Buses
 5F-11.036. Responsibility Of Subcontractors
 5F-11.041. Underground Installations
 5F-11.043. Out Of Service Account Procedure
 5F-11.044. Out-Of-Gas, Leak Call, And Interrupted Service Procedure
 5F-11.045. Dispensing Units
 5F-11.046. Introducing Gas Into Containers For Transportation; Dealer To Insure Compliance
 5F-11.047. Connecting Or Disconnecting Containers Or Systems; Notice To Owner; Transportation
 5F-11.048. Storage Of Cylinders Awaiting Use, Resale, Or Exchange
 5F-11.050. Installation Of Unvented Room Heaters
 5F-11.051. Construction Notification
 5F-11.060. Documentation Of Training, General
 5F-11.061. Qualifier And Master Qualifier Examinations; Applicant Qualifications
 5F-11.062. Approved Courses Of Continuing Education
 5F-11.063. Approval Of Outside Vendor Training Programs
 5F-11.064. Renewal Of Qualifier And Master Qualifier Certificates
 5F-11.065. Re-Examination Procedures
 5F-11.066. Reporting Of Qualifier And Master Qualifier Vacancies
 5F-11.070. Definitions
 5F-11.071. Rate Of Assessments; Effective Date
 5F-11.072. Payment Of Assessments; Penalties
 5F-11.073. Payment Agreements; Purchaser Responsibilities
 5F-11.074. Audits
 5F-11.078. Facility Inspection Report; Vehicle Inspection Report; Notice Of Required Correction; Failure To Correct
 5F-11.080. Enforcement Actions And Administrative Penalties
 5F-11.081. Penalties; General
 5F-11.082. Resolution Of Violations, Settlement, And Additional Enforcement Remedies
 5F-11.083. Resolution Of Violations, Settlement, And Additional Enforcement Remedies
 5F-11.084. Repeat Violations
 5F-11.085. Notice Of Noncompliance; Failure To Correct
 5F-11.086. Accident Related Violations
 5F-11.087. Hazardous Acts
 5F-11.088. Violations; Enforcement Actions
 5F-12.001. Adoption Of Examination Procedure For Price Verification
 5F-13.001. Guidelines For Imposing Administrative Penalties And Fines For Violations Of Chapter 531, Florida Statutes
 5F-14.001. General
 5F-14.002. Definitions
 5F-14.003. Grant Proposals; Criteria; Ranking; Award