5. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

 5J-1.01. Definitions
 5J-1.02. Application And Listing Procedures
 5J-1.03. Measures Warranties
 5J-1.04. Conciliation Procedures
 5J-1.05. Delisting Procedures
 5J-2.001. Statewide Certification Required
 5J-2.002. Withdrawal Of Certification
 5J-2.003. Certification; Public Record
 5J-3.001. Definitions
 5J-3.002. Registration
 5J-3.003. Performance Bond &Amp; Certificates Of Deposit
 5J-3.005. Disciplinary Actions
 5J-3.006. Forms &Amp; Effective Date
 5J-4.001. Purpose
 5J-4.002. Scope
 5J-4.003. Definitions
 5J-4.004. Registration
 5J-4.005. Exemption
 5J-4.006. Security
 5J-4.007. Reduction Of Security
 5J-4.008. Notice Of Issuance Of Occupational License
 5J-4.009. Consumer Claims
 5J-4.010. Escrow Accounts
 5J-4.011. Posting Of Notice
 5J-4.012. Facility Of Equal Quality
 5J-4.014. Security Requirements
 5J-4.015. Enforcement Actions And Administrative Penalties
 5J-5.001. Definitions
 5J-5.002. Forms Used With Complaints
 5J-5.003. Enforcement Actions And Administrative Penalties
 5J-6.001. Purpose
 5J-6.002. Scope
 5J-6.003. Definitions
 5J-6.004. Obtaining Forms
 5J-6.005. Licensing Requirement, Commercial Telephone Seller, Salesperson, Substance Abuse Marketing Service Provider
 5J-6.006. Withdrawal Of Application
 5J-6.007. No Refund Of Fees
 5J-6.008. Surety Bond, Letter Of Credit, Certificate Of Deposit
 5J-6.009. Schedule Of Fees
 5J-6.010. Material Changes In Applicant Information Prior To Renewal
 5J-6.011. Change In Status Of Salesperson; Multiple Company Affiliations
 5J-6.012. Application Submission Format
 5J-6.013. Exemption
 5J-6.014. Denials
 5J-6.015. Security Requirements
 5J-6.016. Enforcement Actions And Administrative Penalties
 5J-7.001. Purpose
 5J-7.002. Scope
 5J-7.003. Definitions
 5J-7.004. Registration
 5J-7.005. Fees
 5J-7.006. Late Fees
 5J-7.007. Surety Bond For Professional Solicitors
 5J-7.008. Reporting
 5J-7.009. Professional Fundraising Consultant Registration
 5J-7.010. Professional Solicitor Registration
 5J-7.011. Notice Of Commencement Of Solicitations
 5J-7.012. Financial Report Of Campaign
 5J-7.013. Disaster Relief
 5J-7.0041. Registration Denial/Charitable Organization Or Sponsor
 5J-7.0042. Registration Denial/Professional Solicitor
 5J-7.0043. Registration Denial/Professional Fundraising Consultant
 5J-7.0044. Exemption From Registration
 5J-8.001. Purpose
 5J-8.002. Definitions
 5J-8.003. Registration
 5J-8.004. Contract Requirement
 5J-8.005. Security Requirement
 5J-8.006. Consumer Claims
 5J-9.001. Purpose
 5J-9.002. Registration, Document Submission
 5J-9.003. Exemption
 5J-9.004. Submission Of Documents By Sellers Of Travel
 5J-9.005. Consumer Claims
 5J-9.006. Security Requirement
 5J-9.007. Security Waiver
 5J-9.008. Enforcement Actions And Administrative Penalties
 5J-9.0015. Definitions
 5J-9.0021. Student Tour Operator
 5J-9.0041. Vacation Certificates - Right To Cancel
 5J-10.001. Definitions
 5J-10.002. Franchises
 5J-10.003. Filings, Advertisement Identification Number
 5J-10.004. Initial Funds Required
 5J-10.005. Security Requirement
 5J-10.006. Registration
 5J-11.001. Purpose
 5J-11.002. Definitions
 5J-11.003. Certification Of Dispute-Settlement Procedures
 5J-11.004. Notification
 5J-11.005. Filing Of Claim With Certified Dispute-Settlement Procedure
 5J-11.006. Decisions
 5J-11.007. Submission Of Information To The Division
 5J-11.008. Motor Vehicle Inspections
 5J-11.009. Records
 5J-11.010. Annual Report
 5J-11.011. Hearings Or Meetings
 5J-11.012. Employees And Decisionmakers
 5J-12.001. Definitions
 5J-12.002. Regisration
 5J-12.003. Changes In Ownership, Location, Name
 5J-12.004. Advertising
 5J-12.005. Educational Assistance Program
 5J-12.006. Denials
 5J-12.007. Enforcement Actions And Administrative Penalties
 5J-13.001. Definitions
 5J-13.002. Licensing Requirements
 5J-13.003. Security Requirements
 5J-13.004. Enforcement Actions And Administrative Penalties
 5J-14.001. Material Terms In Advertisements
 5J-14.002. Electronic Documents
 5J-14.003. Filing Requirements
 5J-14.004. Separate Promotions
 5J-15.001. Regisration
 5J-15.002. Enforcement Actions And Administrative Penalties
 5J-15.003. Denials
 5J-17.001. Probable Cause Panel
 5J-17.002. Attendance At Board Meetings
 5J-17.003. Applications For Licensure: Approved Schools And Colleges
 5J-17.005. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 5J-17.010. Grounds For Discipline
 5J-17.011. Disciplinary Guidelines
 5J-17.012. Payment Of Fine
 5J-17.015. Statement Regarding Lack Of Insurance
 5J-17.016. Time For Compliance With Final Order; Probation
 5J-17.020. Applications For Licensure: Experience
 5J-17.021. Applications For Licensure: Education
 5J-17.022. Applications For Surveyor And Mapper Intern/Surveyor In Training
 5J-17.025. Domestic Equivalency Education Program Criteria For Applicants Who Graduated From Non-Abet Accredited Surveying And Mapping Degree Programs
 5J-17.026. Foreign Degree Evaluation
 5J-17.027. Documentation Of Substantially Equivalent Licensing Examination
 5J-17.028. Application For Retired Status
 5J-17.029. Application Deadlines
 5J-17.030. Certification Of Eligibility For Examination And Notification To Applicants
 5J-17.031. Written Examination Designated; General Requirements
 5J-17.032. Content Of Examination
 5J-17.033. Grading Criteria And Procedures
 5J-17.034. Grading
 5J-17.035. Use Of Pilot Test Items In Examinations
 5J-17.036. Grades Review Procedure
 5J-17.037. Re-Examination
 5J-17.038. Guidelines For Sharing Department-Developed Examinations With Other States&Apos; Licensing Authorities
 5J-17.039. Licensure, Inactive Status, Delinquent Status, Reactivation
 5J-17.040. Continuing Education Requirements For Reactivation Of Inactive License
 5J-17.041. Continuing Education Credit For Biennial Renewal
 5J-17.042. Proof Of Continuing Education Credit Earned
 5J-17.043. Board Approval Of Continuing Education Providers
 5J-17.044. Obligations Of Continuing Education Providers
 5J-17.045. Evaluations Of Continuing Education Providers
 5J-17.047. Approval Of Continuing Education Courses
 5J-17.048. Reinstatement Of Null And Void License
 5J-17.050. Definitions
 5J-17.051. General Survey, Map, And Report Content Requirements
 5J-17.052. Standards Of Practice - Boundary Survey Requirements
 5J-17.053. Standards Of Practice - Professional Matters In Surveying And Mapping
 5J-17.060. Seals Acceptable To The Board
 5J-17.061. Seal And Signature
 5J-17.062. Procedures For Signing And Sealing Electronically Transmitted Surveys Or Other Documents
 5J-17.063. Certificates Of Authorization
 5J-17.070. Fees
 5J-17.080. Citations
 5J-17.081. Notices Of Noncompliance
 5J-17.082. Mediation
 5J-17.083. Probation
 5J-17.084. Surrender Of Seal And Cancellation Of Digital Signature
 5J-17.085. Survey Review
 5J-17.086. Appointment To The Board
 5J-17.102. Financial Integrity Of The Board
 5J-17.200. Definitions
 5J-17.203. Examinations For Licensure Of Foreign-Trained Exiled Professionals
 5J-17.204. Graduation Documentation; Verification By Professional Association In Exile
 5J-17.206. Three Years Lawful Practice For Foreign Trained Exiled Professionals
 5J-17.208. Pre-Examination Continuing Education Program For Foreign Trained Exiled Professionals
 5J-17.210. Fees For Foreign Trained Exiled Professionals
 5J-17.0321. Examination Administration
 5J-17.0322. Licensure Examination Format And Procedures For Candidates With Disabilities
 5J-17.0381. Translations
 5J-17.400. Special Assessment Fee
 5J-18.001. Definitions
 5J-18.004. Nondestructive Testing Of Amusement Rides
 5J-18.005. Request For Inspections, Reinspections
 5J-18.007. Signage
 5J-18.009. Inspections By Owner Of Manager
 5J-18.0011. Standards Adopted
 5J-18.0012. Bureau Of Fair Rides Inspection Forms
 5J-18.014. Training Of Managers, Attendants, And Maintenance Persons
 5J-18.015. Regulation Of Go-Kart Tracks And Similar Vehicles
 5J-18.016. Regulation Of Water Parks
 5J-18.024. Exempt Nonmotorized Or Human Powered Amusement Rides
 5J-18.025. Regulation Of Bungy Operations
 5J-18.050. Games
 5J-18.0125. Fencing And Gate Standards
 5J-18.0127. Enforcement Actions And Administrative Penalties
 5J-18.0142. Reporting Of Accidents And Mechanical, Structural Or Electrical Defects
 5J-20.002. Standards Of National Fire Protection Association Adopted
 5J-20.004. Liquefied Petroleum Gas Forms
 5J-20.033. Truck Safety; Regulations
 5J-20.043. Out Of Service Account Procedure
 5J-20.044. Out-Of-Gas, Leak Call, And Interrupted Service Procedure
 5J-20.045. Dispensing Units
 5J-20.048. Storage Of Cylinders Awaiting Use, Resale, Or Exchange
 5J-20.050. Installation Of Unvented Room Heaters
 5J-20.061. Qualifier And Master Qualifier Examinations; Applicant Qualifications
 5J-20.065. Re-Examination Procedures
 5J-20.066. Reporting Of Qualifier And Master Qualifier Vacancies
 5J-20.071. Rate Of Assessments; Effective Date
 5J-20.072. Payment Of Assessments; Penalties
 5J-20.080. Enforcement Actions And Administrative Penalties
 5J-21.004. Motor Fuel Price Posting
 5J-21.007. Adoption Of The General Code And The Codes Of Liquid-Measuring Devices, Liquefied Petroleum Gas And Anhydrous Ammonia Liquid-Measuring Devices, Hydrocarbon Gas Vapor-Measuring
 5J-21.009. Security Measures For Petroleum Fuel Measuring Devices
 5J-22.001. Definitions
 5J-22.002. Specifications, Tolerances And Other Technical Requirements For Weighing And Measuring Devices
 5J-22.003. Uniform Regulations And Methods Of Sale
 5J-22.004. Net Contents Of Packaged Goods
 5J-22.005. Metrology Lab Fees
 5J-22.006. Weighing And Measuring Device Permits
 5J-22.007. Guidelines For Imposing Administrative Penalties
 5J-25.005. Security Requirements For Grain Dealers
 5J-25.009. Documents Incorporated By Reference
 5J-26.001. Military Fee Waiver