60. Department of Management Services

 60A-1.001. Definitions
 60A-1.002. Agency Procurements
 60A-1.003. Forms
 60A-1.004. Acquisition Of Printing, Duplicating And Reproduction Equipment
 60A-1.005. Eligible Users
 60A-1.006. Vendors Removal And Reinstatement
 60A-1.007. Standards And Specifications
 60A-1.008. Term Contracts And Price Agreements
 60A-1.009. Emergency Purchases Of Commodities Or Contractual Services
 60A-1.010. Single Source Purchases Of Commodities Or Contractual Services
 60A-1.011. Identical Evaluations Of Responses
 60A-1.012. Purchasing Categories And Adjustments Thereto
 60A-1.013. Printing
 60A-1.014. Delegation To State University System
 60A-1.015. Insurance
 60A-1.016. Contractual Services Notice Of Noncompliance
 60A-1.017. Acquisition Of Commodities Through Service Contracts
 60A-1.018. Procedures For Negotiation Of Contracts For Purchase Of Commodities/Contractual Services
 60A-1.019. Delegation To State University System
 60A-1.020. Purchasing Districts
 60A-1.021. Electronic Posting Of Solicitations, Decisions Or Intended Decisions
 60A-1.025. Purchasing Agreements
 60A-1.026. Interagency Planning And Cooperation
 60A-1.030. Myfloridamarketplace Vendor Registration
 60A-1.031. Myfloridamarketplace Transaction Fee And Exceptions
 60A-1.032. Myfloridamarketplace Transaction Fee Exceptions
 60A-1.033. Myfloridamarketplace Vendor Requirements
 60A-1.041. Contract Manager And Negotiator Certifications
 60A-1.042. Request For Information
 60A-1.043. Request For Quotes
 60A-1.044. State Term Contracts
 60A-1.045. Alternative Purchasing Methods
 60A-1.046. Emergency Purchases
 60A-1.047. Alternate Contract Sources Of Commodities And Services
 60A-1.048. Renewal And Extensions
 60A-1.062. Use Of The Term &Quot;No Substitute&Quot;
 60A-1.063. Present Value Methodology
 60A-1.072. Public Records And Openings; Temporary Exemptions; Trade Secrets
 60A-1.073. Alteration Of Responses Not Permitted
 60A-1.074. Request To Withdraw Solicitation
 60A-1.081. Installment Sale And Refinancing
 60A-1.082. Lease Cancellation Clause
 60A-2.001. Definitions
 60A-2.002. Minority Business Assistance Utilization Plan
 60A-2.003. State Agency Compliance
 60A-2.004. Contractor Compliance
 60A-2.005. Certification Eligibility
 60A-2.006. Certification Review Procedures
 60A-2.007. Administrative Hearings
 60A-2.0021. Determination Of Mbe Industry Dollar Goal
 60A-2.0061. Rectification Review Procedures
 60A-2.0062. Revocation
 60A-2.0063. Application For Additional Areas Of Certification
 60A-3.001. A-1041
 60A-4.001. Scope
 60A-4.002. Definitions
 60A-4.003. Reporting Requirements For Surplus, State-Owned, Tangible Personal Property
 60A-4.004. Designated Surplus Property Representative
 60A-4.005. Certification
 60A-4.006. Inspection
 60A-4.007. Buildings And Structures
 60A-4.008. Items To Be Reported To Agency Head
 60A-4.010. Procedures For Disposal Of Surplus Property
 60A-4.011. Right To Adjust Estimated Values And Condition Code
 60A-4.012. Availability Of Surplus State Property
 60A-4.014. Authority For Disposal
 60A-4.017. Temporary Transfer
 60A-5.001. Exchange Property
 60A-5.002. Authority For Exchange
 60A-5.003. Conditions And Restrictions On The Transfer Of State Surplus Property To Counties And Municipalities
 60A-6.001. Delegation
 60A-7.001. Definitions
 60A-7.002. Issuance Of Commodity Numbers
 60A-7.003. Listings For Term Contracts
 60A-7.004. Test, Review, And Evaluation Of Corporation Products
 60A-7.005. Required Purchase Of Corporation Products; Exceptions
 60A-7.006. Disputes
 60A-8.001. Incorporation
 60A-9.007. Administrative Hearings
 60A-9.0062. Revocation