60. Department of Management Services

 60AA-1.001. Application Of Rules
 60AA-1.002. Description And Purpose
 60AA-1.003. Agency Action
 60AA-1.004. Meetings And Notice
 60AA-1.005. Agenda
 60AA-1.006. Executive Director
 60AA-1.007. Applicability, Responsibility And Legal Standard
 60AA-1.008. Requests For Waivers And Amendments To The Operations Contract
 60AA-1.009. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 60AA-1.0014. Definitions
 60AA-2.001. Contract Monitors
 60AA-2.002. Authority To Conduct Investigations
 60AA-2.003. Contract Monitors&Apos; Authority To Transfer Inmates
 60AA-2.004. Special Reports
 60AA-2.005. Communications With State Or Federal Agencies
 60AA-3.002. Care Of Inmates
 60AA-3.003. Inmate Work Program
 60AA-3.004. Routine Mail
 60AA-3.005. Legal Documents And Legal Mail
 60AA-3.006. Control Of Contraband
 60AA-3.009. Inmate Deaths
 60AA-3.012. Admissible Reading Material
 60AA-3.013. Marriage Of An Inmate While Incarcerated
 60AA-3.014. Chaplaincy Services
 60AA-3.0015. Inmate Access To Programs
 60AA-3.016. Riot And Disorder Plan
 60AA-3.018. Inmate Bank Fund
 60AA-3.0025. Inmate Property
 60AA-3.0035. Inmate Welfare Fund And Canteen Operations
 60AA-3.0051. Copying Services For Inmates
 60AA-3.0052. Privileged Mail
 60AA-3.0055. Access To The Courts
 60AA-3.0065. Searches Of Inmates
 60AA-3.0066. Use Of Force
 60AA-3.0081. Administrative Confinement
 60AA-3.0084. Disciplinary Confinement
 60AA-3.0125. Inmate Telephone Use
 60AA-3.00275. Forms
 60AA-4.001. Personnel
 60AA-4.002. Citizen Volunteers
 60AA-5.001. Authority Of The Facility Administrator
 60AA-5.002. Posting Of Visiting Policies
 60AA-5.003. Visiting Records
 60AA-5.004. Official Visits By The Department
 60AA-5.005. Official Visits By The Department
 60AA-6.006. Confidential Records
 60AA-6.012. Use Of Committed Name
 60AA-7.005. Discharge Of An Inmate
 60AA-7.006. Discharge Gratuity
 60AA-7.007. Discharge Transportation
 60AA-7.008. Transition Assistance Program
 60AA-19.001. Health Services
 60AA-19.002. Health Records For Inmates
 60AA-19.003. Inmate Copayments For Health Services
 60AA-22.001. General Policy
 60AA-25.001. Staff Development
 60AA-25.002. Firearms Training And Other Certification Requirements
 60AA-27.001. Youthful Offenders
 60AA-29.001. General Policy
 60AA-30.001. Food Service
 60AA-31.001. Utilization Of Minority Business Enterprises
 60AA-33.001. Youthful Offender
 60AA-37.001. General Policy
 60AA-38.001. General Policy
 60AA-40.001. General Policy
 60AA-102.101. Public Information And Inspection Of Records